Escape the night season 4 episode 2 download

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escape the night season 4 episode 2 download

A reality competition series in which party guests find themselves in an estate in a past era, and must participate in challenges and solve puzzles to get out. Thu, Jul 11, 30 mins. In an effort donwload save video makers past from The Collector of the Dead, Joey ventures to her museum. However, things soon go awry when he fails to find an escape route. The video resurrect a pharaoh once killed by mistake. They then band together to track down his murderer, roaming the Sands of Egypt in search of the first Jeweled Key. Thu, Jul 18, 30 mins.
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  • Thu, Aug 22, 30 mins. The gang stumbles upon a map with the whereabouts of the next key.

    escape the night season 4 episode 2 download

    They find themselves hunted by a band of pirates. They embark on a risky mission to Pirates' Bay to uncover the missing pieces.

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    Thu, Aug 29, 30 mins. The group crosses paths with a friendly caveman who guides them to the prehistoric area of the museum. Once there, they come face-to-face with the Cursed God once more, and they struggle to unlock his tomb before a dinosaur gets to them first. Thu, Sep 5, 30 mins.

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    Season 4 finale. The Collector reappears at the museum with her creepiest collection to date. The YouTubers navigate through the exhibition to locate the eownload required to take her down, and along the way discover the true source of her dark power. Close Ad. Live TV. New This Month. More TV Picks. Escape the Night Season 4 Episodes.

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    Season 4 Episode Guide Season 4. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. Where to Watch. Episode 3 A Deal With a Demon Thu, Jul 18, 30 mins The content creators explore an Indian-themed exhibit episod contend with Garuda, a bird-man hybrid of folkloric legend.

    Joey ventures into purgatory to rescue his fallen friends from past eras. Jul 11,  · Jul. 11, YouTube Original series ESCAPE THE NIGHT is back for season 4 today on Youtube Premium with the first episode free to fans. Created and hosted by Joey Graceffa, season 4 features. Welcome to "Escape the Night." In this surreality competition series, hosted by Joey Graceffa, 10 guests are invited from the modern world to attend a dinner at his newly acquired mansion estate, which has been locked in the 's; when America was roaring roaring with madness. This is a dinner party to die for%.

    Episode 4 A Wedding to Die For Thu, Jul 25, 30 mins The Emperor of China faces the threat of rebellion and invasion if he does not secure a wife and thus an heir to the throne. Episode 5 Dark Magic and a Twisted Fate Downliad, Aug 1, 30 mins The Black Knight assumes control over Camelot, so it is up to the filmmakers to seek Excalibur and uncover the next clue to saving the kingdom.

    Episode 6 The Maze of Terror Thu, Aug 8, 30 mins The Gorgon revisits the museum and wreaks havoc, causing one person to change into stone. Dodnload has fallen to the black knight and the YouTubers must reclaim Excalibur if they want the next key.

    Escape the Night - Season 4 - IMDb

    They recruit Merlin to uncover the secrets of Standing Stone and crown one of them King of Britannia. S4, Ep6. S4, Ep7. A genie has episodee trapped in a lamp and the YouTubers must find a way to free him to get the next key. They will have to outfox Scheherazade and her many thieves if they want to find their way out of the Arabian exhibit.

    S4, Ep8. X marks the spot. The YouTubers uncover a treasure map with the location of the next key, but dangerous pirates are hot on their trail.

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    They have to brave Pirates' bay to find the missing pieces, but only the most pirate worthy among them will avoid death in this exhibit. S4, Ep9. After the pirate drama, the remaining guests unlock yet another exhibit. A caveman, that was previously seen, guides the guests to their tasks.

    Escape the Night Season 4 - watch episodes streaming online

    Meanwhile, in their groups, dinosaurs are pursuing them for the egg that the guests took. In the end, two guests must be voted in. Who's fate will be decided tonight? S4, Ep The Collector returns to it's museum with her newest and scariest collection and unleashes her exhibit to the guests.

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    They must retrieve the magical artifacts in order to defeat her and get home, but something unexpected occurs. See also TV Schedule. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Top Gap. See more gaps ». Add episode.