Apache web server download for windows xp

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apache web server download for windows xp

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  • Installing and configuring Apache on Windows XP: Virtual Hosts
  • Plan before you start: folders
  • Installing PHP for Apache HTTP server on Windows XP
  • Using Apache HTTP Server on Microsoft Windows - Apache HTTP Server Version
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    As of this writing, the current version of Apache is and PHP is Download the Apache Windows MSI Installer from grocify.co Download the PHP Windows Zip Package from grocify.co The first step to getting Drupal running on your Windows machine is to set up the Apache web server by running the Apache MSI installer. The following steps will walk you through theEstimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Downloading the Apache web server. The Apache web server is available in three different series: , , and Since is recommended over for running on Windows XP, and software like PHP as far as I know don't support yet, I decided to install the latest x version which is . This article describes how to install PHP on a computer running Windows XP and the Apache HTTP server. If you haven't installed Apache yet, you might want to read: Installing and configuring Apache on Windows XP. Downloading PHP Go to the PHP download page and select the PHP download you want to install. At the time of writing PHP.

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    Apache HTTP Server for Windows - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download

    Download Now. Full Specifications. What's new in version qpache. Release January 31, Date Added January 31, Version 2. Apache will then try to determine its ServerRoot by trying the following, in this order:.

    Installing and configuring Apache on Windows XP: Virtual Hosts

    If you did not do a binary install, Apache will in some scenarios complain about the missing registry key. This warning can be ignored if the server was otherwise able to find its configuration file. The value fr this key is the ServerRoot directory which contains the conf subdirectory. When Apache starts it reads the httpd.

    If this file contains a ServerRoot directive which contains a different directory from the one obtained from the registry key above, Apache will forget the registry key and use the directory from the configuration file. If you copy the Apache directory or configuration files to a new location it is vital that sevrer update the ServerRoot directive in the httpd.

    After starting Apache either in a console window or as a service it will be listening on port 80 unless you changed the Listen directive in the configuration apachhe or installed Apache only for the current user. To connect to the server and access the wbe page, launch a browser and enter this URL:.

    Apache should respond with a welcome page and you should see "It Works! If nothing happens or you get an error, look in the error.

    Plan before you start: folders

    If you happen to be running Apache on an alternate port, you need to explicitly put that in the URL:. Once your basic installation is working, you should configure it properly by editing the files in the conf subdirectory. Again, if you change the configuration of the Windows NT service for Apache, first attempt to start it from the command line to make sure that the service starts with no errors.

    These conflicting services include other WWW servers, windwos firewall implementations, and even some client applications such as Skype which will use port 80 to attempt to bypass firewall issues.

    Installing PHP for Apache HTTP server on Windows XP

    Mapped drive letters allow the administrator to maintain the mapping to a specific machine and path outside of the Apache httpd configuration. However, these mappings are associated only with interactive sessions and are not directly available to Apache httpd when it is started as a service.

    Use only UNC paths for network resources in httpd. Arcane and error prone procedures may work around the restriction on mapped drive letters, but this is not recommended.

    Using Apache HTTP Server on Microsoft Windows - Apache HTTP Server Version

    When running Apache httpd as a service, you must create a separate account in order to access network resources, windowss described above. If more than a few dozen piped loggers are used on an operating system instance, scaling up the "desktop heap" is often necessary. For more detailed information, refer to the piped logging documentation.

    Copyright The Apache Software Foundation. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2. Customizing Apache for Windows Apache is configured by the files in the conf subdirectory. The main differences in Apache for Windows are: Because Apache for Windows is multithreaded, it does not use a separate process for each request, as Apache can on Unix.

    The process management directives are also different: MaxConnectionsPerChild : Like the Unix directive, this controls how many connections a single child process will serve before exiting. Warning: The server configuration file is reread when a new child process is started. Ofr you have modified httpd. You can install Apache as a Windows NT service as follows from the command prompt at the Apache bin subdirectory: httpd.

    Never grant any network privileges to the LocalSystem account!

    Download Apache HTTP Server

    If you need Apache to be able to access network resources, create a separate account for Apache as noted below. It is usually a good practice to grant the user the Apache service runs as read and execute RX access to the whole Apache2. Error code is a good indication that you need to review the "Log On As" configuration for the service, since Apache cannot access a required network resource.

    Also, pay close attention apaache the privileges of the user Apache is configured to run as. Running Apache as a Console Application Running Apache as a service is usually the recommended way to use it, but it is sometimes easier to work from the command line, especially during initial configuration apachhe testing. To downlooad Apache from the command line as a console application, use the following command: httpd.

    The command line option used, -kwas chosen as a reminder of the kill command used on Unix. Testing the Installation After starting Apache either in a console window or as a service it will be listening on port 80 unless you changed the Listen directive in the configuration files or installed Apache only for wwb current user.

    apache web server download for windows xp

    Configuring Access to Network Resources Access to files over the network can be specified using two mechanisms provided by Windows: Mapped drive letters e. Windows Tuning If more than a few dozen piped loggers are used on an operating system instance, scaling up the "desktop heap" is often necessary.

    A few windows pop up and go automatically, and then a Windows Security Alert window appears asking if you want to keep blocking this Apache HTTP server program. Since I don't want to make the web server available on the network I selected the Keep Blocking option. Note that you can always change this into Unblock later in case you decide to make the Apache HTTP server available on your network.

    The Test Page for Apache installation should be displayed into your browser. If you don't get the test page it might be that the Apache web server was not able to start for some reason, check the error. It is important to understand some part of the Apache HTTP server folder structure, or where is what located. I won't describe each and every item, but just mention the important ones:.

    The bin folder contains amongst other files the server executable: Apache. Also contained in this folder are htpasswd.

    Download - The Apache HTTP Server Project

    The cgi-bin folder has one CGI program written in Dowlnoad, printenv. You might want to check the error. This folder holds the configuration files used by the Apache web server. Of each file used by the server there is a copy which has. The access. The httpd. I list fot of those modified settings below, including a short description and the line number which might differ with your version.

    Some of the other settings are omitted since they will be overridden by the name-based virtual hosting set up discussed below.

    apache web server download for windows xp

    Don't start apachs your HTML documents and related files to this folder, xo read on. Note that this folder shows up under the document root thanks to the AliasMatch directive in the httpd. This folder contains amongst others the access. If anything goes wrong, for example the notorious Internal Server Error, make sure that you check the error.

    With virtual hosting you can give each site its own log file discussed belowso be sure to check the right file s. To make the configuration of virtual hosts as easy as possible I decided to store the configuration settings into a separate file instead of adding those settings to the Apache server configuration file httpd.

    Login to the computer with Administrator rights, and create an empty file named virtual-hosts. Note: in an earlier version of dowload article I stored the virtual serger file inside a folder with limted user rights which implied that aapche file has the same rights. Since this file is interpreted by the Apache web server this is a security risk if this limited user account is compromised.

    For each website you want to have running locally you have to think up a domain name with great care. I use the same domain name as the real site with lc. An example configuration might be comments on top not included for brevity :. Note that everything after the character is regarded as a comment. You can use this to add useful comments.

    The IP address, If you want to use wb web server in a local network, you have to use an IP address that can be contacted by other computers in the network.

    Download for Windows — Apache Directory

    Also, you either have to modify all hosts files on each and every computer, or set up a name server. Add the following line to the end apacche the httpd. Since the ServerRoot in the default install is set to the folder that contains apaceh conf folder we can use the short relative aindows as given above. Note: where filenames are specified, you must use forward slashes instead of backslashes e.

    After changes have been made to the httpd. If you are logged in with Administrator rights the easiest way to do this is by using the Apache monitor which is started when you log in and available via the system tray. Click the right mouse context menu button on the red feather icon in the system tray and select the Open Apache Monitor menu entry.

    Note that during installation of the Apache web server a short cut to the Apache service monitor is created in the Startup folder of "All Users" i.