Oracle hyperion smart view 64 bit for office download

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oracle hyperion smart view 64 bit for office download

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  • Banner Application Navigator is an integrated administrative suite of higher education software products. It is the Drexel University official system of record for student, financial aid, finance, and human resources information. Banner Registration provides and enhanced user interface and advanced functionality for course registration.

    Effort reporting is the method to account for the proportion of work time devoted to professional activities as a percentage of total activities including work on sponsored agreements. Hyerion interface module for students. Banner Student Profile an enhanced user interface providing students with a snapshot of demographic orcale registration information and integrated with the Advising and Faculty modules.

    Orracle design and modeling software. University screen sharing application for improved technical user support. BeyondTrust Remote Support is used by University IT staff and other support teams to assist end users with technical issues directly on their computer.

    Analytics tool for Sr Management hyperon supporting staff. Complementary to Hyperion reports which continues to be the reporting tool for operational reporting. Provides cubes for: - quick adhoc analysis capability with dimensions to slice by and pre-calcul. Create virtual classrooms, offices and meeting spaces that open more possibilities to more students.

    Assign student grades for assigned courses. Drexel's platform for online course delivery and management software. Instructors can use Learn to deliver online course materials, dosnload deliver completely online courses. Features discussion boards, grading tools, test administrations tools, document delivery, and much more.

    EE20 Subaru Diesel Engine

    Students can sign in to access course materials posted by the instructor. Giving students and educators access to their courses, content and organizations on a variety of devices.

    oracle hyperion smart view 64 bit for office download

    Student Life Assessments. Discover student organizations at Drexel, including event schedules, and record activities and memberships to showcase your involvement. Software to assist with managing employee learning and performance management. CardLink: Seamless process of creating patrons and ID cards through a single user interface.

    WebPortal for students, allowing them to order food for pick up. WebPortal for students, allowing them to review the DragonCard balance and transaction history, report lost cards, and add funds. Allow students to use smart phones to pay for food tied to Dragon Card. Hosted service for off campus vendors to use Dragon Card.

    Access control security system e. Building swipe access at hypeion readers of all buildings. It gives Drexel Public Safety central control over the entire system, while each local facility user or center maintains independent control of its individual operation.

    Drexel Software List | Information Technology | Drexel University

    Its power gives system administrators at the main facility the ability to configure and monitor all locations from that single site. These tools were developed by global experts to protect organizations against orscle and dangerous cyberattacks. Virtual private network client, both Web-based and bit desktop application.

    Allows for integration to a regularly updated postal file to ensure accurate addresses are fof. Disability Services software for accomodations. Research proposal development and pre- and post-award management; IRB protocols development Current Version. Drexel's Identity Management System for provisioning various accounts, including domain and O A course inventory management and catalog production software used by the university to update and maintain catalog courses and curriculum data.

    Faculty propose edits to courses, majors, concentrations, minors or vieww text or propose new courses, majors, concentrations, or minors. Proposals are submitted through CourseLeaf to a workflow approval process, which results in approved proposals going into the online catalog as well as the Banner catalog.

    A course scheduling platform designed to centralize the schedule of classes while allowing departments to plan and update their courses in ssmart with institutional scheduling rules.

    CLSS provides tools for visualizing schedule distribution, adding courses into valid meeting times and publishing to student information systems, room scheduling software and to web and print formats. CrashPlan is an automatic, tamper-proof backup solution designed to backup laptop and desktop data and allow users to restore data from different points in smadt and from any computer.

    Available only for Enterprise users--personal edition is no longer offered. DegreeWorks is an online tool available to undergraduate students. DegreeWorks allows you to track your progress towards the completion of your degree program, including the number of credits you have earned and still need to complete, GPA status, and course requirements for your program.

    It is recommended orafle you use DegreeWorks in coordination with oravle consultation with your academic advisor.

    Introducing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

    Parking software for daily parking at Drexel Garage and surface lots. Web portal for Drexel University prospective students. Application Functionality: This portal is strictly for prospective students who have applied to the university. Interface to allow employees to donate to the annual Drexel Dragon Drive.

    Processing of SUA payments. Application used by Drexel Central to upload electronic files, view and index properly to be sent to Nolij. Drexel Connect provides a convenient way to access multiple online services by authenticating once. Connect by using your DrexelOne user ID and password. Drexel Directory of students, faculty and professional staff.

    Drexel OneDrive is the only approved solution for security- and privacy-validated cloud storage, file creation, and hyperio sharing at Drexel.

    Sun Microsystems - Wikipedia

    In Drexel OneDrive, students, faculty, and professional staff can store, sync, and share any type of file with colleagues, or through their courses. Video upload and streaming service at Drexel, similar to YouTube. Use pre-generated code to embed videos on Web sites, or link directly to videos in Kaltura.

    Web interface for requesting budgets for the next fiscal year. Web interface for various financial reporting needs. Web interface that enables departments to calculate and approve the annual merit increase. Web interface for various salary reports. D1Mobile provide a mobile interface for students and staff to access all kinds of information, such as class schedules, vacation time, building hours, menus of restaurants, etc.

    The DrexelOne Portal is a one-stop shop for accessing personal, academic, financial, and career information. Access to other services requiring sign-in, such as the University Libraries, commuter links, DragonCard funds, and vendor discounted software also are provided within DrexelOne.

    Open-source tools for developer workspace servers, cloud IDE, software development environments Javaruntime platforms, and more. TurboTax W2 integration for e mployees that opt-in. This is a document management system that allows the OGC to upload files and have them indexed and cross-referenced plus there is integration with Outlook and Exchange for email.

    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server [MOSS] is a web-based collaborative platform that enables teams to share documents, calendars, and other information amongst members. Designed to integrate with the Microsoft Office Suite, Sharepoint allows groups to efficiently communicate, organize and manage projects, and reduce paperwork. URL List - Free ebook download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Txt Large URL list. Subaru's EE20 engine was a litre horizontally-opposed (or 'boxer') four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine. For Australia, the EE20 diesel engine was first offered in the Subaru BR Outback in and subsequently powered the Subaru SH Forester, SJ Forester and BS EE20 diesel engine underwent substantial changes in to comply with Euro 6 emissions standards – these changes .

    Software that department event planners use to book and manage their event space reservations and logistical support needs. Front facing portion of this software is call the Campus Reservation System. Bibliography, reference, and citation publication and management software.

    Assists researchers in appropriately formatting and tracking citations when writing essays and articles. New Banner functionality that allows faculty to easily upload grades into Banner. Can edit files directly on a server, and much more. FM Systems will allow University stakeholders to have real-time space data at their fingertips. Image editing and manipulation program similar to Photoshop.

    Single sign on for employees accessing the FMLA vendor. Connect with a single click, leading to more diverse, high-quality networking opportunities for students and employers. Software for molecular modeling. Draw any molecule with multiple atom and bond renderings. Create 3D models and animations of molecular dynamics and mechanics.

    What Is the Oracle BI EE Global Header?

    Hyperion, via Internet Explorer, is an Advanced Reporting Tool used by various administrative offices for data query and analysis, enterprise reporting, and global information delivery to drive offoce performance. Integrated online communication and engagement solution built to help institutions strengthen relationships, increase engagement, foster loyalty, boost participation, and drive donations.

    Digital signage application for promotional ads of events, programs, and other similar initiatives at Drexel. Ad submissions reviewed weekly. Managed by the Office of University Communications. Application controls and prints check images.

    Intellectual Property Management. Video and audio player, downlpad well as media library manager. Online course media delivery application. Listen to, watch, or download uploaded educational materials and courses provided by a wide variety of universities and institutions.

    Visit the Instructional Technology Group for more information. Procure2Pay: cloud-based business automation solutions for the entire procurement spectrum of spend management. Total Supplier Management: Integration to accept new vendors into Banner. Year-End Tax Reporting System.

    Salary List of Millions Jobs, Starting Salary, Average Salary, Pay Scale – Real Job Salaries

    Create and manage non-traditional courses, sections, classes, catalogs, registration, payment, etc. Application for creating and sharing basic visual elements. System used to electronically control key cabinets. Keys are assigned to one or more users based on pre-determined rules. PIN user access comes standard and many other access options are available.

    Supportive program for literacy skills and proficiency. Secure cloud-based employee relations case management software. Mathematical software for the analysis, visualization, and exploration of math problems. Solve problems from almost any branch of mathematics. Software spanning most areas of technical computing, including neural networks, machine learning, image processing, geometry, data science, visualizations, and more.

    Multi-paradigm numerical computing environment for engineers and scientists. Utilizes a proprietary programming language for matrix manipulations, function and data plotting, algorithms, and user interface creation. The CrossFire system is a complete chemical information system comprising of the Beilstein database, the CrossFire search and retrieval server software and the Beilstein commander client.

    Visit the IT Sandbox for more information. Formerly DreamSpark, Microsoft Image provides tools for building games, designing apps, and launching projects at no cost for students. Also available for fee for Non-Employee Associates. NVivo is a data organization and visual representation tool designed for analysis of qualitative data e.

    Researchers can store, organize, categorize, and visualize their data to uncover insights into trends, make new connections, and ask more questions for investigation. University operational and visualization reporting tool that will be replacing Hyperion. Applicant tracking system used to hire for open positions, including new hire onboarding forms.

    Mobile Payment solution for daily parking. PAVE is a judicial process management system. It is the standard for filing, processing, managing, reporting, and preventing student violations within Drexel University. It addresses the judicial needs of student affairs administrators, housing departments, atheltics programs, hearing officers, and law enforcement agencies.

    Sun Studio compilers and tools implemented the OpenMP specification for shared memory parallelization.

    What Is the New Home Page?

    James Gosling led the team smarf developed the Java programming language. InSun Microsystems was one of the first Fortune companies that instituted a formal Social Media program. Jonathan I. Schwartz was one of the first CEOs of large companies to regularly blog; his postings were frequently quoted smary analyzed in the press.

    On September 3,the European Commission opened an in-depth investigation into the proposed takeover of Sun Oraclee by Oracle. The Commission's investigation showed that another open database, PostgreSQL, was considered by many users of this type of software as a credible alternative to MySQL and could to some extent replace the downlowd strength that the latter currently represents in the database market.

    Sun's staff were asked to share anecdotes about their experiences at Sun. A web site containing videos, stories, and photographs from nyperion years at Sun was made available on September 2, In October, Sun announced a second round of thousands of employees to be laid off, blamed partially on delays in approval of the merger. The transaction was completed ssmart early On September 1,Sun India legally became part of Oracle.

    It had been delayed due to legal issues in Indian court. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Defunct American computer hardware and software company. For the Rownload video game company, see Sunsoft. Logo used from the s until acquisition by Oracle.

    Traded as. Information technology. Menlo Park, California. Servers Workstations Storage Services. This list is incomplete ; you can help by adding missing items. August Main article: Solaris operating system. Main article: Java platform. See also: List of Sun Microsystems employees.

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