Tunerpro software download

08.10.2021 By David Tang

tunerpro software download

  • TunerPro and TunerPro RT - Professional Automobile Tuning Software
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  • TunerPro & TunerPro RT Software Free DownloadAuto Repair Technician Home
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  • TunerPro started life in early March of as an educational project and was originally created to tune GM vehicles between model years and TunerPro has since grown into a very robust tuning tuneprro. The project has a few simple goals: It should be available for free in its essence, it should be better than whats available in its class, it should remain accessible to its target audience, and it should be fun for me to develop.

    TunerPro will continue to grow and evolve. I hope to continue to add support for other automobile and maybe non-automobile?! Stay tuned! I will continue to develop and improve TunerPro for as long softwade it is fun and as long as there is interest, support, and feedback.

    TunerPro and TunerPro RT - Professional Automobile Tuning Software

    The latest tuning definition files can be found elsewhere on the Internet, so if you don't find it here, consult your favorite search engine. Please explore TunerPro's features for yourself! Interested in the Author's Car? February 3rd, - New builds posted with new features, and new hardware tunerpr As always, you can expect TunerPro to continue to evolve over time.

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    Download the latest version here. The redist bloats the download by 13MB. Improved Quarterhorse initialization and bank support Fixed issue with browsing for bins where download prompted to create a file when browsing to a subdirectory Fixed potential crashes when compare bins are different sizes from the editable bin 5.

    Added the ability to right click on a gauge in the acquisition dashboard panel to go straight to the dashboard's editor page in the ADX Editor useful! Now, when changes are made, you'll be prompted to save when hitting the window close or cancel buttons in the ADX Editor In the function editor, the save button icon changes when in emulation mode, matching the other editors.

    An ADS now loads immediately without being prompted to save, and the user is prompted to save sooftware closing TunerPro or opening fownload definition, and added "save" and "save as" acquisition menu items Added buttons to software explicit data acquisition links in XDF tables and scalars Added save and save as menu items to the Acquisition menu for datastream definitions Compare tunerpro can now be loaded when no primary bin is loaded Difference tool will now allow you to compare bins when no primary bin is loaded Fixed issue where dowwnload uploads to bit emulators such as the Roadrunner failed Fixed issue where ADX header pause and unpause commands aren't saved Fixed hang when using the zoom feature in the ADX Monitor tab Fixed possible delay when opening files from a removable path with no media in the drive.

    TunerPro & TunerPro RT Software Free DownloadAuto Repair Technician Home

    Roadrunner 5. Made vast improvements to the Moates Onboard Logger interface for the Demon and Superlogger hardwareincluding multi-threading to keep the UI from locking up during long operations, auto-population of ADX for export, flash memory export to and import from file, and much more Added a very naive XDF parameter bulk editor.

    Current fix has very minor performance implication with large XDFs. Future improvement planned. Sotfware issue in difference tool where, when copying from one bin to the other, the difference count in the tool isn't updated, and the bin isn't marked as modified asterisk in the title bar Fixed issue where table editor changes are discarded when the table editor is open while the XDF parameter properties are modified.

    TunerPro free chip tuning software - OldSkullTuning

    Moved to Visual Studio This should not result in changes to the end-user. If you encounter issues launching this build of TunerPro on your PC, please notify me. Sorry about that.

    tunerpro software download

    This will be refined in coming builds. Fixed CPU spike when playing back logs buildRT only Fixed issue where IEEE floating point values weren't being properly saved, causing lockup when re-opening Fixed issue where dashboard and monitor download not updated in scanning in AutoProm active mode Fixed issue with Moates Onboard Logging utility where a full flash wasn't properly being reported in the UI Settings used to export logs from the Demon using the onboard logging utility are now persisted across sessions Progress is now shown in the Moates onboard logging utility when exporting logs and when querying session information Fixed issue where emulation download-to-file resulted in CancelOperation being called after the read request plug-in model Fixed issue where emulation download-to-file didn't properly call GetJustificationOffset plug-in model 5.

    When you receive your key, you need only double-click it to register, now. Added tunerpro ability to the difference tool to copy bin data from right to left or left to right Fixed issue where associated commands for items imported from an ADS weren't set Fixed issue where default ADX parameters weren't respected when new ADX Value is created 5.

    Fixed issue with data tracing bubble in tables where axis values are repeated Software issues with non-functioning menus, buttons, and controls when secondary monitor is mapped to the left of the main monitor on a multi-monitor system. At the moment, no transformations i.

    Fixed crash in checksum module when address is out of range Fixed issue where, while the caret was visible while editing a cell in a table, hitting the save or commit button didn't first save the edit-in-progress. The length is now limited in the ADX editor, and it has been increased to 40 characters. These may change for a few releases until I find icons that I like.

    Added category icons in the parameter tree XDF item min and max are now properly respected in the main editors for items with limiting enabled Added a 3rd category level Circular references in XDF object equations no longer result in crash XDF Editor now warns of circular references Changed the way categories are displayed.

    Category A is tuner;ro root level category, Category B is the next level, etc. Uncategorized items live at the root of their respective nodes. Log 0 Fixed issue where axis normalizer index cells were improperly rounded when calculating, leading to incorrect axis calculation Fixed issue that prevented log files from being saved to a volume other than the TunerPro volume Fixed issue where seeking in log with keyboard shortcuts wasn't resulting in updated transport or the status bar log time 5.

    Feb 25,  · TunerPro (grocify.co)is a special software for automobile ECU tuning grocify.coro provide a free platform to make your ECU tuning work be easier and cheaper. TunerPro Functions & Features: Full bin editing capability raw or via definition referencingEstimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Sep 27,  · TunerPro (grocify.co) free download, latest version , This program is a free tuning platform aimed at making tuning easier and cheaper. TunerPro supports many vehicle makes and models, including GM OBDI (pre), Ford EECIV and EECV, early and mid's Nissan, DSM (Mitsubishi), Buell, BMW, Porsche, Renault (Fenix 1 and 3), and more. TunerPro is a free, donate-if-you-like-it tuning platform aimed at making tuning easier and cheaper for the hobbyist and professional alike. TunerPro started life in early March of as an educational project and was originally created to tune GM vehicles between model years and TunerPro has since grown into a very robust tuning tool.