Directory opus 10 download

15.09.2021 By Lisa Hammons

directory opus 10 download

  • Directory Opus Free Download for Windows 10, 8, 7
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  • Download Directory Opus (64 bit) v - AfterDawn: Software downloads
  • Download Directory Opus
  • Directory Opus 10 Pro - File Management Software for PC
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    Directory Opus Free Download for Windows 10, 8, 7

    Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server, dirfctory Directory Opus natively supports both 32 bit x86 and 64 bit x64 cownload of Windows. The correct version for your system will be installed automatically. The same installer is used to deliver both Pro and Light editions. Directory Opus directory a desktop file manager program available from GP Software.

    Touted as being extremely simple to use, this software is a good fit for novices and experts, alike. Several features set this program apart from others and are impressive and functional. Directory Opus allows the user to customize menus, file groups, and types, keyboard hotkeys, as well as toolbars.

    Beside the panes is a tree diredtory of the folders. The items in the panel can be copy and pasted or dragged and dropped to move files and folders between the two panels. The ability to flatten the folder tree or hide download individual folders is a eownload tool of Directory Opus.

    Flat files allow the user to view all files in a folder, including its subfolders. Folder tabs allow for opus folders to be open at one time with the bonus of the simplicity of changing fownload the folders. Discover duplicate folders and synchronize dirrctory effortlessly.

    OryZ Thanks! I think that is VERY fair! Appreciate this allot. Hopefully you will hear back from me towards the end of the month. David Morris GP Software: "What we can do though is offer to honor the BDJ pricing if you would like to trial Opus first - just drop us an email mentioning this offer when you're ready to buy. I'm tempted to give it a try and at the deal price I would certainly consider buying it, but the regular price is a bit steep, especially considering I have a lifetime license for Xplorer2 and a collection of free alternatives on other machines.

    Avi S: Downloav for the details. I am a developer and some of those details are interesting while others don't really fit my use or interests.

    Other editions:

    I've ppus a bit of research tonight and read arguments on both sides. Some prefer Xplorer2 and other Dopus. I see where different usage patterns would favor one over the other. I've been quite happy with Xplorer2 but will give the Dopus trial a go and see what happens. Craig S. I would also like to be included in the offer to trial the software before committing to purchase at the BDJ sale price.

    Please include me in the extended trial offer.

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post I have not seen my first post appear yet. Steven Avery Hi, Ok, some of those strengths, especially macro and scripting and external call strengths, sound interesting, although I'm still not sure if my usage is enuf to justify. Will give it a try this is my announcement! Silvernine GP Software Woah!

    Oct 18,  · Directory Opus. Download. Directory Opus is a desktop file manager program available from GP Software. Touted as being extremely simple to use, this software is a good fit for novices and experts, alike. Several features set this program apart from others and are impressive and functional. for PC Download Trial. Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Windows Server , or greater. Screenshots Website Virus Scan. Directory Opus 10 Pro is a brilliant file manager with much greater power and functionality than Windows Explorer. With Directory Opus 10 Pro, you'll be greeted with single and dual pane file displays and trees. Download Directory Opus Test drive a fully functional version of Directory Opus for for free! For an extended trial, request a free 60 day evaluation licence from within the program or via this page.

    That's amazing! I would like to trial this program first as well. Thank you. Laga Mahesa Just piping in to voice my support. I've been using Firectory Opus since its Amiga days - where most people will doggedly stick with their choice, I like to check out the competition occasionally.

    So far, DOpus remains king. My most frequent usage cases: - buttons to fix JPEGs by a setting the filestamp to the EXIF shooting time, and b rename them according to filestamp, and put them in directories by year, month and day. I cannot recommend DOpus enough.

    I just wish there was an OSX version, as this is the only thing keeping me on Windows. Rocketeer Gp Software I would like to trial your software against other file managers please. John Brown I wish to trial the software first. I already own xplorer2 and before I lay out more money for a similar program I'd like to make sure it is worth the upgrade.

    SoftCollector Dear All, 1. Download have been using DO for two years now. Before that I used Servant Salamander, which with its simplicity and power, is still, in a way, my favorite. I had to switch to DO for one reason only: you can have more than 10 actually as many as you like favorite folder directory to place above the folder panes.

    With SS this is not possible at this point. Apart from that, it is true that DO is very comprehensive and potentially more powerful than other file managers out there, but its learning curve is very steep. Simply put: you will find it continuously difficult and aggravating, trying to learn how things work, if you venture to use some of the more complex features.

    In essence DO is also a programming opus, as you have to program it to do certain things, if you so wish. Kind Regards, SC. CL GP software: Can you please include ophs in your kpus before buying offer. Can I download and install both the 32 and 64 bit version into the same machine. I would dwnload like to install the program 64 bit into my laptop personal home use.

    Would this violate the licensing?

    Download Directory Opus (64 bit) v - AfterDawn: Software downloads

    Stew Cam: "Directory Opus has functionality in spades but is somewhat bloated. Why is it so large? Because it's full of screenshots that help explain how to use things. Does that extra space slow anything down? Similarly, the bulk of the main program's file size is graphical resources which do not slow things down and don't even get loaded into memory unless they are actively in use.

    If you're trying to fit the program on a floppy disk then the manual and graphical resources might be an issue, but it's and a few MB of disk space are worth it for a rich UI and manual.

    Download Directory Opus

    The bit installer is larger because it includes the bit version of the program as well, in case you wish to export it to a USB stick for use on bit computers. When exporting to USB, you can choose not to include things like the manual, toolbar background images, plugins, etc. Avi S Another killer feature in Opus is multi-level sorting.

    In all file managers, one can click on a column "name", or "date", etc. In Opus, after sorting by one column say, "date"one can alt-click another column to add a second-order sort, and then alt-click on a third column to add a third order sort. Jason Tsang Hi, Would like to trial this software first.

    Are there any plan for a major release next year? And if not, how much would it cost? Opks Lisowski I know I am rather an old PC user :but to be honest, most of these features, as listed by Avi S I can find in Total Commander or one of its plugins, and after having bought a license some years ago, I never needed to pay for an upgrade IMHO, it is a bit hard then to justify a purchase downlaod Directory Opus 10 Pro, even if it shines better, looks more modern or has a feature or two more Directoru Please include me in the extended trial offer as well.

    Interested in a possible purchase, but I will need a few more days to test. Thank you for this offer! Innuendo All, You are reading Avi's examples and applying too narrow of a scope. Yes, you can do every single thing he listed, and no, you may not have need to perform those tasks he listed.

    directory opus 10 download

    But what Avi was trying to convey is that whatever you use fownload file manager for, no matter what the task, each of those functions in Directory Opus are just as opsu and just as customizable as the tasks Avi listed. Go to the the GP Soft site and download the manual.

    It is !!!! You can even customize what shows in the file infotips for goodness sake. No, this is not a file manager, my friends. This is a file manager construction set. The default configuration is a framework closely representing Explorer. Choosing a file manager is similar to choosing a religion. What's right for you may not be right for the person next to you, but if Explorer can't perform the tasks you need it to or your current third-party file manager seems to be lacking lately then give this one a try.

    I understand price is a concern. It's more expensive than some others, especially once directorry factor in the upgrade policy.

    Directory Opus 10 Pro - File Management Software for PC

    I'm as big a fan of limetime upgrades as anyone else, but the trade-off is that with this extra income the author is able to treat this as his full-time job. This means new features and bug-fixes come at a very quick pace. There's even been more than a directkry 'major' features added to DOpus v10 that a lot of other authors would have held off till a major release dodnload they could charge an upgrade download. DOpus is not for everyone and while in it's default configuration state it's very powerful, you'll only truly start to reap the full benefits of the program if sirectory are willing to learn to customize things or at least cruise the DOpus Resource Centre to make changes to your configuration from the examples posted there.

    Avi S Following up on Innuendo's post, I'd note that just one year ago, when I first purchased Dopus on BDJ, I posted a couple directody feature requests directory BDJ you can see them in the archiveand, indeed, they have both been implemented since! The first regards title bar customization, and the second regards the interface for keyboard shortcut selection.

    And over the year a number of additional feature requests of mine have been implemented as well. Overall, I would really like to underscore how much we benefit from the fact that the Dopus developers are dedicated full time to diwnload project. Technical questions are generally answered by the developers themselves within opus couple of hours.

    This applies especially to issues of macro writing and directory the user is not on his or directofy own with the script writing; at every step of the way one can appeal to the Opus developers, who are always happy to provided snippets of working code customized for the specific task at hand. This is what makes the scripting practical.

    And this seriously reduces the learning curve that was mentioned above. David Morris Okay, I'm taking a leap of digectory here and just purchased Dopus. Thanks GP Software for the extended download opportunity even if I didn't ultimately take advantage of it. 1 10 at pm Copy Link Like.

    You can add this on at any time. Chong Lee: Yes you can do this, the licence is per physical machine, and you can use 32 and 64 bit versions interchangeably. DrTeeth I'd also like opus be on the extended trial offer. May 11 at am Copy Link Like.

    Download Older Versions of Directory Opus

    Tony Martin I would like to try out the Directory Opus software. Dircetory have Xyplorer and Explorer 2 to compare it against. Thank you for the directoty generous 30 day extension to the offer. Eric van Bouwel Opus, Please include me in the extended trial offer as well.

    I already have the Opus 10 Opux and am pleased with it. I need more to time to trial the Downloar version to see if it has some features in it that I want that are not in the Lite version. Sweet Soft Best software on my PC, been using it for years i'd be lost without it.

    David Vaughan I think I will give it download spin too please add me to the list. Alien Jesus I'd like to Trial this app and take advantage of the discount before the trial is up. Thanks for making such a generous extension to what's already a good deal. While it is a generous offer which I greatly appreciate!! I'm just a little curious why don't you just offer a day return period instead as do most vendors here?

    Can someone detail that directory little more? Bottom line: while the price of DOpus is a quite steep, especially since there isn't any type of long-term license, if it opux perform at a speed that my hardware should handle, you will definitely be getting a purchase from me.

    I just haven't had enough time to try yet! Thank you!!

    I would love to be part of it. I've been looking at the product for the last 2 days and just read your comment about the 30 day extension. What does one need to do for getting this bundled offer? VLM Please include us in the day trial. Is there an official "day one"? Elvin Hartman Please add me to the dowbload for the generous 30 day trial discount extension.

    Directory Opus 10 Pro. Germain Lavoie Like to be added to list for 30 days trial extension for Opus Pro Using version 6 and sure there's a lot more updates since. Nathan Smith DroidLuvr: 3 Not really sure what you exactly mean by being directorh but it has worked flawlessly on all PCs I have used it on.

    Or is there a downside? Cindy Johnson I am also downnload in the 30 day trial. Just installed the trial version and so far I am quite impressed. Thank directory for offering this. Roberto Where i can get information about the ftp addon download the usb module?

    I'm confused now. This would not put me off Opus, but I may consider uninstalling the incompatible program! Con Fusia for those who have used xyplorer and prefer dopus. Roberto I think the choice depends of the directody preferences.