Pregnancy birth video download

25.09.2021 By Yung Baird

pregnancy birth video download

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  • Chapter 1: Labor basics
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  • Looking for some great birth videos? Simply pregnajcy what childbirth is like? Or doing research for giving birth to your own baby? If you picture a traditional childbirth video in your head, you probably picture a woman on a hospital table with her legs spread pushing and screaming—the typical Hollywood portrayal of childbirth.

    In this delivery video, the mother is giving birth vaginally without the use of an epidural—a pain reducing pregnacy. According to the NIHduring an epidural, a doctor will inject pain medication into the sac of fluid around your spinal cord; this medication numbs or blocks feeling to certain parts of your body.

    Many women opt for an epidural to reduce the pain bbirth with childbirth. This normal delivery video is a bit video to watch than the last. After watching those last pregnancy birth birth, you might be struggling to imagine giving birth to one child let alone more.

    This baby birth video is very reminiscent of the last video because the mother gives birth vaginally using an epidural. However, she gives birth to two babies instead of one! According to the doctors at Mayo Clinicthere are several risk factors which can cause doctors pfegnancy download a pregnancy as high-risk brith as multiple pregnancy twins, triplets, etc.

    Some women end up giving birth by Cesarean—otherwise known as a c-section.

    pregnancy birth video download

    According to the doctors at Mayo Clinica c-section is a surgery download which the baby is removed from the mother through incisions in her abdomen and uterus. If you struggle watching blood, you might want to skip both C-section childbirth videos. This baby delivery video shows the video Cesarean procedure from start to finish from the very first incision to baby birth.

    Some women choose to give birth at home rather than at a hospital. Their reasons are varied: religion, lower cost, desire to deliver in a familiar pregnancy, desire to deliver without drugs. For home births, people typically hire a midwife or doula to guide them through the birthing process and ensure a safe delivery.

    18 Real Birth Videos You Have to Watch | LoyalMD

    Home water births have become very popular recently. During water births, mothers spend the final stages of labor in a birthing pool—typically a bathtub or blow up pool. The physical delivery can take place prehnancy or out of the water, though many choose to deliver in the water. Some women say that water births make the delivery less painful.

    In this childbirth video, the mother delivers in a bathtub downloqd the assistance of a midwife and a doula. The midwife tends to the baby, and the doula tends to the mother, coaching her through delivery. In this baby birth video, the mother gives birth in an inflatable pool. While she does have midwives observing, she delivers the child herself.

    Childbirth Class Videos | BabyCenter

    The midwives are very hands off. This home birth looks the most similar to the hospital births—the mother delivers while lying flat on her back with the midwife delivering the baby. Some women opt for unassisted delivery also known as freebirthwhich means they deliver their baby by themselves or with the help of a partner without the help of a vdieo professional.

    Some women think delivering on hands and knees or in other non-traditional positions not lying on your back helps the mother deliver the baby faster and less painfully. This baby birth video is similar to the last, but it shows an alternate delivery position.

    We provide a supportive environment for moms-to-be, so you can focus on having a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Explore Pregnancy and Childbirth. Pregnancy and Childbirth. Pregnancy and Childbirth. Maternity Guide. Birth Centers. Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Choosing Your Provider. Midwifery Services. This video shows the normal vaginal delivery of a baby. The free, short version was produced by the US Navy as training for medical personnel in isolated settings. It was included on the Operational Obstetrics & Gynecology CD. It may be freely downloaded. Video Runtime 16 MB mpg. Download Now. Delivery is also known as the second stage of. Watch Amazing Childbirth Videos Online. Copied! The birth of a child can be painful, but a new mother soon forgets the pain because of her joy a child has been born. First-time expectant couples have many concerns and one of those is what to expect during their child's grocify.coted Reading Time: 6 mins.

    This mother crouches with her hands providing some support. She delivers by herself with some support from her spouse.

    In this freebirth delivery video, this incredible mother delivers her own baby while standing up. Doing an unassisted delivery while standing up is risky since you could drop the baby, but this mother catches her baby no problem. This is a very atypical home birth video. Most women who choose to deliver unassisted do so in another position.

    This mother seems to struggle to yank her baby out through the small space between her body and the toilet seat. Along with water births, hypnobirthing has risen in popularity recently.

    Vaginal Delivery Video

    Some studies seem to suggest it may help ease labor pains and result in less C-sections and shorter labor. Not all mothers who undergo hypnobirth attempt hypnosis, sownload simply use relaxation, meditation, and visualization techniques. The following videos will provide you with an array of different birth scenarios where hypnobirthing was used—in the hospital, at home, in a water birth.

    For the delivery of this baby, the mother uses hypnobirth techniques in her home birth assisted by a midwife. The mother gives birth in a crouched position with her partner supporting her. Engagement fetal head brith 0 station. Descent fetal head descends past 0 station.

    Chapter 1: Labor basics

    Flexion head is flexed with the chin to its' chest. Internal Rotation head rotates from occiput transverse to occiput anterior.

    pregnancy birth video download

    Extension head extends with crowning, passing through the vulva. External Rotation head returns to its' occiput transverse orientation Expulsion shoulders and torso of the downloav are delivered. As the fetal head descends below 0 station, the mother will perceive a sensation of pressure in the rectal area, similar to the sensation of an imminent bowel movement.

    At this time she will feel the urge to bear down, holding her breath and performing a Valsalva, to try to expel the baby. This is called "pushing. For women having their first baby, the second stage will typically take an hour or two.

    View Our Family Birth Videos: Women's Care - Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

    Delivery of the baby During the delivery, the fetal vieeo emerges through the vaginal opening, usually facing toward the woman's rectum. As the fetal head delivers, support the perineum to reduce the risk of perineal laceration from uncontrolled, rapid delivery.

    After the fetal head delivers, allow pregnanch for the fetal shoulders to rotate and descend through the birth canal. This pause also allows the birth canal to squeeze the fetal chest, forcing amniotic fluid out of the baby's nose and mouth. After a reasonable pause secondshave the woman bear down again, delivering the shoulders and torso of the baby.