Video download helper companion app

10.10.2021 By Tina Henderson

video download helper companion app

  • Video Download Helper: How to Make It Safe to Use
  • GitHub - mi-g/vdhcoapp: Companion application for Video DownloadHelper browser add-on
  • I'm always prompted to install the Companion App, even though I did
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  • I'm trying to download from the zdf. I have already installed the companion app, "net. What's missing? When I download the Mac app another copy of "net.

    Video Download Helper: How to Make It Safe to Use

    I app Firefox, install it and restart Firefox, but nothing changes, even though the installation says it's complete and successful. I have no other extension running and no theme installed. The only other plug-ins installed are the standard ones:. I'm always prompted to install the Companion App, even though I did.

    Reply to author. Report message as abuse. Show original helper. Either email addresses are anonymous for this group or you need video view member email addresses permission to view the original message. Download Mac OS Open the add-on settings, it shows you the status of the companion app.

    What does it say? This is what appears in the add-on settings But when I select "Preferences" there this is what I see when I expand the branches I know it says companion App not installed", but when I select "Install Companion App" I get to see the download page again. The only other plug-ins installed are the standard ones: Any idea?

    GitHub - mi-g/vdhcoapp: Companion application for Video DownloadHelper browser add-on

    Once you have downloaded file "net. You will then have to click a few ok button and enter your admin password to complete the installation. That's exactly what I did and meant by "install downloav. At the end the installer reports that the install was successful, but Firefox dowmload doesn't seem to register that the Companion App has been installed.

    Did you click "Recheck companion app" in the settings or reload the settings tab? Could cimpanion have a look at the companion app directory to see if it is present? I did, but without any changes to the status of the Companion app. It's there. Get Info says "Version 1. Recently, a user reported a similar issue.

    It turned out he was not using Firefox but an almost-compatible variant of this browser Comodo Ice Dragon.

    I'm always prompted to install the Companion App, even though I did

    Could it be your case? Thanks, but it's definitely Firefox:. Yep, looks like Firefox. Can you think of some specific security features you could have setup on your Mac, or maybe some Firefox configuration change that could prevent native messaging? This would help narrowing down the problem. I'll need to check a few things. Robert Simpson. Any solution to this issue?

    I am seeing exactly the same with Firefox Every time I try to use the coapp, Firefox tells me to install it.

    Download Video DownloadHelper Companion App for Windows -

    I have done so from within Firefox and directly from the. When I click on the tab in the add-on settings, it says, 'Checking companion app returned: an unexpected error occurred.

    Video DownloadHelper Companion App - Download

    Arnaud Werquin. I have the same issue:. I'm using youtube-dl, which is very effective, but a fiddle. I'd rather be working in Firefox. Christopher Rice. I'm running MX Linux, which runs on Ubuntu. I've also been having trouble. I've got Firefox So, if anybody knows what's going on here, I'd really like some help. Alicia Jekel. I have the same problem.

    video download helper companion app

    I thought permission issues might be the problem on my work computer, but I have the same problem on my home computer. I have installed all recent Firefox updates and the companion app -- process seemed to go successfully, but I can never get past that. It just keeps prompting me to get the companion app the next time.

    I previously used Download Helper very happily and successfully for many years and would love to be able to get it working again. The original program and co. Xperia Companion is a completely free mobile phone app for all Sony Corporation Android-powered devices that allows you to backup data, perform maintenance on phones, transfer files, update applicatio.

    As the name suggests, 4k Video Downloader lets you download video content to your Windows or Mac device. However, its extra customisation and conversion options make it an even more useful tool. Safe a. WeChat is a multi-purpose app developed by the Chinese company, Tencent. While it is primarily a messaging and social media app, it is also equipped with a mobile payment feature known as WePay.

    Media Management Companion

    It allows you to unify data from multiple sources and create powerfully insightful. With this program, you can conveniently helepr your favourite videos from the popular social media pl. This app is a small and powerful video downloader and converter. YTD Video Downloader lets you capture online video from several sources, and convert them to a half donwload formats.

    The software also of. With it, you can download videos from various video-sharing platforms. You can find videos on the app through its. Download Latest Version for Windows. Download Latest Version for Free. Weeny Free Video Cutter.

    Now I don't (or rather didn't) use apps and just used FF. Navigating through tabs was simple, launching and pinning sites was easy. But since their redesign, using tabs has become so difficult that I've switched to using apps (like RedReader for reddit) and am using the browser less and less. Let's focus on one simple fix. Video DownloadHelper will take care of calling the app whenever it requires an operation that cannot be done from within the browser. You won't see anything except a nice result. Installing the companion application is also very simple: you just have a regular installer that you execute once and you are done. Softonic review Media Management Companion. Video DownloadHelper Companion App is a video software by The software allows operations from Video DownloadHelper to work with online browsers. The common process of writing disks or download videos is taking the video’s URL and transfer the exact data to the downloads directory of the .

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