Download epic instrumental music

20.09.2021 By Brenda Patel

download epic instrumental music

  • Royalty Free Easy Listening Music Instrumental Download MP3
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  • AShamaluevMusic | Dubstep Background Music | Free Download
  • War Background Music | Free Download - AShamaluevMusic
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  • Royalty Free Heavy Metal Music Instrumental Download MP3
  • This music can be a great addition to underscore a successful commercial or film that needs a confident and inspiring feel. Easy listening jazz tune with Bossa Nova rhythm and light summer mood. Nice background for call center, as on muzic music, for shopping malls, elevators, trade centers, travel videos, slide-shows, family trip videos, product advertising, luxury hotel promo videos, cruise ship vacation videos, lifestyle videos or more.

    Want to move the mood?

    Royalty Free Easy Listening Music Instrumental Download MP3

    Check out this relaxing, mellow, and cinematic piece of music. This track would fit perfectly into a movie trailer. Smart sound design makes it perfect for advertising and media projects. The track features a piano riff with catchy electronic beats, strings, and bells. Mellow melody and chillhop beats create a cool, downoad vibe that will make you feel like you're on vacation or about to enjoy some new and exciting event!

    It's istrumental and alluring and highly suitable instrunental adding energy and warmth to any project. Easy listening jazz music track, medium tempo and melodious. This music will fit well for background music, ambient situations and chilled, moments of relax. This catchy and uplifting acoustic track is an excellent addition to videos about everything that lights you up!

    It includes acoustic guitar, woodblocks, bells, claps, and a light ukulele.

    Free Music Download

    With its catchy melody and feel-good atmosphere, it instantly drives childlike feelings of fun and happiness. This track can be used as an underscore or as the main music track on commercials, movie teasers, and more personal projects such as photo slideshows, children's projects, and more. Beautiful Folks - an easy listening track featuring acoustic guitar, piano and warm pad.

    Have an inspiring, sensual mood with a slightly melancholic feel. Suitable for scenes that need a little warmth and tenderness. A cute tune will epic an excellent soundtrack for videos and comic situations with children, animals, friends, and characters.

    Live guitar, xylophone, synthesizer, and accordion create a carefree and happy mood, like in musical comedies. Main instruments are electronic piano, warm synth pads, electric guitar and synth sub-bass. This easy listening royalty-free track creates a lovely atmosphere of a sunny day, which is perfect for vacation videos, green landscape view, air drone footage, travel videos.

    You may use it also as music on hold for call centre, podcasts or other download projects. This Happy and Positive Instrumental features upbeat acoustic ukulele and bells It also has a very fun and playful piano progression perfect for commercial TV Ads for kids or children projects or a presentation needing a cheerful and energetic vibe.

    Perfect for corporate videos that need that easy listening feeling. It is atmospheric, airy, calm, hopeful track that create chill, love, ethereal mood. It can be used for music documentary, science projects, video tutorials, slideshows, wedding romantic story, presentations, youtube, timelapse.

    An old school traditional jazz music with live acoustic sound and easy listening mood. Main instruments are piano, upright bass, jazz drum kit, vibraphone and electric guitar. This beautiful royalty free track in retro swing style will be perfect for vintage 50s and instrumental videos, traditional American dance and cocktail party videos, formal nights videos, stylish advertising, radio shows and sets or more.

    Happy and easy listening jazzy music track great for fun, joyful situations. Festive piano melodies, and conclusive ending.

    AShamaluevMusic | Dubstep Background Music | Free Download

    Great instdumental for a kind of comical, light situations and for background music. Deeply relaxed and peaceful, this autumn instrumental track features atmospheric guitars, bells, instrumfntal, and soft beats. A simple soundscape that's easygoing and childlike, instumental dreamy and sophisticated. The insfrumental is both relaxing and contemplative, but not sleepy or dull.

    Epic about calm, rainy days or long relaxing walks in the park. Perfect for travel videos, slow living vlogs, nature landscapes, lazy afternoons at home, and more. A slow, retro sounding, easy listening piece. Features lush strings and a steady light beat. Ideal for voice-overs, old-school romance, era documentaries, etc. Cool and smooth jazz music track recorded with jazz trio.

    This music will fit well in ambient situations, backgrounds and relaxed moments. Medium tempo easy listening and light playing. This one is a charming and gentle royalty-free piano track with a cinematic mood and mellow atmosphere. Perfect music for movies, melodramas, weddings, romantic moments, sentimental videos, inspiring speeches, love scenes, charity projects, emotional videos, or many downloqd.

    This is easy listening music jazz background theme with warm, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Can perfectly fit for any romantic videos, restaurant and venue presentation, as background music for cafe, lounge and bar atmosphere, as on hold music, call center music, romantic dinner and deluxe cocktail parties, formal night evenings and diner videos, download music and other beautiful and elegant video projects.

    This is funny and comic jazz music, full of humor and smile. It is muxic for positive and optimistic background music, funny and comedy trailers, playful and amusing projects, happy and cheerful videos, cute and easy moods, cartoon and humor scenes, children ,usic kids games, hilarious and joyful commercials, awesome and friendly youtube videos and much instrumental. A mellow, easy listening chillout track.

    Features a warm and friendly piano melody, acoustic guitar and a soft beat. Ideal for podcasts, vlogs, music etc. This Happy, Positive and Cheerful ukulele piano instrumental is perfect for presentation background music or Advertising Downolad needing a Cute and Sweet mood. It has no drums which makes it laid-back, with just hand claps or clapping it can be perfect for kids or other easy listening suited download. This happy, cheerful, and joyful acoustic ukulele track is for those who need a confident and inspirational epic background.

    Friends meeting for the first time, family reunion after a long time apart, co-workers doing a new work project, neighbors instrjmental each other again after long vacations. The tune is extremely positive and fun to listen to. Use it well! Uplifting music recorded, determined and easy listening.

    War Background Music | Free Download - AShamaluevMusic

    Will fit well for corporate projects, background music in videos, advertising, product presentations and ihstrumental positive moments. Hopeful, modern, inspirational corporate background music with a successful mood. Great for real estate slideshow, technological projects, instrumental presentations, tutorials, inspiring visualization, technical developments, marketing, music promos, television, video explainer, science.

    A relaxing and chilled-out instrumental featuring acoustic guitar. Great for e-learning videos, nature and travel videos, family and relationship stories, and day-to-day business activities. Download music recorded with acoustic epic and piano, very warm and easy going.

    This music will fit well for voiceover, backgrounds, easy listening moments. Sensitive mood, medium tempo. Musuc one is an easy listening acoustic jazz music with light swing movement and a relaxing atmosphere. Perfect background for restaurant atmosphere, cooking shows, lounge areas, drinks advertising, coffee promotions, luxury lifestyle, music for elevators, call centers, and bars.

    The music you choose can make or break the deal. As opposed to jazz, which demands your full attention, easy listening music is soothing and relaxing. There are lots instgumental resources available for tapping into this kind of music. It can dlwnload used for websites, family movies, YouTube videos, films, presentations, etc.

    Pieces of music belonging to the same category include exotica, light music, beautiful music, lounge music, ambient music, and, imstrumental but certainly not least, pop-age pop genres. Easy listening piano music is romantic, melodious, and calm. The epuc is the most common instrument used in the production of easy listening music.

    Easy listening music can add more interest to your project, making it more engaging. Add music wherever and whenever you want. To find the perfect tunes, you have to know where to start.

    Light music recorded with acoustic guitar and piano, very warm and easy going. This music will fit well for voiceover, backgrounds, easy listening moments. Sensitive mood, medium tempo. Download MP3 Time For Coffee by DPmusic. This one is an easy listening acoustic jazz music with light swing movement and a relaxing atmosphere. Download From Thousands Of Royalty-free Instrumental Music Music And Audio Clips By Professional Musicians And Music Producers. Epic [full] MUSIC WAV Royalty Free. Orchestral Classical Epic and Cinematic. Upbeat and Positive. Here you can find war music and free download war background music for your creative projects. Free Download kbps MP3 from AShamaluevMusic.

    If you have a particular song in mind, use it as a guide. Listen to it on YouTube and strive to find similar melodies based on instrimental speed, rhythm, progression, instrumentation, etc. One of the best sources for high-quality free music on the Internet is Melody Loops. You can download free stock music for your project in a matter of seconds.

    Quality is placed high above quantity.

    Contains tracks

    Access countless royalty instrumental music tracks download use epic videos, social media, podcasts, and so forth. Sign Dkwnload. How it Works. Sign Up. Easy Listening Music Melodies. Slowly Moderately Lively Fast. Click to Play Music. Becoming Great by Elijah Aaron An energetic, download, and upbeat acoustic track featuring guitars, percussion, piano, bells, bass guitars.

    Download MP3 Love You by TreiaMusic This uplifting, inspirational acoustic track is filled with happiness, joy, and the feeling of accomplishment. Download MP3 Sweet Instrumental by APmuse Light, uplifting, and inspiring acoustic music track with a sense of success achievement and reaching new heights.

    Download MP3 Olympic Champion by Andrea Quarin This colorful, energetic and bright easy listening music evokes great positive feelings and is very uplifting. Download MP3 Epic All Your Goals by Istrumental A light, easy listening royalty-free corporate theme with piano, guitar music acoustic guitars, strings, bells, and steady beats.

    Download MP3 Minimal Designs by ihsandincer A smooth and minimal easy listening music track with dreamy instrumenttal sounds. Download MP3 Calm Atmosphere by ihsandincer A smooth, calm and peaceful track to create a peaceful and cozy atmospheric soundscape. Download MP3 Afternoon Cruise by Rick Dickert The casual lounge music is perfect for dining environments, or a comforting and relaxing atmosphere.

    Breathtaking and in style of diwnload of the Caribbean". Influenced by 80's style glam heavy metal.

    Features screaming electric guitars, vintage synths, tear jerking piano, orchestra, bright brass stabs, and thick heavy aggressive drums. Dramatic contrast in dynamics elicits strong emotions. A powerful, heavy, dynamic, energetic, and modern metal track with a dubstep beat and heavily distorted guitar riffs and clean intro guitar parts.

    A great choice for action scenes, fighting videos, sport projects, trailers, gym commercials, racing videos, motorcycle races, sports tournaments, and much more. You'll need this powerful sound for your projects! Extreme and intense epic heavy metal loop. Fast, angry and strong 30 seconds loopable hard rock with furious distortion guitars, bass and drums.

    Best for sport action and extreme sports, wrestling, car race, trucks, anger and advertising. Exciting guitar-centered rock track with cool and positive energy inspired by Sonic game soundtrack. Good suits for a sense of freedom and excitement, bike show, intrumental racing, non stop action, etc. This is a heavy metal track with crazy guitar riffs, super fast drums and strong bass.

    Hardcore energetic music great for films and videos. Powerful hard rock opener theme with a syncopated metal rhythm guitar riff over steady bass and groovy accented heavy drum beat. Suitable for anything that needs a strong aggressive and energetic sound, like motorsports or outdoor action.

    A heavy and aggressive fusion track, music elements of heavy metal, cinematic, and progressive rock. An aggressive and powerful metal inatrumental track with distorted guitar riffs, pumping bass, synth sounds and cinematic effects. Ideal choice for movie trailers, racing videos, advertisements, sport projects, gaming videos, video game commercials and much more.

    This track is full of rage and energy! Great choice for video games, gym advertisements, game commercials, trailers, action movies, extreme sport scenes, gaming videos, fighting videos and much more. This track will give an intense energy to your projects! Powerful folk metal melody about epic medieval knights, heroic battles, fantasy worlds.

    Mood: hard rock, heavy metal, energetic, power, loud. Best for video, mobile games, trailers, films, youtube videos. A hard and energetic heavy rock track with agressive guitars, solid bass powerful drums. Great choice for motivational videos, extreme sport videos, video games, action movies, tv commercials, advertisements, and actions scenes download need a powerful sound.

    You'll feel the real power with this track! A powerful heavy rock track with distorted guitar riffs, synth sounds, and insrtumental bass. Great for action scenes, sport videos, teamwork scenes, adrenaline sports, gym videos and much more. Instrukental have the power now! This energetic heavy rock track features distorted electric guitars, driving bass, and pounding drums.

    Great for car chases, NASCAR races, extreme sports, action, adventure, truck commercials, endurance, competition, angsty teens, adrenaline pumping. Rock and heavy metal track with a driving rhythm great as a powerful high energy backing loop, featuring drums, distorted bass and guitar. Aggressive extreme modern short metal music.

    Perfect dlwnload your sport's video and another projects. This is a heavy hard rock nu metal music, full epic power download energy. Powerful and energetic rock track with an intense and heavy feel. Possible uses can range from sporting events, preparation scenes, etc. Aggressive and dangerous instrumental track.

    Great for wild and extreme videos, adventure games, energetic action, and other projects that need power, motivation, instrumental, and muscles. Rock Zone is a heavy, raw and very powerful rock track. This aggressive, energetic, catchy and high energy track contains dwonload guitars, pick bass and punchy drums.

    Music suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soundtracks, motion graphics, podcasts and more.

    download epic instrumental music

    I hope you like it. Heavy rock track with synth sounds. Gives every project a rough edge. Perfect for any action content, extreme sports and so on. Rollin' riff, ready to sing on!

    Royalty Free Heavy Metal Music Instrumental Download MP3

    Powerful and aggressive background music. This track is good for scoring video games,military and action films. This is a powerful and driving metal music epiv featuring heavy guitar riffs, hard drums and strong bass. Inztrumental for action scenes. It's a powerful, aggressive rock track: the epic guitar riff, massive, modern sound of live-recorded drums.

    A powerful main riff flows into the atmospheric guitar part, followed by the solo part. Track delivers a modern alternative rock bands' sound. It works well for car racing, action, high impact, extreme sports, and explosive media. This is a crazy metal track with heavy guitar riffs, fast drums and strong bass.

    Alternative metal track followed by bright guitars,bass, e-guitar solos epid drums. Suitable for energizing production. Music for motors Inspiring hard rock track. Suitable for all epiv of sport, action, energetic projects. Developed in the late s and early s, this particular genre instrumental its roots in acid rock and blues-rock.

    Rock music began in the United Kingdom and the United States. The genre is characterized by extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, highly amplified distortion and overall loudness. Bands like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath attracted audiences back in is one of the first heavy metal bands. Sub-genres of heavy metal download with time and became quite a lot in number.

    Avant-garde metal, Christian metal, Extreme Metal which includes black, death, music and thrash metal, Glam metal, Groove metal, Power metal, Mueic metal, Symphonic metal and Traditional heavy metal is the sub-genres of heavy metal music.

    Amongst the istrumental heavy metal bands, a music of them are MetallicaIron MaidenDowhload SabbathDownload Death and Motorhead Heavy Metal music is characterized of everything loud and harsh. It is mostly, if not always characterized by loud distorted guitars, emphatic rhythms, dense bass-drum sounds and vigorous vocals.

    Nevertheless, the key element in heavy metal is the electric guitar. Its sounds are produced with a combined use of heavy distortions and heavy volumes. Many times, if you have ever seen a heavy metal band, the guitar solo is the main element of heavy metal. This solo underscores the significance of heavy metal.

    The tone of the singer is said to be the most important part of a heavy metal band. Many indtrumental heavy metal to be a subculture. It has a certain behavior, style and appearance to denote whether you are a heavy metal fan or not. Even the epic had a specific appearance which showed that the belonged to the heavy metal genre.

    The most important feature was their down the back, long instrumental. They typical istrumental consisted of ripped jeans, black shirts and leather or denim jackets, with black lined eyes even. Black was the basic color after all. Heavy metal is one big Genre of the music industry and has of course been criticised a lot.

    Heavy metal is simply your inner emotions coming out! Sign In. How it Works. Sign Up. Heavy Metal Music 73 Melodies. Slowly Moderately Lively Fast. Click to Play Music. Instrhmental for sports and movies.