Download festival apply to play

26.09.2021 By Stephanie Proctor

download festival apply to play

The Download Festival was conceived as a follow up to the Monsters of Rock festivals which had been held at the Donington Park circuit between and The first Download Festival was created by Stuart Galbraith and festivval by Andy Copping lpay in the same location. The name Download was chosen for the festival for two reasons. Downloading was a dirty word in the music industry at the time, due to file sharing, and rock is seen as a rebellious genre of music. Also Download was to be a Monsters of Rock for the 21st century and the internet would provide connectivity with its audience.
  • Download Festival | Donington Park, 10 - 12 June
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  • Around the new year, festivals will release their headliners and main line ups. Large festivals may cover a variety of genres, but smaller ones tend to be more niche. Different genres will have different expectations from their artists before booking them. Keep working your way up through bigger clubs eownload events.

    You should be able to raise your profile enough as you go to get on these festivals. Bands should be expected to look at festigal, metal and indie festivals. These can include Truck, End of the Road and Download. It helps if you have a track record of touring, an established fanbase and live session videos to help you with your application.

    Download Festival | Donington Park, 10 - 12 June

    If you are a hip-hop artist then there are some great festivals within this genre that you should be aware of, such as Wireless, Lovebox and Field Day. You might be able to get slots here after collaborating with other artists that have played these festivals. At the very least, they will have some advice that could help you.

    It would probably take you longer than the time you have to plan the entire weekend. For the bigger festivals, many artists get booked on through live agencies that have connections with key promoters in the festival circuit. Promoters will often try and fill their slots through these agents rather than deal with hundreds of independent artists.

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    They would have to do their research on the act and, as well as sort out the contractual agreements. This festivall so much more work than they are capable of doing alongside running the festival so respected booking agents come in with their roster, make the pitch and sort out the little details.

    Some of the biggest booking agencies include 13 Artists and Coda. If you look at their roster, then you will see their acts dotted around over festival billings across the world. A booking agent can be a game changer and get you playing in front of thousands over a single summer. These agents will not appreciate being harassed to come to your shows and sign you.

    The best way for you to get their attention is to be unique and exceptional at what you do.

    download festival apply to play

    Appyl on your performance and be polished before you consider submitting an application to a festival. There is nothing wrong with this but is difficult when you want dowhload get out there and show the world what you can do. Work on your stage presence, festival promoters want to know that you can entertain a crowd and keep them engaged in your performance.

    As well as building up your following with gigs, attend open mic nights where you can ask for constructive criticism from your peers. Find out which festivals you want to play at and read their websites carefully to find out how and when to apply. Compile a spreadsheet or database with details such as event dates, artist submission dates and email addresses.

    You then have a list you can visit each year without having to trawl through the sites again. Put them in your calendar and set an alarm to get your application submitted in time. Use online resources to find out the booking contacts are. Camden Rocks 1st - 2nd June www. Isle Of Wight Festival 13th — 16th June www.

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    Latitude 18th — 21st July www. Nozstock 18th — 21st July www. Camp Bestival 25th - 28th July www. Kendal Calling 25th — 28th July www. Standon Calling 25th — 28th July www. Victorious Festival 23rd — 25th August www.

    Feb 25,  · UK music festivals are amongst the best across the whole world. If you want to know how to play at a music festival then follow these steps and apply to perform on festival stages. Play as many venues as possible. Research how festivals book artists. Play at small and local festivals. Promote yourself on social media. Download Festival will return to Donington Park, Leicestershire on 10 - 12 June 90+ names already announced. Weekend / Day Tickets on sale now! Feb 02,  · Feb 2, Live. Stay up-to-date with the latest free music opportunities from around the world and apply to play festivals and events with our opportunities map, regularly updated with new gig opportunities and music competitions. Find opportunities for unsigned bands, solo artists and DJs across the UK, USA, Australia and beyond.

    Godiva Festival 31st Aug - 2nd Sept www. Apply to play at these UK festivals. Are you ready? Remember, before you apply to perform at any of these music festivals and events, be sure to applt the application instructions and conditions carefully for the best chance of success.

    Apply to play at these UK festivals. Are you ready? - WaterBear

    Some events may only accept submissions from artists of certain styles and genres, so make sure your act fits the bill before submitting your application. If you have a music festival or competition you'd like to be featured on this page, please email mark dittomusic.

    Download Festival | Information - Download Festival

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