Happy celebration music download

21.09.2021 By Anthony Calvert

happy celebration music download

  • Anniversary Music Background Royalty Free Download MP3
  • Royalty free Anniversary music
  • Festive Music Background Royalty Free Download MP3
  • Free Celebration Stock Music, Download Free Music | Mixkit
  • Great for those seasonal projects, winter holiday commercials, celebration moments with family and friends.

    Merry Xmas! Ideal for advertising, commercials, documentary, trailer, time-lapse, life style, cocktail parties, in-store music, hotel resorts, drone footage or for any project needing a fresh, relaxed, casual and danceable mood. Super positive dance track for children and their parents… Make a joyful holiday for all, and get your own tune for celebration!

    Birthday party festive music loop, great for happy cheerful kids computer or smartphone game! Hot Cuban dance music with fast percussion, flamenco guitars, and trumpets will add an unforgettable exotic touch to your projects. Cheerful and optimistic, this music will create an atmosphere of an extraordinarily sunny day on the Golden Coast, long walks along the beach, hot steamy nights with cocktails, and lively tropical parties.

    Perfect background audio for any festive and celebratory events, advertisements, commercials, travel videos, positive and optimistic videos.

    This is a beautiful and uplifting piece of traditional Chinese music. This track offers a taste of the Chinese New Year celebration. Take happy musical journey through China. Recognize how people celebrate happy festivals in different ways. Enjoy the knowledge of Chinese culture.

    Feel the joy, warmth, and 'China-ness' whether it will sound the main cities' streets with their vibrant liveliness or the remote farms in the mountains echoing with festive activities. Bright and merry music performed by the orchestra. Festive music with pizzicato strings and a lot of bells creates festive, New Year and Christmas atmosphere.

    Classic American Rock-n-Roll music from the s will transport you back to a simpler time. Download cool retro track will have you picturing a commercial-type diner where everyone loves their burgers and shakes. Use it to capture Americana's feeling of nostalgia for advertising vintage automobiles, vintage cars, fast food, and any other projects that need a vintage vibe.

    Happy, cheerful and funny orchestral Christmas piece. Easy and festive atmosphere in anticipation of the coming holiday. Starting with a music wind chimes, the theme ends with a triumphant crescendo. Bells ringing, declaring that the long-awaited holiday has come! Light and cheerful musical composition in the African reggae style.

    You can hear many download African instruments celebration as ney flute, cora, ngoni, balafon, marimba, kadan, congas but also instruments usually used in reggae - electric guitar, electric organ and electric bass. The general mood is relaxed and festive. Perfect for travel vlogs, native cooking shows, exotic documentaries, kids games, etc.

    I've included in pack different logo and looped versions of this track, for your comfortable using. This celebratory track can be used for Winter Holyday projects, children arcade games, as New Year jingles, advertising and Youtube commercial video. Bright, lively, inspirational track with a motivational, dreamy, peaceful mood.

    Optimistic, smooth, celebration sound evokes good senses, pleasant thoughts, and positive feelings. An elegant, uplifting and inspiring chamber orchestra and piano melody. Vibrant spiccato strings are accompanied by lively woodwinds and a beautiful piano melody. Great classical music for wedding ceremony, wedding processional, reception, anniversary, festive mood, romantic movie, bride and groom entrance.

    This spicy and happy salsa music has a light, bouncy rhythm with a Latin flair. The track opens with a cool piano and later features cool bongos, music, bass, and drums. Great as background music for advertising videos related to travel and sunny vacation, festive celebrations, holiday cruise, festive celebrations, or dance clubs.

    Anniversary Music Background Royalty Free Download MP3

    Holiday, background Jingle Bells Christmas Dubstep dance club music track with an upbeat and positive celebratory mood. Powerful and happy festive music with an exciting and uplifting modern strong sound, with different bright instruments. Catchy confident angry synths, electronic rhythmic drums, synth bass.

    Great musical background for business websites, kids games, TV or radio seasonal news, advertising halpy commercial company or children, New Year or Xmas Youtube videos. Positive, optimistic and inspiring acoustic background music. Perfect for advertising, presentation, tutorials, corporate video, explainer video, kids, studying, coding, instagram video, instagram stories, facebook video, youtube, etc.

    Orchestral and cinematic Christmas composition with a joyful rhythm, great heartwarming melody, and celestial choir. Perfect for TV Xmas advertising, uplifting holidays YouTube video, fairy winter commercial, the atmospheric festive specials, snowy scenes, and Happy New Year cheer.

    Determined and powerful drill danceable urban track featuring Synths, Pluckers, Mallet, Drums, and Percussion.

    Royalty free Anniversary music

    Ideal for advertising, commercials, documentary, trailer, time-lapse, lifestyle, cocktail parties, in-store music, hotel resorts, drone footage, or any project is needing an enthusiastic and festive mood. A festive, fun, uplifting and lively cinematic orchestral score, full of childlike wonder and innocence.

    Great for trailers, presentations and projects that need a sprinkling of Hollywood Christmas. Ideal for advertising, commercials, documentary, trailer, time-lapse, lifestyle, cocktail parties, in-store music, hotel resorts, drone footage, or any project is needing a music and festive mood. An energetic, inspiring chillhop track with atmospheric kalimba, modern SFX, nice drums, download, and synths.

    Ideal for beauty or fashion content, YouTube Vlogs, happy, design and production show-reels, advertising, city timelapse video, happy many others. Magical upbeat cinematic and beautiful track with festive mood and winter holidays atmosphere. Very good for Christmas projects, Xmas slideshow, family or corporate videos, review of holidays gifts, New Year celebration, and more.

    Instruments: jingle bells, claps, acoustic guitar, piano, flute, choir, strings, glocks, drums. Bouncy and feel-good track, featuring jazzy sax, warm clarinets backgrounds, vocal and brass samples and a pulsing synth drum beat that create celebration playful, festive and vintage mood. Halloween is a spooky holiday wonderfully weird and eerily playful but most importantly, it is fun!

    Created as a cartoon or cinematic Halloween music, this track is an ideal background for TV or cinema or horror-comedy. Whether you are promoting a children's event, Halloween party, or Trick or Treat classic, this music is good for all these things. Sensitive and sweet orchestral Christmas tune with emotional and inspirational feelings.

    Happy, sincere, optimistic and download character. Perfect for winter holidays theme films and movies, New Year celebration, festive commercials and advertisements. Drill and a danceable urban track feature Rhodes,Pluckers, Mallet, Drums, and Latin percussion. The music piece opens with a lively, carefree feel that grows into one that is more playful and slightly silly.

    This cheerful celebration soundtrack features piano, strings, electric guitar, bass, synthesizer. Can be used as background music for funny announcement or playful cartoon animations games, video games, and comic situations. Warm and festive, featuring charming sax, electric piano and light drums that create a chill, feel-good mood.

    It is inspiring, light, and upbeat corporate background music with motivational and optimistic energy. Cheerful and sunny tune for technology and music presentations, travel inspirational Youtube videos, success stories, an unforgettable journey, slideshow. This bright and festive track can perfectly fit any corporate media project and as music for ads.

    It features muted electric celebration, electric guitar, piano, synth pads, acoustic guitar, drums, bass guitar, piano. A hard-hitting pop-rock track that will bring your project to life. This track has everything you need to create an outstanding atmosphere. Thanks to an upbeat rhythm, the energetic sound of the guitar riffs and powerful drums, this song will ignite your audience's enthusiasm.

    An ideal addition to your sports projects, commercials, video games, teasers or trailers. It is a country inspirational royalty-free track with soothing sounds of mandolin, slide, steel, acoustic, muted guitars, and strings. Its overall festive mood will prove to be pure gold for your various projects and videos!

    An epic orchestral track with featuring piano, strings, percussion and cinematic effects. Perfect choice for film trailers, videogame trailers, trailer intro, openers, endings, movie scenes, commercials, web videos, vlogs and much more. Modern, catchy, and energizing pop EDM happy a beautiful melody and strong music beats.

    An excellent choice for motivational videos, festive atmosphere, celebration, summer videos, party, club videos, travel vlog, youth-targeted commercials, romantic reality tv shows, and more. Happy and easy listening jazzy music track great for fun, joyful situations. Festive piano melodies, and conclusive ending.

    Great music for a kind of comical, light situations and for background music. An inspirational and peaceful atmospheric corporate track with warm piano chords, catchy synth and stylish soft drums. Perfect for ads, documentary, cinematic, technological business videos, tutorial and timelapse videos, slideshow, or travel visuals, etc.

    Energetic and uplifting track in a festive mood. Perfect background audio for any award videos, anniversary events, success story, royal style commercials and other projects. This tender piano orchestral music piece creates a sentimental mood. The delicate melody rises up, followed by the noble theme of the strings. This is lovely music is perfect for love stories, romantic footage, family films, nature landscapes, inspiring speeches, cinematic videos, wedding stories, documentaries, and many more projects that need an emotional touch.

    Inspirational, sincere and bright acoustic pop-rock ballad with an emotional, caring and loving mood. Ideal for love story, photo slideshow, heartfelt tv commercials, and advertising, wedding anniversary, motivational advertisements, romantic videos, Valentines Day and more. A overdriven guitar rendition of the classic 'Happy Birthday' great for surprise birthday parties and videos for Rockers young and old A version with download fun ending is also available.

    A light and positive piano piece that flows gently and loops seamlessly.

    happy celebration music download

    Works great with a wide variety of visuals, including the celehration wedding reception, memorable anniversary film, emotional TV happy, family videos, romantic background, love cards for St valentines day, etc. A heartwarming background acoustic download for use happy various media projects.

    Great for the love story, romantic countryside journey, anniversary wedding video. Very relaxed and laid-back music. This track blends elements of music, rock, blues and rock-and-roll. It has a catchy beat and groovy guitar lick. The vibe is somewhere between a bar band playing in a smoky corner of a honky tonk, and a roadhouse tucked away in the foothills of Appalachia.

    This track will work as a crowd pleaser for anything from kids partying at a frat house to a family camping trip out in the celebration where everyone is dancing around the fire. Lovely, celestial and floating modern classical track download orchestral elements.

    The melody gives positive emotions and creates a cozy atmosphere. Perfectly suits for Thanks Giving Day family reunion, real-estate video tour musicwedding anniversary, and all multimedia projects needing a heartwarming and sincere sound. Heartwarming, light and uplifting music with positive and optimistic mood.

    Perfect background music for corporate projects, romantic anniversary, honeymoon journey, vlogs, summer trip with family or friends, peaceful home video, success story, etc. It is atmospheric, airy, calm, hopeful track that create chill, love, ethereal mood. It can be used for love documentary, science projects, video tutorials, slideshows, wedding romantic story, presentations, youtube, timelapse.

    A steady and simple piano loop with a little touch of romance, representing forward progress and technological advancement. Also good celebratkon various media projects such as 50th wedding umsic, conference event, declaration of love, as intro musicand more. Heartwarming, optimistic, and encouraging acoustic track.

    Great for the moments of inspiration, love, and appreciation. Ideal for facing a new day project, hope and faith, wedding anniversary, family reunion, friendship and positive feelings. A beautiful and sweet piano melody that evokes a strong sense of happiness, love, and friendship. This type of music is often used in ads to make people feel celebration, in love, or with tear-jerking love happ.

    This type of music is also used when the script calls for the audience to feel melancholic, sad, or in tears with powerful emotional moments. Inspirational and uplifting music track featuring piano, strings, percussion, hand claps, bass and drums. The catchy and emotional melodies will evoke feelings of success and music. Perfect for an anniversary party, prom celebration, podcast, slideshow, Instagram live stream.

    Uplifting music with positive and optimistic mood. Beautiful cinematic music with heartful and tender melody. Works great for film scores, romantic movie, sensitive reflective moments, emotional journey, wedding videos, heartfelt drama, Hollywood sentimental soundtrack, nature time-lapses. Instruments are piano and down,oad strings. Positive and festive pop background track.

    Featuring piano, claps, bells, strings, drums, bass.

    Download MP3 Happy Game by Plastic3. Super positive dance track for children and their parents Make a joyful holiday for all, and get your own tune for celebration! Birthday party festive music loop, great for happy cheerful kids computer or smartphone game!:) Download MP3 Cherry Soda by . Positive and festive pop background track. Featuring piano, claps, bells, strings, drums, bass. Great for New Year party, happy anniversary, cheerful celebration. Download MP3 Joyful Morning by Twisterium. This is a cheerful, uplifting and happy pop music track featuring acoustic guitars, piano, fun hand claps, trumpets, bells and more. Royalty free Happy Music Free Download mp3. Happy and upbeat background music. Perfect for positive videos, openers, funny videos, birthday and more. Positive music with clapping, whistling, piano and bells sounds. Free use in all projects and media. Use for commercial purpose (monetization).

    Great for New Year party, happy anniversary, cheerful celebration. This is a cheerful, uplifting and happy pop music track featuring acoustic guitars, piano, fun hand claps, trumpets, bells and more. Ideal for kid's anniversary, friends and family videos, cheerful and bright advertisement.

    For any celebraton that needs pure joy, energy boost, and happy mood. A positive, fun, and uplifting track that is light and bouncy with a very upbeat, happy, and joyful mood. The perfect track to make a great start of a day, creating a happy vibe that then encourages you to smile and enjoy the rest celebration the day.

    Featuring an upright piano groove, light ukulele, and snap fingers. Uplifting, mellow, modern pop orchestral festive track evoking the feeling of happiness, success and pure joy. Suitable for anniversary videos, big and special events, family celebration, and holiday commercial. Majestic and confident music with truly inspiring energy, that moves to victory and success.

    Perfect background for business company anniversary, award nomination, great achievements, musc, confidence and supply. Need a track for your next video project? You can't go wrong with this tune! This upbeat song is perfect for a fun, uplifting video. It's positive and cool, representing youthfulness and fun.

    Use it to add energy to your videos and bring download audience together at a party! Beautiful, sentimental romantic piano music for your projects. Celebration for the wedding reception, love stories, anniversary videos, and more. Instruments are piano, strings, woodwinds, bells. Emotional and inspirational piano track that will music work well with cinematic projects, commercials, inspirational videos, and films.

    Also good for trailers, romantic videos, slideshows, emotional moments, wedding anniversary and more. Tender, light, and positive romantic piece with pure piano and brilliant celebrqtion guitar. Perfect for: love stories, slideshow, soft and tender videos, beautiful scenes, nature, timelapse, wedding album, and other projects.

    Heartwarming, light and uplifting music with a positive and optimistic mood. Featuring piano, orchestral strings, glockenspiel. Perfect background music for corporate achievements, romantic anniversary, music videos, honeymoon journey, time with family or happy, success story, advertising etc.

    Sweet, lovely and heartwarming happy acoustic guitar melody with carefree human whistling. Happy upbeat song for teens and children video projects. You can hear piano, teen girl vocals, live acoustic guitars, bass and drums. You can use it also in cocking videos, tutorials, download, family vlogs, cheerful commercials, pet videos, movie trailers TV ads and more.

    Happy fun music logo intro for mussic projects, with many versions for your comfortable usage. Great corporate, positive and bright melody with rhythmic electric guitar, cheerful trumpet, bass and dance drums. These logos can be used in arcade computer games, family movies, anniversary events, youtube video.

    Festive Music Background Royalty Free Download MP3

    Great for commercial videos or as a musical background for advertising. Positive and imaginative new-classical track featuring pizzicato strings and bells. Great for anniversary holiday, fantasy themes, curiosity and cuteness, family relationships, kids commercials, magic and wonders. Euphoric orchestral melody conveys pride and loyalty.

    Featuring rousing strings and a heartbeat signature rhythm leading with uplifting brass to a triumphant, invigorating, grandiose climax to create a memorable and majestic track sure to fire up your project. This background music introduces 'An Epic Overture' and is perfect for cinematic trailers, video applications, heroic theme stories, and more.

    Dramatic piano orchestral track with melancholic and motivational track featuring wondrous orchestra, smooth cello, angelic choir, flutes. Beautiful background for magical videos, dreamy journey, history projects, atmospheric slideshow. Romantic pop background music that brings heartwarming emotions through the harmony of inspiring melody.

    Suitable for cinematic projects, wedding celebration, anniversary videos, great achievements, the story of success and greatness.

    Free Celebration Stock Music, Download Free Music | Mixkit

    Light, uplifting, and inspiring acoustic background track with a sense of success achievement and reaching new heights. Featuring strings, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, and harp. This easy listening music will help you to create a beautiful and motivational atmosphere in any video project with its relaxing, soft, and peaceful mood.

    This track will be great for any kind of marketing video, youtube channel, podcast, or vlog.

    Feel the beat of this energetic and uplifting electronic gaming background music. This track takes the doenload through space and time with its uplifting tone, featuring synthesizers, sub-bass, and upbeat drums. Great as a background for video games, vlogs, commercials, and more. You are Beautiful - Romantic inspiring track in style of Piano and Orchestral.

    Suitable for wedding, valentine, presentation and inspirational video projects. Happy and positive motivational music track with claps and ukulele. Great hapyp sound for corporate videos, kids anniversary party, family oriented commercials, feel-good moments, working together teams. The track is cheerful and happy, based on acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, light percussion, and chimes.

    Optimistic, light, and fun, full of life, youth, joy, and happiness - a perfect choice for advertising or commercials that need to convey a positive mood. An inspiring and motivational track with an uplifting feel. Well suited for the romantic reception, sensitive love story, film credits background music, sweet memories, wedding anniversary.

    This one is a powerful and bright pop-rock track with an optimistic mood and uplifting sound. Main instruments are electric and acoustic guitars, piano, electric bass, strings, rock drums, and light synth pads.