Christmas background music free download

30.09.2021 By Stephanie Proctor

christmas background music free download

Ho ho ho! Spread the Holiday cheer with this collection of royalty free Christmas music for videos from traditional Christmas hymns to jazz, to upbeat rock, soft music box bells, including instrumental and vocal arrangements. You can use our Christmas music as background soundtracks in holiday promotional videos, corporate video greetings, YouTube vlogs, as cheistmas as other personal and business projects. All our Christmas music comes fred all-in-one royalty free license and available for commercial use. How to download.
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  • Easy and festive atmosphere in anticipation of the coming holiday. Starting with a light wind chimes, the theme ends with a triumphant crescendo. Bells ringing, declaring that the long-awaited holiday has come! Festive and heartwarming Christmas song with strings, sleigh bells and beautiful boys choir.

    christmas background music free download

    Suitable for winter holidays season commercials, Xmas and the New Year celebration. Orchestral and cinematic Christmas composition with a joyful rhythm, great heartwarming melody, and celestial chrisrmas. Perfect for TV Xmas advertising, uplifting holidays YouTube video, fairy winter commercial, the atmospheric festive specials, snowy scenes, and Happy New Year cheer.

    Sparkly and shimmering, with Holiday Christmas elements featuring happy strings, bells, sleigh bells, and chimes to create a heartfelt and joyful mood. Holiday music and Christmas music instrumental perfect for videos, Youtube videos or seasonal music for corporate business advertising ads. Features jingle bells, acoustic guitar, marimba, sleigh bells, and a joyful merry christmas melody.

    A very cheerful, carefree and Positive mood. A Hollywood-style cinematic orchestral music. Perfect for Christmas and New Year projects, or commercials with some winter holiday flavor. Backgound track also can be musoc as a background for non-holiday purposes. This track is perfect for your projects related to Christmas holiday time, it will help you set the right festive mood for the cold winter season.

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    Christmas orchestral and cinematic music! A wonderful and charming Christmas royalty-free acoustic pop track, with jingle bells, piano, bass guitar, and live drums. A perfect track for Christmas YouTube videos, commercials background, and Xmas radio-advertisements. Emotional dramatic and reflective orchestral score with suspense and hypnotic melody that create a majestic and magical mood.

    You can use it in discovery videos about animals and sea, documentary projects, atmospheric nature journey. Featured instruments are flutes, clarinet, orchestral strings, piano, celesta. Magic and kind Christmas music. Positive and romantic mood in anticipation of the holiday and gifts. Made with love for snow and children. It is an inspiring, beautiful, and emotionally fulfilling piece of music perfect for Christmas projects, wedding videos, romantic videos, inspirational projects, backgrouund presentations, photo slideshows, and much more.

    Uplifting piano motives, elegant low violins, emotional swells, and tender, sentimental moments combine for an inspirational experience.

    Royalty Free Christmas Music Background Download MP3

    Bright, positive and awesome track with the ukulele and orchestra. This track creates a magical Christmas vibe. Perfect for any Christmas and New Year projects, children videos, advertise and so much more. Vibrant and happy Christmas indie rock song with bells, uplifting melodies and electric guitar.

    Perfect for commercials, Christmas and family videos, slideshows, dog training, vlogs and anything else you want to feel bright, positive and quick. Emotional Christmas loop which implies reflection and hope, useful for commercial presentations christmas Christmas style theme. Inspirational and free Christmas pop track featuring warm guitars, gentle bells melody, soft drums.

    Ideal to create a happy, and magical mood for TV and radio ads, New Year celebration videos, and other Xmas projects. Beautiful royalty free Christmas music. Made with love for people and children. Is a cheerful and magical festive Christmas folk track with warm acoustic guitars, sweet bells melody and classic orchestral arrangement.

    Perfect for inspirational holiday videos, radio and TV ads, home and family videos, promotional, presentations and other happy Christmas visuals. A festive, fun, uplifting and lively cinematic orchestral score, full of childlike wonder and christmas. Great for trailers, presentations and projects that need a sprinkling of Hollywood Christmas.

    Looking for acoustic Christmas music that will put a smile on your face and get background feeling download Look no further. This acoustic track is just as charming as it sounds. Warm guitars, bells, and orchestral elements blend perfectly to make this the perfect soundtrack for your holiday content.

    Magical upbeat cinematic and beautiful track with festive mood and winter holidays atmosphere. Very good for Christmas projects, Xmas slideshow, family or corporate videos, review of holidays gifts, New Year celebration, and more. Instruments: jingle bells, claps, acoustic guitar, piano, flute, choir, strings, glocks, drums.

    Beautiful orchestral Christmas music, sleigh bells, woodwinds, glockenspiels are seamlessly layered to create a seasonal mood. Sounds perfect for Christmas commercials, New Year countdown, and celebration videos. Sensitive and sweet orchestral Christmas tune with emotional and inspirational feelings. Happy, sincere, optimistic and dreamy character.

    Perfect for winter holidays theme films and movies, New Year celebration, festive commercials and advertisements. Optimistic and positive corporate music with cheerful bright mood, which contain synths, live rock drums and bass. This happy Christmas track can be used anywhere download a festive musical background for websites, computer games, tv or radio jingles.

    Magical timely xylophone notes backed with soft sweeping strings and choir vocals create an exciting fantasy style Christmas melody designed to convey happiness and the magical feeling that Christmas brings. The melody itself immediately offers a soft loving Christmas feelthen gradually builds up as the instrumentation is combined to create an amazing instrumental climax.

    Excellent if used with advertising for TV commercials to imply love and sharing or to convey love and happiness. Highly useful for small Christmas themed projects or videos. Is a gentle and kind, magical, fairytale and cinematic festive Christmas track. An upbeat fantasy-style orchestral piece that represents an animated character in a fantasy world.

    Inspired by themes from Disney movies. The melody contains many highs and is styled towards a ballet dance rhythm containing sweet magical elements that create a sense of wonderment and magic atmosphere. The end section of "A Christmas Medley" which includes 3 songs and a majestic ending with tympani.

    Upbeat Christmas pop underscore with sparkly guitars, sleigh bells, claps, and synth plucks. Perfect for advertisement, Youtube Videos, festive promos, commercials, Background trailers, and web promotion. This music music features an arrangement of antique sleigh bells, electric piano, and subtle synthesizer.

    This track is perfect for underscoring winter holiday images and heartwarming, nostalgic scenes of family and friends. Fast, sweengy and energetic track featuring ukulele, sticks, vibraphone, glockenspiel, electric guitars, double bass and jazzy drums. This positive, uplifting and motivating track is based on a vibraphone music, accompanied by a tight and easy-going jazz band - great for trailers, commercials, Christmas gift shopping, animation, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV, radio and film.

    Magical chimes and uplifting instrumental bursts create this joyous, charming Christmas melody with many warming elements suggesting the magical feeling of waking up Christmas Free morning when all the excitement starts to begin. The melody implies excitement, love and emotion which develops warming characteristics throughout with a touch of sparkle.

    Gentle and kind, magical, fairytale and cinematic Christmas track creates a mood of happiness, celebration, fun!

    Download Royalty Free Christmas Music - TunePocket

    Perfect for any Christmas project. Instruments: bells, pianos, violins, strings, flutes. Merry Christmas! Christmas tree, colored lights, long-awaited gifts. Everything tells that the holiday when all wishes come true is comming.

    Royalty Free Christmas Background Music Downloads | FStudios

    The only thing you need is to wait until bells start ringing. Happy energetic Sownload Year dance music with festive and holiday mood. Ideal for Christmas and New Year celebration, glittering night party, euphoric festive moments. Great choice to give your xmas campaign a boost! Traditional Church bells and catchy instrumental jingles combine to create this joyful Christmas melody.

    Orchestral strings add a warm flowing element making it ideal for advertising at Christmas or Christmas shopping. Music suggests Christmas shopping at night time, finding the ideal gift or Children enjoying themselves opening presents. When thinking about Christmas music, traditional carols such as Jingle Bells and Silent Night often come to mind, but the genre is much richer than that.

    In fact, Christmas music goes back as far as the 4th century, when most of the songs were instrumental. For example, you can hear sleigh bells, the carillon, brass, or even music box sounds. Before the s, folk carols tended to have mostly religious themes, but then the genre was reinterpreted and started to have more modern themes, such as Santa Claus, christmas gifts, or winter romances.

    Christmas music has a long history. From the traditional Download carols in medieval times to the vownload interpretations of the s and the funky covers of the s, your playlist can include thousands of songs. Our bac,ground of royalty-free Christmas music is fun to listen to, and you can use it in any way you want.

    Here are just a few ideas:. From xhristmas songs featuring medieval instruments to the novelty songs of the rock era to modern electronic beats, our collection of stock Christmas includes all the tunes you need for magical holidays. Sign In. How it Works. This dkwnload is great for any Christmas related content.

    A perfect accompaniment for festive TV, radio, and television commercials. An uplifting, fre, traditional orchestra Christmas theme. Light pizzicato strings begin the piece, progressing to playful, excited spiccato strings with delicate woodwinds and percussion. At the half way point, joyous, chrisfmas french horns arrive with a full orchestral ensemble and heavenly choirs to build to a momentous music.

    Great for adding a seasonal Alan Silvestri style Hollywood score to fre project. An acoustic version of the famous Jingle Bells. Featuring guitar, sleigh bells, piano, and glockenspiel. Suitable for free heartwarming celebration of Christmas. The beautiful, sparkling, and majestic version of Jingle Bells carol. This famous Christmas music is perfect for background holiday commercial, outdoor seasonal videos, festive cheer, shopping for gifts, and all winter holidays.

    Piano Themed Christmas Background Music Downloads

    Acoustic and electric play melody, orchestral strings and organ play a background. An alternative Christmas melody designed specifically to convey a difference Christmas focusing on all the changes, concerned the impact the year has had for many. The melody features distant bells, felt piano and gree synthesizers which convey a sense of hope and develop into a soft timely theme conveying change and sympathy.

    Magic and fairy christmaas performed by orchestra. Great for your musuc and new year projects. A bright, sparkling and majestic Christmas music track with beautiful bells, strings, angel's choir and jazz drums. Magical Christmas tune with celestial orchestral sound and majestic festive mood. Includes piano, jingle sleigh music, brass, children choir, celesta, strings, and massive cymbal crashes.

    Ideal for New Year videos, romantic Christmas films, winter holidays season. Easy going and relaxing bossa nova version of famous Christmas song. Featuring flutes, guitars, piano, pads, congas and jazzy drums. Great to use in holiday ads, Christmas commercials, vlogs or openers. Magic and bright orchestral Christmas music featuring festive strings, jingle bells, and bright brass section.

    This beautiful winter holiday piece creates a positive and festive mood in anticipation of the holiday and gifts. Made with love for snow and children. A fun and playful classic orchestral Christmas music theme download a catchy melody. Ideal for cartoon, comedy, cute children's projects, video games, toy embed, animation.

    Sweet, innocent, bouncy, and funny. Cheerful and happy music track driven by acoustic piano, electric guitar lead, human stomps and claps. This bright music theme is great addition to your 'hard sale' TV advertising or commercial, 'Black Friday' promo, Christmas greeting card, or anything bbackground where happiness, positivity or motivation required.

    Cheerful Christmas melody with jingling bells sound mudic, piano and drums. Perfect background music for holiday season. A fun, festive royalty-free Christmas folk background, with acoustic guitars, sleigh bells, and percussion. Best for Xmas ads, holiday promos, radio jingles, or intros.

    Beautiful Christmas melody. It's a bright, inspiring, magic tune with winter holidays mood. It is arranged for symphonic orchestra sound with piano, bells, strings, and harp. A strong, traditional royalty-free rock Christmas carol, but with a modern drum sound, guitars, leads, and bass.

    Best for Xmas, corporate, or advertising videos. A festive, bombastic, uplifting and lively cinematic orchestral score. Imagine taking a sleigh ride through the snow covered wilderness, or Santa treating a young cgristmas to the journey of a lifetime. Great for trailers, presentations and projects that need that touch of Hollywood Christmas spirit.

    Happy, easy-going, and upbeat Christmas pop-folk music. With downlod, synth bells, bouncy bass, and handclaps. Best free ads involving family, kids friends, or seasonal moments in commercials. Merry Xmas! Very soft and atmospheric christmas, with a smooth christma gentle Celesta and dwonload movement in the background. brings you a wonderful collection of piano themed Christmas background music that is magical and enchanting. Choose from a wide selection of classic themes to get you in the Christmassy mood. Our process couldn’t be easier with step by step instructions on downloading and licensing our Christmas background our full selection of classic tunes and buy online today. Nov 10,  · Free Download MP3: Christmas Music - AShamaluevMusic. Best christmas background music for videos, christmas videos, vlogmas, holiday videos. Scott Holmes Music A Peaceful Winter Christmas Background Music Pop, Easy Listening, Soundtrack, Composed Music, The Free Music Archive offers free downloads under Creative Commons and other licenses. We also offer a very large repository of free birthday songs you can use in your projects.

    This heartfelt, beautifully reflective, mellow piece is perfect for movie productions that are looking to create beautiful, soft, and sentimental moments. A Christmassy, festive and triumphant orchestral music track, reminding merry-go-round music. Holy, jolly and merry like Christmas and shining like a star, this composition is sure to add a magical vibe to your projects.

    Perfect for winter holiday season commercials and advertisements, fantastic Yule markets, Santa Claus House, and children Xmas show. Winter holidays orchestral music piece. Featuring jingle bells, strings, woodwinds, piano, etc. Perfect as a soundtrack for Christmas advertising, festive family vlog, snowflakes falling, Santa's coming, wrapping presents and gifts.

    Flute plays melody, orchestral strings and piano make massive but warm and wide background.

    Page 2 - Royalty Free Christmas Music Background Download MP3

    Lush rree bright, with holiday Christmas elements featuring light hearted acoustic guitar, bells, orchestral elements, to create a cheerful and uplifting mood. An upbeat version of the traditional Christmas Carol performed in Hard Rock style. Featuring punchy drums and sparkly electric guitars.

    A beautiful, lush orchestral version of the popular Christmas carol. Great for videos, kids freee and slideshows. Christmas positive background music track. Gives holiday atmosphere for any of your Christmas and NewYear videos and projects!

    Christmas Background Music | Free Download - AShamaluevMusic

    Easy going and laid back Christmas melody consists of electric piano, electric guitars, bass guitars, Hammond organ, strings, percussion, and drums. This track is great to add a Christmas mood where is needed. Soft, peaceful,relaxing track using xylophone, strings and boy choir. An upbeat Christmas theme featuring all your classic Christmas instruments and sounds including Santa voice.

    Works great as full track with or without Santa and blends in perfectly with Christmas and New Year themes. Great tune creates a magical Christmas vibe and has Positive Holiday, Happy New Year, inspiring and give a festive mood. Playful and festive classic Christmas music "Deck The Halls" playing by symphonic orchestra with string section, percussive mallets, jingle bells, sleigh bells.

    The music is full of festive mood. A funny, carefree, gypsy swing version of the classic Jingle Bells Christmas song.

    Royalty free Christmas music

    With nylon jazz guitars, bells, accordion, upright bass, and jazz drums. Sentimental and uplifting cinematic folk music with the warm backgeound of acoustic guitars, fere, magic bells, atmospheric strings, and gentle melody. Perfect for romantic comedies, Christmas and New Year's themed videos, gathering around the fireplace, wrapping gifts, etc.

    Classical, uplifting, bombastic, festive, and lively Hollywood orchestral track. A perfect accompaniment for feature Christmas movie, Holiday story, commercial or trailer that needs a ferstive holiday underscore in Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney style. Famous Christmas Carol performed in country style featuring electric guitars and festive mood.