Soft flute music free download

16.09.2021 By Victoria Thompson

soft flute music free download

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  • Free Flute samples, sounds, and loops | Sample Focus

    An atmospheric new-age ambiance with soft atmospheres pads fills out the arrangement. Spacey, Dreamy, flowing, positive with Healing and meditation mood. This beautiful track has a pastoral and great for underwater, nature, reiki, space videos and yoga music.

    Calm, peaceful and atmospheric new-age track with soft pads and peaceful flute. Ideal for healing fre, morning meditation, spiritual revelation, underwater footage, stress relief, spa treatment musicreiki practice, etc. This is a positive and easy-going acoustic track with a swing feel. French accordion creates a charming atmosphere that provides a romantic and relaxing mood.

    This delightful piece music perfect for free the finishing touch for soft downlod, travelogues, flute footage of musuc cooking process, coffee time, download festivals, and family parties. This is a smooth and stylish bossa nova dowmload free track with soft rhodes melody, pianos, flute and upright bass.

    Best for elevator backgrounds, cafe, lounge or intimate contents. This is a soft and quiet atmospheric track, with smooth and gentle flute and pads. This beautifully reflected mellow piece is perfect for film productions which looking to create a peaceful and heartwarming mood, romantic films, ethereal scenes, love fantasy and illusions, relaxed videos, and more.

    Peaceful chill-out track, with the water drop sounds, Rhodes chords, airy vocals, spatial flute melody, and a lo-fi hip-hop beat. Best for YouTube promos, romantic travel vlogs, videos about nature, etc. Enjoy a soft ambient and relaxing Indian music track: the perfect way to relax after a long day.

    This track is perfect for daydreams, meditations and as music for yoga. An ethereal,very mellow track featuring flute, downloqd male choir, piano and soft pads.

    Free Flute Stock Music, Download Free Music | Mixkit

    Very free and graceful. Dreamy and contemplative lounge ethnic track, featuring hypnotic flute melody, deep pads and relaxing percussion groove that create a peaceful and flute mood. This atmospheric and romantic royalty-free stock music with Indian flute instrument Bansuri creates a new space for us to explore.

    Its hypnotizing mood is excellent download your travel, geographical, documentaries, nature videos, life story projects in India, chill world music background, or any video where you want a soft ethnic relaxing vibe. An invigorating and totally tranquil track. Features a soft harp motif, an atmospheric flute melody, and subtle fx. A very restful and thought provoking piece.

    A dramatic piece of orchestral music featuring ethnic instruments like bamboo flute and gong. Perfect soundtrack for movies, video games and any project dealing with war, African and Asian history. An elegant soft and sweet acoustic composition featuring piano, ukulele, and strings. This cinematic background music is sure to grab your music attention and stirs up emotions of love, happiness, and romance.

    Will fit well for a wide range of romantic projects with a theme of love, romance, friendship, family and more. A dreamy and meditative track. Great for projects which need a soft and emotive background soft. A melancholic and dramatic piece of Japanese world music featuring ethnic instruments like shakuhachi bamboo flute, koto, tanpura and taiko drums.

    Perfect for movies, video games and any project dealing with Karate, Japan and Japanese history. A documentary style piece featuring a combination of traditional African instruments such as marimba, African Flute and Tribal drums.

    Soft Flute Music

    Added distant voice effects creates a soft, relaxing atmosphere with a sense of discovery and mystery. It's a dreamy music track that creates a magical fantasy mood. Reflective song with acoustic guitar, cello, glockenspiel, celesta and soft pads. Slightly melancholic and full of bittersweet emotions.

    This foute background and smooth royalty free bossa nova, jazz track. Ideal for advertising, TV cooking shows, elevators, travels, or summer clips. A serene and meditative track that features a delicate flute and harp melody. Soft pads and subtle windchimes dowjload feature, making this an free track for studying, relaxing, spa treatments, on hold, podcasts and voice-overs.

    A soft and peaceful, uplifting track with a very organic and light instrumentation of acoustic guitars, flute and tasteful percussion. A discreet whistling melody underlines an optimistic and hopeful atmosphere, that provides flute perfect setting for a morning sunrise or summer mood.

    An ethereal, meditative track. Very calming and tranquil. Ideal for meditationrelaxation, natural sceneryalternative medicine, etc. A relaxing and sunny bossa nova track with a soft guitar groove, catchy cownload and flute melodies, pure vibes, and jazzy drums. Great for TV and radio advertisements, animations, elevators, lobby and hotel scenes, catchy romantic eownload, elevators, lounges, video games, and any project is needing a goofy and jazzy music background.

    A gentle, serene and tranquil new age track. Featuring soft plucks, flute and subtle natural fx. Ideal for presentations, music hold music, nature timelapse, etc. A feelgood, easy-going chillout track. Includes gentle acoustic guitar and msuic melodies. A soft beat flutd subtle pads add a contemporary feel, along with some natural fx. Adventure Time - Celtic medieval tavern ballad music in fantasy style about ancient knights, elfs, magic adventures.

    Download violin, flute, guitar, brass.

    Free Flute Music | Radio Sri Chinmoy

    Best for games and videos. A soft and natural sounding piece of music, made with the simplicity of electric guitars and a soft drum kit. Featured Chinese violin. Subtle but meaningful, positive and light. Somewhere between pop ballad and folk tunes, lighthearted and friendly, a sense of a deep connection with nature. Perfect to add a positive appeal to muzic project.

    A serene, tranquil piece. Ideal for stress relief, yoga, meditation, reiki, nusic for spa. Also great for voice over and scenes of nature. Dreamy and brave lounge ethnic track, featuring Duduk, Bansuri, deep pads and a majestic groove that create a peaceful and inspirational mood. This contemporary new age music combines a modern and relaxing style while being peaceful and dynamic at the same time.

    The marimba lead fuses with the beautiful flute melody, soothing keys and soft bass to create a track perfect for nature, travel, ads, film and more. This dreamy, peaceful music is the perfect background track for spa relaxation, natural healing projects, yoga, and any other meditation or dream-like videos, background music for hypnosis tapes, self-hypnosis sessions, meditation, concentration, visualization, and scar removal.

    A flowing new-age type track, with a slight tropical feel. Features pan pipe, harp arpeggios and refreshing soft ,sparkling pads. Good for meditation, yoga classes, zen moments, sott, retreats, relaxing nature videos etc. This orchestral piece is very inspirational free a hopeful and uplifting mood. Flute beautiful soft and textures in this track will put the listener in an optimistic mood and is sof for download background music, timelapse videos, or indie films.

    I used piano, flute, bells, and orchestral strings to create this track. A flowing Asian melody featuring Gzhun, Dizi flute and atmospheric zonal washes creates a traditional Woft melody suggesting Asian culture and traditions. String flutr add a sense of relaxation and meditative peace making it ideal for world travel or documentary projects.

    A very relaxing tranquil track.

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    Ideal for any type of healing, meditation, yoga and spa sessions. Also great for voice over and as music on hold. Sweet and naive easy-listening composition with childlike melody that will sparkle your imagination. Small bells harmoniously sway in the background adding the sense of joyfulness.

    Very peaceful meditating music which is sure to inspire deep thought. Ambient music from cathedrals with foute choral background.

    Soft Music Background Royalty Free Download MP3

    Western slide guitar style track with a minor downloqd soberminded feel. Ambient, Irish rooted fantasy track with relaxing instrumentation. Calm celtic track with a gentle flute melody. Lo Fi with ambient and relaxing meditative vibes.

    soft flute music free download

    Mellow LoFi track with a minor melody on guitar. Minimal, emotional piano. Emotional, soft, reflective piano underscore. Sad, emotional, expansive orchestral trailer track with prominent piano, cello, and electric guitar.

    FLUTE Songs Download: FLUTE Hit MP3 New Songs Online Free on

    Ambient minor song with soft men's choral in the background. Soft ambient song for deep relaxation. A romantic tune with easy listening saxophone. Thoughtful underscore music, great for sentimental dialogue and voice-over. Slow sad background music with piano, ethnic winds and orchestra. Soft relaxing lullaby music featuring orchestral instruments.

    Relaxing fantasy harps and guitars that capture the historic feel of green nature. Thoughtful relaxing piano and string pads played very softly. The Quiet Morning is all about that morning hour where you have no distractions. This instrumental is background music for video montages, with a warm and innocent feeling of beautiful memories.

    Relaxing yoga music with water sounds. Previous 1 current 2 3 Next. Skft By Sofy Renda. Quiet Time.

    Apr 26,  · Royalty Free Peaceful And Relaxing Background Music Downloads. Peaceful and relaxing music is typically very soft, slow and innocent. The music is typically used for studying, relaxing and guided meditation. Soft piano and guitar are common instruments for this background genre. Peaceful and relaxing music downloads listed below. This track is consisting of wooden flute playing main melody and wide and soft synths. This track is great for creating mood of relaxation in any project. Download MP3 Lets Make It Easier by Evgenii Serebriakov. This delicate Reggie is perfect for presentations or slide-shows. This soft music . Flute music by Sri Chinmoy. The flute music recordings are composed and performed by Sri Chinmoy in a meditative consciousness. These recordings make ideal background music for meditation. Allow the music to take you deep into your heart.

    Deep Meditation. Country Fireside By Roger Ts. Irish Sunset By Alex Zachariou.