How to make ios apps download faster

04.10.2021 By Katie Bennett

how to make ios apps download faster

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  • We might also note the presence of the less-celebrated US-only music platform Pandora Music here, as well as Singapore-based livestreaming platform Bigo Live. In terms of active users, the Facebook family of apps claims its habitual top four slots, with Download — so often written off — continuing to rank fifth, ahead of even Amazon.

    Telegram also makes it into the top here, make its prominence. Most downloaded apps overall worldwide, Q2 App Annie. In Q2as it did globally, Zoom dominated the app download landscape in the US. No other app comes anywhere near these two, with third-place Facebook Messenger logging a little short of 15 million. It is hard to imagine too many how quarters in which this app features so prominently, serving a single clear purpose as it does.

    The real story is TikTok, which has shaken up the app download landscape in the US in a way that few apps have managed in recent years. It has become one of those apps that we can class as a real cultural phenomenon, which has changed the way we express ourselves and communicate well, at least those of us under the age of 30 — or advertisers trying to reach them.

    Step back another quarter still to Q3and the leading app was Facebook Messenger, with a little over 13 million downloads. If it did not come preloaded on Android devices, it may well have ranked higher, as users sought diversion from the many difficulties of While in the US, we see Google Meet featuring prominently, in Europe, Microsoft Teams seems to be the preferred Zoom alternative, with around 20 million downloads in this quarter.

    We might also note the popularity of Telegram in the European market, though this is not particular to this quarter. YouTube, once again, is mostly downloaded on iOS devices. It would come sixth if we were to faster look at this operating system, as opposed to its overall position of 18th. There are other more telling stats in apps chart.

    Both Microsoft Teams and Zoom log a disproportionately high quantity of iOS downloads in this distinctly Android-skewed region. This gives us a demographic clue about iOS users, hinting at a greater proportion of white collar professional users. This fashion-orientated app saw a rise in popularity as online shopping became the norm during this quarter for the well-dressed and the well-heeled.

    Towards the end ofApp Annie took a look back at the most-downloaded apps of the ios then coming to a close. It will come as news to few that the big four of Facebook lead the way, helmed by its flagship social network. Perhaps the most striking name in the list is that of TikTok, in seventh.

    how to make ios apps download faster

    In all, the Facebook family of apps registered close to 3 billion downloads between them. The only app developer to come anywhere near Facebook in terms of aggregate app download volume was another all-too predictable name: Google. We say near, but with around 2. That said, Google is a billion downloads ahead of make ByteDance.

    Add apps on, and ByteDance would certainly be raking in hundreds of millions if not billions more downloads. As would fifth-placed Tencent and ninth-placed Alibaba. While they might come from diverse corners of the globe, these app developers do actually have something in common, which would be clear to readers invested in the mobile games space.

    Rather than being known for any major single apps, these publishers tend to develop a range of different mobile apps apps, often in the hyper-casual category. These allow them to rake up ios of millions of downloads, without necessarily becoming household names.

    We see a few interesting trends related to operating systems here. For instance, if we limit ourselves to make devices, Google comes out on top. This is likely to be a consequence of Android devices coming with Google applications preloaded. The disproportionately high level of iOS downloads we see download ByteDance and Tencent in particular are once again down to the lack of Chinese third-party Google download stats.

    Include these, ios we might see a very different picture. The fact that ByteDance ranks third without these highlights just how successful the relatively young publisher has been across the globe. Top app publishers worldwide, Sensor Tower. App Annie does not provide any figures. In its top app companies ofGoogle comes out ahead of Facebook.

    ByteDance again occupies third place here, though the other major Chinese publishers appear in a different order, with both Alibaba and YY ahead of Tencent. As with the top apps, App Annie separates outs the games publishers. Voodoo comes out on top here again, with Good Job Games and SayGames completing the top three albeit in a different order.

    By comparing this list to the top games, we can see how these publishers rack up their downloads through a collection of smaller apps. How the top game companies featured here, only three have published games that appear in the top most-downloaded games.

    Though we should add that Turkish hyper-casual game developer Good Job Games is represented three times. Faster app publishers worldwide, App Annie. Microsoft climbs the ranking for the same reason. Facebook and Instagram register download volumes which, if maintained for four quarters, would comfortably exceed their totals.

    This would suggest a desire to somehow document how we lived in this unprecedented period and to informally stay in touch. Speaking of Zoom, we see the eponymous parent company shoot up into sixth place in the publisher ranking. Aside from download, we see the usual mix here of US and Chinese megacorps Tencent, Amazon and smaller games developers, many of which have registered significant growth compared to Of the latter, French outfit Voodoo leads the way, with nearly million app downloads registered in How Slovenian developer Outfit 7 and Israeli Crazy Labs both rack up as many downloads in this quarter as they did over half of Clearly, app users are looking for distractions during this difficult faster. Top app publishers worldwide, Q2 Sensor Tower.

    Sensor Tower stats show that, on iOS in Q2by far the biggest app category in terms of downloads was games, registering a huge 2. The coronavirus pandemic has clearly not struck equally.

    ‎Tally: Pay Off Debt Faster on the App Store

    Those who are able to work remotely and are in secure occupations have found themselves with an excess of disposable income. Those who do not fall into this category will have found themselves in a more precarious situation. This is of course exacerbated by differences between countries. This considerable upswing in downloads of shopping apps million in total, excluding third-party Chinese downloads would seem to confirm the received wisdom that iPhone users tend to skew towards the former category.

    It would be certainly be interesting to see to what proportion of economic activity was channelled through these apps during this period. The disparity between games and other app categories is even more pronounced in Google Play download stats. The scale of difference between the two categories was 5. We might note that mobile games tend to offer ad-supported, limited, or in-app purchase models that allow users a free-point of entry.

    This makes such apps accessible in a time when many are left with an excess of time but a constriction in income. We would imagine for similar reasons.

    Speedtest for iOS: Mobile internet speed test for the iPhone and iPad

    Games therefore account for most of the difference in download volume between the two operating systems. Looking once again to Sensor Tower stats, we can see that the narrative for mobile games has not been quite as simple a story as that of overall app downloads. This would suggest that the slowdown in downloads of mobile games was even more pronounced than that of overall apps.

    We still saw a slowdown from the beginning to the end of the four-year span, but mobile game downloads were once again growing at a faster rate than overall app downloads. That said, this may simply be an effect of strong mobile game download figures in knocking the sequence out of kilter. If we had registered, say, Game downloads, — Sensor Tower.

    The unevenness of four-year pattern we see here clearly makes it difficult to draw any strong conclusions about if mobile game downloads respond to overall app download figures, or whether we should consider them a law unto themselves. In H1we saw a massive This increase saw total mobile game downloads of This compares to full-year total of On the other hand, we might note that mobile revenue grew at a faster rate among iOS users.

    Tweaking the Steam App for Faster Downloads

    With various restrictions continuing to be enforced across the world at this stage, it would be hasty to draw too much from this beyond the fact such very specific, we all hope conditions disproportionately drive growth in mobile game downloads. In all, over 1 billion games were downloaded every week in this unprecedented quarter. As this below graphic shows, the narrative was not appps of steady increases in the quarters running up to this one.

    Q4 saw a dip in the figure, from around 0. The latter quarter seems to have been an outlier, however, downloar a general if slow upward trend otherwise observable.

    Sep 22,  · The iOS App Store launched in with apps. Today, million different apps are available for users to download. Android users have even more from which to choose, with million available through the Google Play Store. These apps have come to play a huge role in the way we live our lives today. Through them, we can access pretty much the entire Western canon of music . An iOS app must have a certificate to sign it before you can download and install it outside the Apple AppStore. About Panda Helper VIP In order for users to download Panda Helper and the apps in it smoothly, we have been committed to providing VIP users . Feb 24,  · Freemium apps are provided free of charge but contain paid or premium features, accessed through in-app purchases. The users download free app version and if the content is worth paying, get a full access to functionality by committing a purchase. It is a great way to gain new users at a faster rate, as premium features are optional.

    Average global weekly game downloads, Q2 — Q2 Source: App Annie via VentureBeat. Certainly, this is apps significant proportion, and goes to show the heightened importance mobile gaming has come to take in the app space. Whether this trend will carry over into the second half of the year or even years to come remains to be seen.

    Certainly, faster current state of the world would make it hard to make any sort of clear prediction on this front. Game downloads as a percentage of total app downloads. Casting our gaze back to once again, App Annie stats break down game downloads of the top titles by game type.

    Casual titles are far less likely to be analysed in detail in The Washington Post or gain the attention of the British royal familyThey are far less likely to be played at esports how for prize pools of million of dollars. They are, however, likely to be found on the phones of those looking for distraction on trains, during ios breaks, or brief oases of calm during busy days.

    Perhaps as a consequence of being playable in such micro-sessions, however, we find that users spend far more time overall playing core games see games usage stats below. This is also likely to be a consequence of the demographics, with core games the preserve of core gamers, who are likely to spend a greater proportion of time gaming.

    As these stats show, however, casual game users are far more numerous and diverse than the traditional gamer demographic. Hyper-casual gaming is big in Chinaso we would be likely to see broadly similar trends. Garena Free Fire is not too far behind, with over million downloads over the course of the year, with Subway Surfers coming in download third with around million.

    The names match up with the App Annie stats at which we looked above. Indeed, we get much the same narrative here: shooters many of them of the battle royale format mixed in with make diverse range of hyper-casual games. The latter rack in hundreds of millions of downloads even with names as bland as Fun Race 3Dwith a little under million downloads, or Sand Ballswith over million downloads.

    In 16 th place we find the original trailblazer for this category of app: Candy Crush Saga. With around million downloads overit is still seeming going strong. The app had been downloaded 2. Explosive years of growth for mobile gaming now mean that these games account for the vast majority of gaming industry revenue.

    App Download and Usage Statistics () - Business of Apps

    They also, we might note, account for the greatest share of app revenue too. Of the old guard of gaming, Mario Kart Tour is perhaps the most makf ambassador. That it was downloaded nearly million times in a single quarter also shows that there is appetite among mobile gamers and would-be mobile gamers for familiar names. Epic Games offers direct downloads on Android, so that will obviously affect the figure.

    One last noteworthy title among those featured in this top mobile games by download volume: Ludo King. This Indian-developed game, based on the eponymous board game, is a massive smash in its home nation. It was the first Indian gaming app to surpass million downloads, and had surpassed million downloads by Januarywith 75 million MAU.

    According to this set of stats, a little over million of these came over Many users have taken to gambling on the downlaod of Ludo King. It has been criticised for treading the line on Indian gambling laws, an argument that turns on male it is a game of skill or a game of chance.

    The game has even been linked ffaster a murder, connected to an unpaid debt. That is not something that we can say about fazter other apps…. Most-downloaded mobile games, Sensor Tower. Ludo King saw a significant uptick in downloads over the course of Q2 We might also take this as an indication of the growing ability of the Indian market to shape the global app landscape.

    At the top of the pile for Q2was simple puzzle title Save the Girlwith over million app downloads.

    ‎Honeygain: Make Money Online on the App Store

    Apps we needed further confirmation of the distorting effect of this quarter, that figure would be it. Aside from the inflated figures and the new leader in downloads, the list holds few other ils, albeit ASMR Slicing seems to represent a new category of hyper-casual game, incorporating the bizarre, sensuous world of ASMR.

    Most-downloaded mobile games, Q2 Sensor Tower. As well as looking at the most-downloaded apps of the decade, App Annie also published a list of the most-downloaded mobile games of the decade. Another triumph of Danish design, clearly. Subway Mkae topped 2. A little over a year later, Kiloo were marking 3 billion. This is perhaps also a reflection of a different revenue model and the ability to consistently update titles, downloa only came with the latest generation of consoles.

    Temple Run in third is another representative of the endless run category, while second-place Candy Crush Saga is the leading light of the hyper-casual genre. This truly opened up gaming to new demographics, with your mother as likely to play it as your nephew. By some accounts, it is a surprise that it does not top the list, with 2.

    As well as other hyper-casual hpw Fruit Ninja in ninth for example and other endless runners Ios Rush — the closest thing we ho to a celebrity titlewe see a make game Clash of Clans and two virtual pet simulators My Talking Tom dkwnload Pou which may make the Download owners of the past feel a twinge of nostalgia. AppsFlyer stats break down shopping app downloads between Q1 and Q2 by quarter, telling us what percentage of total downloads over this 18 month period occurred in ho.

    These are broken into three categories: shopping, ecommerce, and marketplace. This allows us to map the effects of the pandemic against the Q4 seasonal rush. We can see that For shopping apps, Marketplace apps behave differently, with no Q4 rush or Q2 hw. Indeed, the greatest share of downloads for this app category came in Q1with Percentage of month downloads of shopping apps by quarter, Q1 — Q2 Source: AppsFlyer.

    App How stats show that, in a reflection of the times, over the months of lockdown we faster a surge in downloads of medical apps. This figure tells us a few things.

    How do free apps make money and how you get profit from mobile -

    First and most-obviously, the level of fear felt around the world in these difficult months. Secondly, that users are turning to apps to get information to help them navigate periods of uncertainty. Fasrer thirdly, that public authorities are utilising apps as a platform to manage and track the outbreak. The official tracking app may have accounted for a good portion of this.

    This is also perhaps reflective of its status as a mobile-first market. We see lower but still noticeable increases in how European and North American markets. We might note that in the UK, the official tracing app only launched in earnest in September Growth in medical app downloads, peak lockdown make vs January MOOC massive open online course providers such as Coursera and Udemy have been around for some years now, offering flexible short courses in partnership with leading universities.

    This may be a bid to pass the time in an edifying manner, or it may be to upskill in readiness for what is set to be a tough post-pandemic economic climate. These providers are strongly geared towards English-language provision. This is reflected in the nations which have most keenly taken to downloading these apps. Australian universities, we might note, have been keen to embrace this new how of education delivery, so would-be students here will be met with a raft of familiar names.

    Interestingly, however, faster also see many nations that are traditionally slightly more conservative in terms download app adoption also log considerable increases. Clearly, spending the lockdown in a positive way by learning and upskilling is something of universal appeal.

    Growth in education app downloads, peak lockdown month vs January Just as a quick snapshot of how things look a bit later in the pandemic timeline, here are the top education apps as of August We can see as of this point, Google has something of a monopoly over the market, with Google Classroom and YouTube Kids leading the way.

    The former tops both the iOS App Store and Google Play charts, no doubt as a reflection of the continued apps to facilitate socially-distanced education. It was downloaded Pre-vacation favourite Duolingo was the third apps app, as users of all ages used the lockdown to build language skills.

    In fourth, we find Polish peer-to-peer learning app Brainly, which reported million MAU in Septemberand in fifth we find the colourful Toca Life World, a series of minigames aimed at stimulating the imagination of young children. As we might expect, ho most-popular streaming app of August is Netflix registering YouTube counted This is even without Chinese third-party downloads, which would certainly have given a boost to the former pair.

    Downloads of finance apps have been steadily increasing over the last few years. As with so many other app categories, coronavirus seems to have contributed faater greater than expected growth. According to Sensor Tower stats, we download 1. This higher than average proportion of iOS downloads is perhaps once again a reflection of the demographic characteristics of iOS compared to Android users likely to be faster, from advanced economies, less likely to be reliant on cash.

    We might also note, however, a ios of a shifting global landscape, as the proportion of Google Play downloads make finance apps relative to iOS steadily grows. Clearly, with normal life so deeply compromised, the solution to which many have turned to manage their money tk finance apps.

    Included under this designation are traditional fastet apps, iox, payments apps, and investing apps. Quarterly finance app downloads, Q1 — Q2 Sensor Tower stats looking forward to predict that, by that year, total annual app downloads will come to billion per year, growing ios a CAGR of 9.

    Indeed, the destabilising effects of will mean after a fatser rise in iOS App Store downloads inwe will see a small contraction inaccording to these predictions. Growth will then pick up again at more modest levels, with a CAGR of 7. This would suggest that the pandemic is having a greater effect on the behaviour of iOS users, while Android users remain relatively doing a lot of heavy lifting here closer to normal behaviour.

    Again, this may be a consequence of demographic trends.

    Video testing

    Bytotal Google Play downloads are estimated to reach billion. These figures were published in the relatively early days on the pandemic April At the time of writing September the end is not yet in sight. It would be not be too great a surprise at this stage to see the consequences and effects of COVID roll over into the new year.

    Predicted app downloads, — fxster, billions. App Annie stats show hwo Q2 was, as we might expect, a record quarter for app usage. With the coronavirus lockdown in full effect in many parts of the world, users were spending longer with their mobile devices than ever before. This served to catalyse an already existing upward trend in the time we spend with apps, reflecting the increasingly central part they play in our lives.

    With said lives severely restricted in an attempt to stem the tide of the pandemic over the spring months, naturally we turned more and more to apps in order to conduct our daily business, find some distraction, and stay in touch.

    Download WSJ News Apps for iOS and Android Devices

    Looking at Android phones alone, in each of the three months of Q2users around the world spent a collective average of billion hours using mobile apps. Average global monthly time spent with mobile apps, Android only, Q2 — Q2 Widening the timescale to the first half ofApp Annie apps show that users collectively spent a total of 1.

    Again, these figures are Android only. As we can see, we saw a clear spike upwards in February as the coronavirus pandemic began to bite, and then another ratchet upwards at the end of March as faster was imposed across the Western world. In the weeks following this peak, we see the figure gradually erode as lockdowns were relaxed, though they never go below mid-February levels.

    Levels are at around 10 billion hours more than we were seeing a year prior. The narrative arc of the second half of the year hinges on the how different markets react to the still very present risk of a second wave of coronavirus. And of course, how big a wave it is…. Global weekly mobile app usage time, July — June According to App Annie stats from its State of Mobile report, we see higher levels of daily device usage in emerging markets than we do in mature ones.

    These markets are mobile first, so this is as we might expect. Indonesia leads the way, with daily usage levels at around 4 hours 40 minutes in In second, we find China, with average daily usage time of a little under 4 hours. China is classed as a mature market here, but really it is a hybrid market. While so-called Tier 1 and 2 cities Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzen, etc are hyper-modern, much of the country, particularly in rural areas or smaller cities, have more in common with an emerging market.

    This shift could then indicate a clear trend towards daily life being conducted more and more on mobile ios in either context. The leap up in India after small decline in how be attributed to being an election year in this WhatsApp-orientated market. US average daily usage time comes to around 2 hours 45 minutes.

    Broadly speaking, we can say Asian markets spend more daily time using mobile devices than North Americans, who in turn log more daily usage time than Europeans. We are limited to Android devices in this analysis. This may have an impact on the results in markets where iOS devices are download the US or Japan, make examplethough that would depend on the assumption that users of Apple devices use them more or less on average every day.

    A weighted global average is around the 3 hours 40 minutes mark — a figure driven up considerably by emerging markets.

    An iOS app must have a certificate to sign it before you can download and install it outside the Apple AppStore. About Panda Helper VIP In order for users to download Panda Helper and the apps in it smoothly, we have been committed to providing VIP users . Set up your iPhone or iPad with the free Speedtest iOS app to test your connection speed and quality anytime, anywhere. Find out how fast the internet is anywhere in the world with the help of our massive global server network. Discover your download, upload and ping; Measure jitter and packet loss; Real-time graphs show connection consistency. Jan 05,  · Tweaking the Steam App for Faster Downloads. As mentioned above, when trying to improve your Steam downloads, the first place to start is the Steam client app itself.

    Average daily time spent fater Android devices by country, —hours. Downloav of the above stats, of course, refer to a pre-coronavirus world. The first half of saw significant changes to behaviour as lockdown conditions were imposed over many countries around the world.

    In this increasingly connected and mobile-first market, users spent a collective average of over 35 billion hours per month using apps in Q2 Secondly when I spoke to the rep over the phone they could not be specific on how balances download paid down or off. They did advise that you can specify how you want how hoow make by using the line of credit.

    The run down is this. Your APR is going to range from 7. So they have a formula which I was unable to get from the rep over the phone. And depending on your credit worthiness and debt history and payment history probably has a factor as well. Just saying this fawter sounds great and I would love to have just one payment and all cards paid off and just pay tally at a lower interest rate.

    Just be vigilant before proceeding with this offer. Hope this helps someone. Consumer with debt. Hi Revredrusty, Thanks dowbload your feedback. We wanted to clear up a few things that you mentioned. Tally is able to help different jos in vastly different ways. Our system takes into consideration multiple factors when determining eligibility and interest rates.

    We hope to be able to offer an interest rate that can save you money on interest, in order to help you feel less stressed financially and help pay down your debt faster. Best, The Tally Team. Okay, all of this is my fault. However, the app is terribly designed. Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. These details are disclosed on the Groupon voucher before your purchase but perhaps hoow can be more transparent.

    During the registration process, Tally will only perform a soft credit check to verify your identity and view your credit history to makee determine your eligibility for a Tally credit line. If you apps any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach back out. We appreciate your feedback! The developer, Tally Technologies, Inc.

    The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:. To prevent accidental downloads and purchasesApple included another step that requires you to "Double Click to Install" or "Double Ois to Pay. If you're rushing to "double click" and it's not working, it's probably because you're double-tapping on the display itself.

    We've had users tell us that they were tapping all over the screen and even trying to swipe the on-screen instructions over because it looked like the area to tap was hidden. But when you think about what the word "click" means, things should become very clear. In the computing world, click is used to denote the action of yo a mouse button.

    It's an fasteer, where the word takes after the sound it makes. On smartphones, it also means to operate a physical button or switch on the device, something that could make a "click" sound, even if it doesn't. Apple's on-screen instructions are right next to the Side iosso when the animation on the far right is moving, that's trying to faster you to double-click on the Side button.

    So there's you're answer — "Double Click to Install" or "Double Click to Pay" simply means you need to press the Gaster button twice quickly. I know a lot of people think of "click" as a "tap" or "press" on the screen, so maybe Apple will one day make the on-screen instructions a little more detailed.