Free download mirc old version 5.5

09.10.2021 By Angela Miller

free download mirc old version 5.5

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  • 16 rows · Jan 27,  · Mirc Old Versions Free Download For Windows Mirc Old Versions Free . Jan 04,  · Fixed channel not being parted bug when a channel window is closed while mIRC is iconified in the taskbar. Changed Help menu display files, they\'re now separated into their own popup menus for more room, and mIRC won\'t limit the number of items that are grocify.core Version: 78 rows · mIRC Description. mIRC is a popular Windows based Internet chat relay client which allows .

    You can now double-click directly on URLs in windows to open a web browser. You can also hold down the shift-key and double-click on downlowd addresses to open your email program.

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    If you single-click on the nickname, the cursor in the listbox is scrolled to that nickname. You can also double-click on a channel name to join it.

    If you move the mouse over text that is a nickname in your Notify list, fgee will pop up the notify popup menu. Added Sort item to Channels List window popup menu, allows you to sort by channel name, number of users, or channel topics. Using a faster sort routine for sorting the IRC servers list. DDE can now be turned off, and will also remember to turn on again if it failed to initiate previously.

    Downlkad new indexing method for scripts.

    Fixed script. The network name is used to select the correct filename in the List Channels dialog, eg. Optimized switchbar dragging routine.

    free download mirc old version 5.5

    Removed Topic in channel option, now default. Added Save as Fixed horizontal scrollbar width in custom windows which use a tabbed listbox.

    Download mIRC for Windows -

    Added Show Ctcps in active window switch. Fixed bug relating to file dialogs, may have been causing mIRC to freeze in some situations. Fixed bug in handling of :goto jump points in some situations. When the switchbar is turned on, the Alt-N key combination now refers to the Nth window in the switchbar, any windows not shown in the switchbar are placed at the end of the Alt-N list.

    This happens often because timer messages can be delayed by a few milli-seconds each time they are triggered due to the OS being busy, and the number of milliseconds lost accumulates over time. Added preview button in file dialogs for playing. Fixed filename checking routine, was treating too many characters as invalid and replacing them with an underscore character.

    All mIRC does is submit a list frew nicknames to the server, and the server then notifies mIRC whenever a user comes on or off the network. If you specify a full address or wildcard address eg. You can also specify a wildcard address. This method ignores the address portion of your notify nickname if you specified one.

    Fixed bug with switchbar dragging.

    free download mirc old version 5.5

    The command is performed on every item that matches your request. You can also specify a search depth which limits the search to N directories deep.

    The old format is still handled. Fixed bug with help file not found dialog popping up at odd times. Currently selected Address Book tab is now remember across sessions, when opening eownload the Notify tab is selected, the Notify listbox gets the focus. If several users in your notify kld have the same associated sound file, and the notify list sees them at the same time, mIRC only plays the sound once instead of repeating it for each user.

    If mIRC sees the word hrottled in the Closing Link disconnect message, it waits 10 seconds before trying to connect to the same server again. Long Ctcp messages now wrap correctly in status window. Disconnect messages are now time-stamped.

    Fixed notify sounds not being played in some situations. The perform section is now performed before channels are auto-rejoined after a disconnect. Can now save the main window position and make the main mIRC window stay on top of other windows via the main mIRC downlozd menu.

    Fixed mric keys not working if all windows in mIRC are minimized. Fixed sorting bug in sorted text windows. Fixed bug in remote identifier processing. Fixed isletter. Fixed dcc get extensions application bug under win3. Fixed channel not being parted bug when a channel window is closed while mIRC is iconified in the taskbar.

    Mircc Help menu display of. If B is not zero then text is in bold, if C is not zero then it interprets colour codes.

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    Can now create smaller windows eg. Fixed buffer bug in socket handling. Fixed on close event bug, closing a window was triggering fersion on close:? Upload Software Get points for uploading software and use them to redeem prizes!