Wii backup manager mac os x download

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wii backup manager mac os x download

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  • Wii Backup Manager
  • Manage Wii backups on your external hard drive and more..
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  • Follow this app Developer website. Version 2. Try our new feature and write a detailed review about Witgui. All reviews will be posted soon. Write review. Write your thoughts in our old-fashioned comment. MacUpdate Comment Policy. We strongly recommend leaving comments, however comments with abusive words, bullying, personal attacks of any type will cownload moderated.

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    Sep 10,  · 7/10 (49 votes) - Download WBFS Mac Free. If you are a user of the Nintendo Wii you can download WBFS free for Mac right now, a complete backup creation and management tool for your Wii games. Nintendo Wii is a video game console which has 7/10(49). Mac OS X or later; Download ( MB) Downloaded & Installed 24, times. Welcome to the official Wii Backup Manager Website. Wii Backup Manager is a program to work with DVD backups, FAT32, NTFS and WBFS drives to convert between DVD, ISO, CISO and WBFS. It can also extract Wii games to the format used by SNEEK. May 07,  · Witgui is a Wii and GameCube game manager. It is a graphical user interface based on wit, wwt, and the grocify.co database. You will love its intuitiveness. Witgui implements the most used features of wit and wwt. Features: Listing of Wii and GameCube games on your Mac or on an external drive and on WBFS partitions.

    Digitalvanilla Feb 18 Ive been using this app for quite a few months and I find it really indispensable. User interface is clean, simple to use, all the operations are fast and in background. No crashes so far at all. A very well done application. Show more. App requirements:.

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    Sep 10,  · 7/10 (49 votes) - Download WBFS Mac Free. If you are a user of the Nintendo Wii you can download WBFS free for Mac right now, a complete backup creation and management tool for your Wii games. Nintendo Wii is a video game console which has 7/10(49). May 07,  · Witgui is a Wii and GameCube game manager. It is a graphical user interface based on wit, wwt, and the grocify.co database. You will love its intuitiveness. Witgui implements the most used features of wit and wwt. Features: Listing of Wii and GameCube games on your Mac or on an external drive and on WBFS partitions. level 1. Skirocket. · 1y. I'm using Witgui on the latest version of mac os. 1. level 2. FUCKYOUBITCHBLOWME. · 1y. I have an older version of Mac OS X mine is Mac OS X

    Upvote Downvote. Suggest similar app. Fixed: The path to the disc. I works as it should now. Fixed: Trailing backslashes are removed from paths in the settings. Added: Empty or zero sized drives aren't shown in the format dialog. Added: Only valid FAT32 cluster sizes are shown in the format dialog. Changed: Default cover images from lustar.

    Fixed: DVD wii speed wasn't read correctly from the Settings. Added: Ignore critical errors with floppy drives, when there's no disk in the drive. Needs tested to make sure I've covered all the places where it can happen. Added: Disc info cache to speed up listing the contents of a "FAT" drive. The "disc. Changed: "Jobs" tab is now the "Downloads" tab.

    Updating is possible too because they're stored by region and type. Added: Preset cover configuration for popular USB loaders. Simply select the loader and your gackup cover folder. Certain cover types are disabled for the loader mac it doesn't use them. Changed: Names of the Covers menu items reflect the fact that they also sync the cover folders when downloas relevant options are set.

    Added: Cover download functions can also delete files. Maybe the cause of the problems some people have been experiencing. Added: Mini log in the format dialog. Everything seen there is also in manager main log. Added: FAT32 format checks that were in the backup source. Fixed: NTFS formatting only worked for fixed disks.

    Now the media type is set from the drive geometry info so it should work with any drive download. Fixed: Error when zero sized files were loaded, downloar the thread to terminate and not list all the games. Fixed: Jobs page wasn't translated. Fixed: Some of the controls weren't resized with the settings dialog, causing long translated strings to be cut short.

    WBFS - Download for Mac Free

    Fixed: Texture blending mode for covers. They were blending onto black, instead of the background. Added: IOS version shown on all the lists. Fixed: IOS version wasn't correct for all games. I was also reading the IOS for all partitions instead of just the data partition.

    After translating some of them, run "Update language strings" again to reorganise everything. Added: 2 version values in lang files.

    wii backup manager mac os x download

    Translators should manually change this value to reflect the version they translated for. After you jac the strings, "Translation version" should equal "Strings version". Added: Wrote a file download class using WinInet. It's much more stable than anything else Baxkup tried. Now downloads can be paused, resumed and stopped on demand.

    The app can be safetly closed woi any time too, without error. Use internet options in control panel to set a Proxy and delete the cache etc. Now using the Built in Delphi version. Added: Jobs page to view and work with the job queue. Changed: Rewrote the job queue system so it's threaded. Rewrote it 4 times actually Fixed: Temp files weren't deleted when adding archives to the files page.

    The problem must've existed since changing to using the 7Zip DLL. Fixed: Invalid date format when removing backup logs, causing the app to crash on start up. Added: Version checks etc. Fixed: OpenGL renderer code. It should init OK now. Added: Column to show IOS version on the files page.

    What is Witgui for Mac

    I'll add it to others soon. Added: Cover support. Download and display on the fly or use the menu to download missing covers. Plenty of options to customise how you want use baackup. Fixed: When "Use mounted volumes only" is clicked in settings, any edited display names are saved before rebuilding the drive list.

    Added: Support for disk partitions not recognised by Windows. See the entry below for an example of how this can happen. If formatting from ext3 for example, the drive is much harder bsckup detect in Windows. Changing to IFS even allows a drive letter to be assigned. Fixed: Column data in the settings file caused an AV on startup. Something wasn't saving correctly since the move to Unicode.

    Fixed: More translation stuff. Square brackets were getting downloqd and Radio buttons weren't translated. Fixed: I totally rewrote the "Remove" menu functions. It was reported that there was an AV after removing discs from a WBFS drive, downloac the new code handles things differently. Fixed: I was removing colons ": " from the langstrings.

    Fixed: When mounting a custom folder, if there was an invalid disc, the thread terminated early so all the discs wouldn't be listed. Fixed: Random YZ etc. I still can't remove them from the menus downooad some reason. I'm not sure if this even happens when using a Chinese version of Windows. Fixed: Some integer overflow errors.

    Forced 64 bit math in a few other places too, as a precaution. Fixed: I forgot to inject debug info into the exe, so the stack traces in the were useless.

    Wii Backup Manager

    Now they'll show me the exact line number in my source where the error happened. Fixed: DiscIndexFromID function didn't work with the file naming conventions, so duplicates were allowed to be transferred to drives. Changed: Mac form. Now it creates a new wii with your default client, using MAPI.

    You can still attach the z and language manageg. Fixed: I got the Chinese languages mixed up, traditional and Simplified. So only on-the-fly titles are used, changes are saved to custom-titles. Fixed: When custom-titles. Fixed: titles. Fixed: The wrong titles. Bacckup All database stuff for now.

    Downloav you want a little preview run WBM with a "testdb" parameter. Stick the WiiTDB. Added: You backup quickly send the current language file via the feedback manager. The original author has priority when it comes to updating. Added: "Update language strings" in the language menu.

    Automatically generate language strings and update existing files in the language folder. Added: Version info in the about dialog is automatically updated and now includes a build number. Changed: Debug level now only applies to what you want to see in the log. The log file will always contain "Full debug" information.

    Changed: Email adress in about download to WiiBackupManager gmail. Added: Feedback form to report bugs etc. You can also attach the current log. Changed: Totally rewrote the logging system. Logs are saved to file in real kanager, in case of a crash the log will still be available.

    Added: Ability to use Wii discs that have invalid entries in the partition tables. Only a bad game partition is considered to be a fatal error now. It should work better than ever now, with all characters displayed correctly. Any other setting doesn't need it.

    Added: Naming conventions for files, just the same as folders. So you can store all the files in one folder and rename downloae "Title [GameID]. Added: Database viewer page. Browse all know games in the WiiTDB database. Added: WiiTDB. When updated, the xml is converted to a wli database structure. Probably the same for CD-RW etc.

    Fixed: A simple threading issue caused the app to crash when selecting a DVD drive. Added: Loads of little error checks and interface improvements. Added: Options to aii the locations of titles. When burning DVD, the closest supported speed will be used.

    Mac Erase DVD function in the tools menu for erasable discs. Only single layer supported for now. Changed: "Drive" menus download now combo boxes. This is part of the fix below. Fixed: When a drive is inserted and the a drive menu is dropped down, there was a "component name already exists" exception.

    Added: Drive format dialog will offer to dismount the selected drive if it's already in use. Unless a transfer is in progress etc. Added: Clicking on an entry automatically scrolls the selected column into view. Changed: Double click to edit entries instead of single click Changed: Default split size is now 4GB.

    Changed: "Extract rar before Added: More archive support using 7-zip dll. Fixed: Incremental search now scrolls the selection into view. Wii Startup options. Changed: Language file "settings dialog width" defaults to and made the manager dialog a bit larger. See "US English. Added: Language file display name option in lang files.

    Fixed: When hiding drives, the drives were also hidden in the settings dialog meaning that they could never be unhidden. Fixed: Divide by zero error with transfers that take less than 1 second Fixed: Drive formatting routines should be working as expected now. Added: The app is now fully unicode enabled. If write access fails, then files are opened as read-only when it's backup to do so.

    Added: Multi language support. UK English by default.

    Manage Wii backups on your external hard drive and more..

    Only the title is editable with read-only files, which will be added to the custom titles file. Added: New list column. Added: Option to "Allow permanent changes to Wii discs". This must be enabled for the above option to work with WBFS too. Added: New column, "Original title".

    This shows the title stored in the file. Changed: Display order for titles. In order of priority Custom, WiiTDB, original. Changed: Rename functions use the new display order. Changed: Settings dialog layout so it's easily adjusted to fit the text width of different languages.

    Added: Spanish translation by 6izmo. Added: Traditional Chinese translation by TeenTin. Added: Cached drive lists for the menus, format dialog and settings dialog. Added: Game list export with templates. Added: More comprehensive game region list. Fixed: Bug in the fix partition function that didn't quite work when remapping all the partitions in SSBB.

    That game showed an fst error when not using "Game only". Fixed: DVD read errors weren't logged correctly. Added: New option to "Use buffered transfers". It could be handy to disable this when transferring over a network etc. Added: Average transfer speed shown in the log, once finished. Fixed: Some results weren't added to progress logs and some were added twice.

    Fixed: Progress events for mounting a drive weren't all assigned correctly. Fixed: Duplicates checking with transfers from the files page didn't work and would get caught in an infinite loop, causing the app to freeze when de-selecting the items. Fixed: "Update storage convention" functions didn't handle.

    Added: New items on the files page "Select" menu. A list of selected IDs are save to file so these entries can be quickly selected by loading the. For now, only WBFS discs with a bad header are considered to be corrupt. This will compare the allocated blocks on a WBFS drive with blocks actually used by the discs stored on it.

    If there's any blocks found to be allocated, but unused, they're marked as free.

    Download Witgui for Mac | MacUpdate

    This is used to free blocks after removing corrupt discs, since the header can't be trusted. It should be handy to recover some space after failed transfers with apps that don't handle it correctly. Added: Batch DVD mode. When enabled, the progress panel stays open waiting on the managef DVD.

    Once inserted, all game partitions are selected and the transfer begins automatically.