Root package file download

28.09.2021 By Shannon Sessions

root package file download

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  • It is specially designed for those who want to take full advantage of unique hardware capabilities that are saved in the PC configuration of the famous manufacturer. It is a driver utility which is intended for users. This package is used to enable basic functionalities including FN keys, other hotkeys and shortcuts that are commonly used by laptop users.

    The latest version of pakcage software is named as ATK package 1.

    root package file download

    The author of this packave is Asus. The internal hardware components, such as Keyboard lights, on-screen displays, built-in touchpad and overlays, microphones, webcams, ambient sensors, etc. It uses a minimal amount of resources. The drivers present in this package also enabled proper detection, usage of various external accessories, communication, power management presets, optimisation for GPU usage in games, productivity apps and many more.

    Download the ZIP package and locate the “aromafmzip file” file properly in the device’s root. Use the Recovery Mode to reboot the phone. Select the zip file from the SD card and tap ‘Yes’ to initiate the installation procedure. Dec 02,  · How to download and install ATK Package on PC? 1. Just click on the download button and select the location where the ATK utility setup will be downloaded. 2. After the downloading process is completed, run the setup file. 3. Now click the next button. And then click on the agree button. 4. Installation process will complete in a few minutes. 5. Mar 02,  · Download the SqlBak app (the current version is ); Install it on the computer where the DBMS is running; When prompted, enter your secret key.

    For professional users, this package introduces a comprehensive overclocking utility which can extract more power from your existing hardware. It does not feature a unified application that will manage all your devices and provide a way to access software services.

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    If the drivers and app found in this package cause error. Quickly, uninstall them and install new versions that are offered by ASUS. ATK Package is pre-installed with new laptops and required to run various optional functions.

    Magisk App (Magisk Manager) Latest Version for Android - Download

    It installs the software ATK hotkey driver packagw other drivers also. This software is a set of utilities which enable the functions of the button Fn on your keyboard. Its packages are bundles of ASUS utility software. Its utility enables the PC to communicate with the attached hardware devices. During setup, the program creates a startup restore point in Windows to start automatically when the user boots the PC.

    It is licensed for use only on the access PC where it was already pre-installed.


    Latest Version : V1. Category : Drivers and Mobile Phones. It is a file manager installed in the Recovery. Here is the grace. Previously, once we were in the recovery, we could not manage in any way the content of our SD or internal memory. Copy, paste, cut, delete, create folders, and move.

    LineageOS Downloads

    All managed through an exquisite graphics interface. The first interesting use is that you can manage the files on your phone just before changing ROM. For a reason X, you cannot turn on the phone completely. You can only access the recovery menu.

    root package file download

    With this application, you can make the changes what you want the other implicit function is that it is all much more beautiful. And yes, although it seems a lie, it is true. What I was saying before if we decorate the root process with graphical interfaces as cool as this one. I assure you that many people will lose their fear of becoming root and changing ROMs.

    Hopefully, said bug would be removed by the time the app debuts in the Google Play Store, officially. Apart from that, the file manager can be cited as a well-finished product that can suffice adequately for your pre-boot file management needs on an Android device. Step 1: Download the Aroma File Manager zip-able package from the link below.

    Step 2: Copy the zip back to the internal storage of your device and make sure you do not copy it into any folder. Step 5: Now the File Manager must load, and you can perform your task. Then you put it in the SD of your phone, restart in recovery mode no need to be root and install the zip that you have gone before.

    How to open Ubuntu file manager as root user - Linux Shout

    The downloadd process will start, and you can enjoy the application. Once you have the custom recovery, you can proceed with the installation. Use the Recovery Mode to reboot the phone. After flashing, you will see the recovery file. Then, from the Settings function, choose the Automount option and exit the Aroma manager.

    Open Ubuntu Nautilus File Manager as root

    Finally, flash the zip file again. When you next reboot the device, it will ask for a new lock pattern. Find your device from the options. Flash the selected file and locate the right image. Finally, tap on the Flash to Recovery mode and complete the action.