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research design pdf download

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    Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF. Qualitative and Quantitative Research Designs and Methods. Baseer Ch. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. Research Designs/Methods There are three commonly used approaches of doing research for phenomena of interest or under studied are Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed methods which depends . Quantitative and qualitative research methods differ primarily in: • their analytical objectives • the types of questions they pose • the types of data collection instruments they use • the forms of data they produce • the degree of flexibility built into study design Table 1, page 3, briefly outlines these major differences. Quasi-experimental research designs, like experimental designs, test causal hypotheses. A quasi-experimental design by definition lacks random assignment. Quasi-experimental designs identify a comparison group that is as similar as possible to the treatment group in terms of baseline (pre-intervention) characteristics.

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    Once a brand worn by the rich and famous, LV has sub-compact sedan, the IS With now penetrated the mass market without compromising its sports-car detailing and its luxury its quality and price points. Instead, the once traditional market standards, the IS has cap- monogram handbag, made from brown-coated canvas, tured the attention of drivers young has undergone significant change.

    Today, LV handbags and old. Lexus has captured a share of and clothing can be seen in embossed-coated vinyl and al- the teen market, which appreciate the download skin. Once brown with accents of tan, they can be found in hot-rod red, bubble gum pink and sky race-car dials, chrome shift knob and blue.

    A Louis Vuitton handbag or accessory once only worn by the elite is now seen hanging from the low-profile tires with alloy rims. At the arms of teens as they stroll through the local mall. The theory is simple: the impact of the consumer is same time, the IS still offers itself without a doubt a determining force in whether or not pdf corporate organization succeeds or fails.

    In addition to his hands-on knowledge of new media, Jason also researches and monitors the fashion industry as a direct correlation point to the personalization of technology. Unavoidable bias- es inevitably distort human perception; scientific methods mini- I am passionate about both design and research.

    I began my ca- mize the impact of research biases. As usability expert Tognazzini reer as a filmmaker, designing experiences to educate, provoke,p. I quickly became obsessed with questions about best people to conduct usability tests to avoid experimenter bias. As a scientist, I Moreover, although intuition inspires research designers and scien- used research to explore these questions.

    Now, my colleagues tists, this kind of research is not reliable. Especially in business con- and I at Adobe are launching new research activities to download texts, where valid information can mean the difference between design questions about human-computer interactions.

    Unquestionably, systematic research in no To the extent that design is more than guesswork, design entails way replaces instinct. Instead, rigorous methods can support de- research. Designing means devising for a specific function, and signers when they have intuitions, and it can inspire them when as such it requires an understanding of that function.

    Research fa- instincts fail. To design user interfaces, user-cen- In user-interface design, designers have formed a partnership tered designers design on their expert knowledge pdf how human be- with researchers, collaborating to understand how user interfa- ings work and on their predictions about how technology and ces and people can work well download. The researchers in pdf people will interact.

    (PDF) Supercharging User Interface Design with Research | Christopher Dryer -

    To gather this knowledge and bolster their partnerships focus on various kinds of systematic research of use confidence, designers collect data, generate hypotheses, and to the designer. This research can be defined along two dimen- "experiment. The first dimension specifies the research focus, how they will respond to a design.

    Just like research scientists, ranging from the artifact being designed on one end, to the per- designers use research to overcome ignorance. To pre- one pole and predominantly rational methods at the other. Empir- dict how people will respond to their designs, designers may as- ical methods involve collecting and analyzing data. Rational meth- sess their own responses and assume that others will respond ods rely on a logical analysis that builds on established models.

    Experimentation may take the form of generating Rational methods are theory-driven or "top-down" approaches, designs in multiple directions and choosing the direction that and empirical methods are data-driven or "bottom-up" ap- seems most pleasing. In other words, the research that designers proaches.

    All design-related research can be described as a blend of these and evaluation techniques to bring user data into the design proc- two underlying dimensions and can be placed conceptually within ess earlier and reduce the cost of user-centered design. Methods that are close together in this space are conceptually more similar than those that Rational research methods Sometimes, empirical methods yield are farther apart.

    Often, researchers will draw upon different kinds consistent results that form the basis of theories. Evidence for theo- of research for different stages of design. Indeed, Spool and his col- ries can accumulate over time, and researchers may eventually sum- leagues argue that user-centered design is most effective when user research is used at every stage design the design process.

    Researchers frequently study human-computer pdf tions through usability testing. Questions about how people will re- spond to a product are empirical questions that can be addressed with research. This kind of research typically involves asking partici- pants to use the product being tested in order to accomplish one or more tasks.

    As Alan Downloadp. Researchers can help elucidate how people work, what their goals are, and what their environments are like. Designers can translate this knowledge into design constraints. Iterative design FOCUSED means that data are collected on a previous version of the artifact and fed into the planning for the next version of the artifact.

    Often this research happens unsystematically as designers learn from the The Two Dimensions of Design-Related Research shortcomings and successes of one version of a product as they cre- Some examples of research that differ in terms of a focus ate the next. Researchers and designers can use rapid prototyping on artifacts or people, and in terms of an emphasis on data- driven or theory-driven methods.

    Chris Dryer cdryer adobe. He has led research projects in marize the extant knowledge as a set of nology always constrains design, and novel, in- the areas of software agents, affective principles. Researchers have generated sets of ventive technologies can inspire designers.

    Hu- computing, graphical user interfaces, design principles based on human-computer in- man-computer interaction technologies such and computer-supported cooperative teraction studies. The principles account for as voice recognition, biosensors, and software work.

    He received a B. Although heuristic search into our product development process Study of Language and Information. We are faced on the interaction between a person and an ar- with questions about how to select the best re- References tifact, they can uncover different kinds of usa- search tools for a particular design problem Carroll, J.

    Designing Interaction: bility problems, and researchers often employ and how to balance theory-driven versus data- Psychology at the Human-Computer In- both methods. We are discovering that rigor- terface. Cambridge University Press, ous research methods can inform our design New Design, Research that is focused on people rather teams about human goals and abilities, provide than their interactions with artifacts can take new tools for human-computer research, Cooper, A.

    The Inmates are Running a similar, theory-driven approach. Often, this and uncover surprising responses to designs. Sams, Indianapolis, IN, More systematically, researchers have devel- spiration for truly user-centered pdf. Usabili- and scenarios Carroll, to help define and Acknowledgements ty Inspection Methods.

    With these methods, researchers can create a butions of Philippe Cailloux, Sheryl Ehrlich, model of a person and an environment, and de- Renee Fadiman, Darcey Imm, Download Mendoza, signers can tailor their creation research that model. Web Site Usabili- Bob Murata.

    Researchers in these labs draw upon scientific theories to guide design de- Tognazzini, B. Tog on Interface. Addi- velopment of experimental research. What is ambient intelligence? The concept of ambient intelligence has been with us for some time now. Originally known as ubiquitous computing, its aim was to disperse the inherent "intelligence" availa- ble in the PC throughout the user environment.

    The recent proliferation of the Internet, coupled download the advent of wireless technologies like Bluetooth, has brought the pos- sibility of truly distributed intelligence closer than ever. But the whole ambient intelligence concept raises many questions.

    One of the most fundamental is just how "intelligent" people want their environment to be. After all, there is a fine line between what is perceived as helpful and useful, and what is considered intrusive, overbearing and overly complex. To facilitate this, Philips De- sonal, domestic, public and mobile environments world-wide.

    A sign has a research program workshop follows to crystallize thought, generate scenarios and cre- which combines aspects of ate concepts based on the most promising ideas. After filtering, the design, technology and busi- conclusions are used to draw out a roadmap, which defines what ness in the creation of ambi- can be done in the short- medium- and long-term.

    Prototypes of the products and technologies are cre- A core element of this is ated, based on these guidelines. The prototype is tested among a ence design is a design ap- wide cross-section of the user group. Their initial impressions, their proach which focuses on the assessment of how intuitive the product is to use, and their opinion quality of the user experi- on other issues such as social relevance are carefully noted, with ence during the whole peri- the results implemented and presented again.

    It also therefore ensures that technology, although ob- pdf relationship. It can be broadly divid- Experience design is therefore much more than just anthropocentric- ed into three main stages: ity. This is augmented by design. Internet, interfa- gence products, real added value is created, ces is entirely consistent with the brand ex- based on what users want and not what they pressed in more traditional forms.

    The programme of research covers the design-relat- Television that tells you what to watch?

    Robert K- Yin Case Study Research Design and Mebookfi-Org - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search . PDF | A research is valid when a conclusion is accurate or true and research design is the conceptual blueprint within which research is conducted. A | Find, read and cite all the research you Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Research design is the framework that has been created to seek answers to research questions. Design types and sub-types There are many ways to classify research designs, but sometimes the distinction is artificial and other times different designs are combined. Nonetheless, the list below offers a number of useful distinctions between possible.

    They could also incorporate functions ical sownload of view, but, again, have to pdf created like photo storage, research, Internet and video com- in such a way as to make the user feel pfd home munication. But these functions should only be with them.

    It is in this that experience design is in- available if people rexearch them. Imposing them on valuable, by lowering acceptance thresholds, cre- a reluctant public will only lead researchh alienation. The exhibit features projects by as she was mentored by Rowena Kostellow and Eva Zeisel during her women and provides historical perspec- student days at Pratt.

    In Anna Keichline, the design girl. The broader aims are to coun- who declared that she might devote her life to the "industrial arts," ter the marginalization of women within de- shattered conventional understandings of adolescent female ambi- sign history, to emphasize the gendered tions, and today Eva Zeisel shatters stereotypical expectations about nature of design practice, highlight the inter- ninety-four-year-old grandmothers by her continuing career as a de- sections of gender with other pdf such signer.

    All areas of design are treated 12 desig is available through the Bard Graduate Center, Bard is located at 18 West 86th Street, New York. The creativity of the designer is liberated interviews what people sayconstitutes the core of re- through a team focus on meeting the need, not critiquing the visu- search in the sownload development process.

    Interview- al expression of the designer. Designers draw inspiration from ing and ethnography are structured on the assumption users, not just from a design of design criteria. This ap- do the design process. This shift means that we are designing with tions, which can dewign, not just research them.

    We regularly label people as custom- benefit design in many ways. Companies will begin to ers, download and download, but overlook them as individuals with perceive design as a strategic activity. New innovations lives, feelings and dreams. New opportunities tual people.

    When we accept that people are creative, empathy be- for integrating the physical and interactive elements of comes the basis of the creative process. Through respect for the products will be discovered that enable unique, mean- people we are designing with our ideas become more in synch with ingful user experiences. The collective vision of the the experiences they are seeking.

    (PDF) Book Research Methodology | Elizabeth Emongor -

    All articulate ideas. This new mindset seeks ways for people to express finite. We have discovered that these toolkits appear these feelings and ideas such that their aspirations to have three distinct variables. The expressions and can be realized. Design expression demands that people pxf can range from cognitive to emotional, or go through a process that enables them to become a combination of both.

    Toolkits can utilize two or three- aware of these prf or subconscious feelings. Only af- dimensional components. The participant can be ter they are aware of these feelings can they share asked to create or express something that occurs at a them with others. Methods known as research tools what people The "make" tools are only one example of the infinite Patrice Martin is a design researcher at SonicRim in make have consistently enabled this expression.

    This ways people can edsign involved in the creative process. Dwnload Francisco. She graduated from the University approach blurs the boundaries of psychology and research Emotional considerations play a major role in how peo- of Michigan with a BFA in industrial design. Psychologists use abstract stimuli to allow peo- ple live with their products.

    Participatory design re- email: patrice sonicrim. Designers use vis- search helps generate new ideas for making an emo- ual means to communicate. The combined methods of tional connection with the individual pdf and dreams Kevin Schmidt pdff a Principal of Fownload and leads these disciplines places creative tools into the hands of people and the practice of design.

    For reseach 15 years, Kevin of people, enabling them to be creative and expres- has applied his extensive knowledge of both mar- sive. When you give people the reseaarch to envision new Design research is moving beyond its dependence on ket and user research to the design and develop- ideas, they generate ideas derived from their needs perception and assumption into a participatory philoso- ment of products, packaging, branding fesign mar- and experiences.

    The roles of the designer, researcher and user are ket strategies. The practice is shifting from designing it. The focus is not on what people actually construct, for users to designing with people. This shift is being but in how they communicate download thoughts and ideas. In the experience econo- ple a means to think and express themselves in more my new products must make a meaningful impact conceptual ways.

    This impact must donload continuous to tory design expands to facilitate this expression. Tesearch allow business to be sustainable. The new participato- signers must continually explore and develop these ry mindset represents a means to this end. Download was the local winners of the Industrial Design Excellence Award IDEAit also the first time most of us got to see the products that won the was an action-packed event filled with things to see and people to IDEAs.

    All in all, the response was extremely good. Many thought it meet. There was the thought-provoking discussions hosted by Barry was the best BAB in a long time. See you then! Most companies see very little val- touched. Fashion becomes outdated quickly and is thrown out the ue in Design Research.

    If you look next season. Design is to be used! DESIGN at how little companies invest in de- I am not saying we should ignore form and make ugly but func- sign research compared to other tional researchh. On the contrary, I truly agree with Charles Eames more readily tangible aspects of the when design said that form is a function.

    While form is a function, it pri- development process, I am confi- ority over other functions needs to be reassessed. A truly success- dent that design research would be ful design downnload resolve all the pdf, including an aesthetically Valuess an extremely small portion. Design pleasing form.

    The majority of our work often has to be cosmetic, or due to tight deadlines, and the deliv- must work around arbitrary constraints imposed by prior, and fair- erables or results pdd fairly intangi- ly arbitrary, development decisions. The second step now demands that you I tify. This is especially true in doing case studies.

    As one set of suggestions, also justify why you might be using police-reported crime which happens Figure 2.

    Perhaps this is not a valid measure, given that large validity. As Figure 2. The fIrst is the use of multiple sources ofevidence, In a manner encouraging convergent lines of inquiry, and this tactic is relevant External Validity during data collection see Chapter 4. A second tactic is to resewrch a chain of evidence, also relevant during data collection Chapter 4.

    (PDF) CASE STUDY RESEARCH Design and Methods Second Edition | David Chu -

    The third download The third test deals with the problem of knowing whether a study's findings are generalizable beyond the immediate case study. The external validity problem BOX 7 has been amajor barrier in doing Case studies. Critics typically state that single How Case Studies cases offer a poor basis for generalizing.

    However, such critics are implicitly Can Be Generalized to Theory contrasting the situation to survey research, in which a "sample" if selected reseach readily generalizes to doqnload larger pdf. Thus analysts fall into the trap of try10g to select a survey research relies on statistical generalization, whereas Case studies as "representative" case or set of cases.

    In analytical generaliza. If a download had focused on "gentrifica- tion" see Auger,the procedure for selecting a neighborhood for study De! In principle, theories about changes in all of these. Pdf theory must be tested b "Jdi of a theory of urban planrung.

    Once such Partial result, new empm. This replication logic is the Same that underlies the use of experiments and allows scientists to generalize from one experiment to another and, as shown in Figure 2. Note that the emphasis is on doing the same case over again, design on "replicating" the results of one case by doing another Case study.

    In accoun ng as If someoneone and bookkeeping. Downloda thIS r ability check and must be able to One prerequisite for allOWing this other investigator to repeat an earlier Case study is the need to document the procedures follOwed in the earlier Case. Four tests may be considered relevant in judging the quality of a research design.

    In designing and doing case studies, various tactics are designs designs available to deal with these tests, though not all of the tactics occur at the formal stage of designing a case study. Some of the tactics occur during the data collection, data analysis, or compositional phases of downpoad research and are therefore described in greater detail in subsequent chapters of this book.

    Four types of designs will be discussed, based on a 2 x 2 matrix see Figure 2. The matrix assumes that single- and multiple-case studies reflect different design situations and that, within these two types, there also can be a unitary or multiple units of embedded analysis. Thus, for the case study strategy, the four types of designs are a TYPE 2 TYPE 4 multiple units single-case holistic designs, b single-case embedded designs, c multi- ple-case holistic designs, and d eesearch embedded designs.

    The of analysis rationale for these design types of designs is as follows. This means the need for a decision, prior to any data collection, on whether a single-case study research multiple cases are going to be used to research the research questions.

    (PDF) Qualitative and Quantitative Research Designs and Methods | BASEER CH -

    Such a study can even help to refocus future investigations The single-case study is an appropriate design under several circumstances. See BOX 8 for another example, in the field of organiza- First, recall that a single-case study is analogous to a single experiment, and tional innovation. One rationale for a single case is when it represents the extreme or unique case.

    The theory has specified a clear set of propositions single case is worth doculI enting and analyzIng. To confirm, challenge, or extend the theory, there may exist a single case, meeting all of the research for deeign the theory. The single case can ones, friends, pictures of famous deign, or in some cases.

    This syndrome appears to be due to some phYSIcal Injury to the whether some alternative set of explanations might be more relevant. In this brain. In such CIrcumstances, the functioning and the Cuban missile crisis described in Chapter I, BOX 2single-case study is an appropriate research design whenever a new person the single case can represent a significant contribution to knowledge and with this syndrome-known as prnsopagnosia--is pdf. Neal Another rationale for selecting a single--case rather than a multiple--case Gross et al.

    The case study is therefore worth conducting because The school was selected because it had a prior history of innovation and the descriptive information alone will be download. The book is about a single group of black men, living in a poor, innovations failed. Dsign et al. Implementation about their lifestyles, their coping behavior, and 10 particular therr sensItivIty processes, rather than barriers, appeared to account for the outcomes.

    The book provides! Prior to the study, analysts had focused on the been only obscurely understood. The single case showed how mvestigations identification of barriers; since the study, the literature has download much more of such topics could be done, stimulating much further research and eventually dominated by studies of the implementation process.

    A third rationale for a single case study is the revelatory case. A outset. Liebow had the opportunity to meet the ,I mize the access needed to collect the case study evidence. His observations of and insights into the problems ofunemployment I covered. Holistic versus embedded case studies. The reseearch case study may involve were common across the country design distinguished from the rare pdf unique I more than one unit of analysis.

    This occurs when, within a single. When other investigators have similar types of opportunities and can tention also is given to a subunit or subunits see BO. These three rationales serve as the major reasons for conducting a single-! However the units are selected, the resuI'nng d ' eslgn i. The case study is about the inside politics of the International'!

    Ii would be called an embedded case study design see Figure 2. E 0 j:Q Another typical problem with the holistic design is that the entire case study may be conducted at an abstract level, lacking any clear i. Researvh some people have claimed J. A major one occurs Multiple- versus single-case designs.

    In some fields, multiple-case studies when the case study focuses only on the subunit level and fails to return to have been considered a different "methodology" research single-case studies.

    A program evaluation that includes project char- For example, both anthropology and political science have developed one acteristics as a subunit of analysis, for instance, becomes a project study if set of rationales for doing single-case studies and a second set for doing no investigating is done at the larger unit-that is, the "program.

    From the perspective of this book, however, subunit of study. However, if the eesearch focus only on individual employees, the choice between single- and multiple-case designs remains within the the study will in fact become an employment and not an organizational study. The choice is considered one of research downloar, with both being in- cluded under the case study strategy.

    Single cases are a common design for doing case studies, and Multiple-case designs have distinct advantages and disadvantages in com- two types have been described: those using holistic designs and those using parison with single-case designs. The evidence from multiple cases is often embedded units of analysis.

    Download the same time, the ration- of existing theory, where the case is a rare or unique event, or where the ale for single-case designs usually cannot be satisfied by multiple cases. The case serves a revelatory purpose. Moreover, the conduct of a multi- of analysis or the case itself. An operational definition is needed and some ple-case study can require extensive resources and time beyond the means of downlowd must be taken--before a total commitment to the whole case study a single student research independent research investigator.

    Every case should serve a specific purpose within the overall scope Within the single case may still be incorporated subunits of analyses, so of inquirY. The subunits can consider multiple experiments-that is, to follow a ''replication'' logic. This often add significant opportunities for extensive analysis, enhancing the research far different from a mistaken analogy in the past, which incorrectly con- insights into the single researvh.

    This pling" logic. The doenload differences between these two views are shift might in fact be justifiable, but download should not come as a surprise to the revealed by the different rationales underlying the replication as opposed to investigator. Replication, not sampling logic, for multiple-case design. Thus, if one has access only to three cases of a rare, chmcal The same study may pdf more than a single case.

    When this occurs, syndrome in psychology or ;df science, the appropriate research design I the study has to use a mUltiple-case design, and such designs pdf increased is one in which the same results are predicted for each of the three cases, in frequency in recent years. A common example is a study of school inno- thereby producing evidence that the three cases did indeed involve the same vations such as design classrooms, teacher aides, or new technology in which syndrome.

    If similar results are obtained from all three cases, replication is independent innovations OCCur at different sites. Thus each site might be the said to have taken place. This replication logic is the same whether one subject of an individual case design, and the study as pdf whole would have used a multiple-case design.

    In each research these situations, an individual case or subject is considered akin to a single BOX 11 experiment, and the analysis must follow cross-experiment rather than Download Studies within-experiment design and logic. Much of its strength was attributable to the download of centralized reasons a theoretical replication.

    The ability to conduct six or ten case planning and support by government pdf. Gregory Hooks s studies, arranged effectively within a multiple-case design, is analogous to excellent case study points to a counterexample, frequently ignored eesearch the ability to conduct six to ten experiments on related topics; a few cases advocates: the role of the U.

    If all the cases turn out as predicted, these six to ten cases, in the and the microelectronics industry. One industry was much more dependent aggregate, would have provided compelling support for the initial set of upon government than the other.

    research design pdf download

    However, in both cases, Hooks's evidence propositions. If the cases are in some way contradictory, the initial proposi- odf how the defense department supported the development of these researvh tions must be revised and retested with another set of cases. An important step in all of these replication procedures is the development of a rich, theoretical framework.

    The framework needs to state the conditions under which a particular phenomenon is likely to be found a literal replica- are present, with the doownload prediction of little increase in use. The theoretical framework later becomes the vehicle for gener- If this entire pattern of results across these multiple cases is indeed found, the alizing to new cases, again similar to the role downloax in cross-experiment nine to twelve cases, in the aggregate, would provide substantial support for designs.

    Furthermore, just as with experimental science, if some of the the initial proposition. See BOX download for another example of a multiple-case empirical cases do not work as predicted, modification must be made to the replication design, but from the field of urban studies. Remember, too, that theories can be practical, and not just academic.

    Three or four additional cases might be selected in which only administrative applications are present, with the prediction being f, or eesign to survey the entire universe or pool. Finally, three or or pool, with inferential statistics used to establish the confidence intervals four other cases would be selected in which only instructional applications for which this representation is actually accurate.

    Peter Szanton's book. Not Wen Advised l98! I1 1 The book is an excellent example of a multiple-case. The eight cases are sufficient ''replications'' to convince c. J- buDwld Iop Yet a third group Within each pdf the four groups of case studies. Szanton has illustrated the principle of literal replication. Across the four groups.

    Case Study Method retical replication. This Any application of this sampling logic to case studies would be drsign. Ihe sIudy is eminently feasible. This figure is derived from research on Ihe case sJudy meIhod; see Yin. The figure indicates that Ihe initial step in design- too large to allow any statistical consideration of Ihe relevant variables.

    The leadership perspective. BoIh Ihe faiIhful to Ihe complexity of reality. Any sampling logic simply would be misplaced under a summary report. For each individual case, Ihe report research indicate how download circumstances. The fact that research design calls cases-if any-were predicted to have contrasting results.

    In This IS a difficult research to perceive and is worth extensive discussion with other words, a multiple-case study may consist of downpoad holistic cases see colleagues before proceeding with any case study design. When using a multiple-case design, design further question you will encounter The difference between these two designs depends upon the type of phe- has to do downloa the number of cases deemed necessary or sufficient for your nomenon being studied.

    In an embedded design, a study may even call for study. However, because a sampling logic should not be used, the typical the conduct of download survey at each case reesarch site. For instance, supposing a study dewign regarding sample size also are irrelevant. Instead, you should think is concerned with the delivery downloas services by different community mental of this decision as a reflection of the number researrch case replications-both literal health centers facilities see Larsen, Each center may rightfully be and deaign you would like to have in your study.

    However, the results of download survey will your multiple-case results as with the higher criterion for establishing sta- not be pooled across centers. Rather, the survey data will be part of the pdf tistical significance, the greater certainty lies design the larger number of cases.

    These data may be highly quantitative, For example, you may want to settle for two or three literal replications when focusing on the attitudes and behavior of individual clients, and the data will the rival pdr are grossly different and the issue at hand does not demand be used along with archival information to downlosd the success and operations an excessive degree of certainty.

    However, if your rivals have subtle differ- at the given center. If, in contrast, the survey data are pooled across centers, ences or if you want a high degree fownload certainty, you may press for five, six, a multiple-case study design pdf no longer being used, and the investigation is or more replications.

    For the number of theoretical replications, the important consideration is related to your sense of the complexity of the realm of external validity. When Summary. This section has dealt dowhload situations in which the same inves- you are uncertain whether external conditions will produce different case tigation may call for mUltiple-case studies.

    These types of designs are be- study results, you may want to design these relevant conditions more coming more prevalent, but they are more expensive and time-consuming explicitly at the outset of your study and identify a larger design of cases to to conduct.

    For example, in the neighborhood example used previously in Any use of multiple-case designs should follow a replication, not a sam- discussing external validity see the section titled "External Validity"a pling, logic, and an investigator must choose each case carefully. The cases common coneem from the standpoint of policy research e. A study of gentrification would downliad explicitly at researcch outset of the investigation.

    The individual cases, within a multiple-case two or three literal replications. In contrast, when external conditions are not study design, may be either. When reserach embedded design is used, each indi- thought to produce much variation in the phenomenon being studied, asmaller vidual case study may in fact include the collection and analysis of highly number of theoretical replications is needed.

    Is the design a single- or multiple--case deSIgn. SIt 0 S C or does it have embedded units of analysis? A final reminder is that a case study design is not something completed only at the outset of a study. The design can be altered and revised downloxd the 4 E tablishing dpwnload rationale for single- and multiple-case studies. What are the advantages 0 ea all.

    In the event of a multiple-case design, the selection of cases may have to design? In other words, after some early data collection and analysis, an investigator has every right to 5 Defining the criteriafor judging the quality ofresearch designs. This is. Give an example of on pilot case studies. At the same time, an investigator odf be careful not to shift, download, the theoretical concerns or research.

    If these, rather than the cases them- selves, are cbanged, the investigator can correctly be accused of exercising a NOTE bias in conducting the research and interpreting the findings. The point is that the flexibility research case study designs is in selecting cases different from those 2 2 focuses only on the fonnal research design process.

    Chapter 5' similar data found. The former situation is much like changing experiments when it is for researchh among converging types of evidence. Defining the boundaries of a case study. Select a topic for a case study you would like to do. Identify some basic questions to be answered by your case downllad. Does the naming of reseqrch questions clarify the boundaries of your case, with regard to the relevant design of time for which evidence is to be collected?

    Pdf relevant organization or geographic area? The type of evidence that should be collected? The priorities for doing analysis? Examine or read the case study The Soul of a New Machine. What is the main unit of analysis in this sesign What alternatives did you consider, and why did you select the unit that you did?

    Qualitative research refers to research method of collecting descriptive non-numerical data. The common instrument used to collect data are interview and observation, but Quantitative refers to research method of collecting numerical data. The common tools used to collect data are questionnaires and experiments. If a study aims to find out the answer to an inquiry through numerical evidence, then should make use of the Quantitative Research.

    However some studies make use of both Quantitative and Qualitative Research, letting the two complement each other. If your study aims to find out, for example, what the dominant human behaviour is towards a reearch object or event and at the same time aims to examine why this is psf case, it is then ideal to make use of both methods. For instance it may be the textual, numerical or both textual and numerical.

    Researcher select the qualitative research approach for research questions require textual data, researcher used quantitative research approach to respond to questions require the numerical data and the mixed method approach used when both the textual and numerical questions requires it. It builds its premises on the base of inductive reasoning and a researcher is highly involved with the subjects to collect, analyse and resezrch the results and give new insights about that phenomena.

    It is highly subjective research and needs a researcher ability to analyse and interpret the results. There are different methods used in qualitative research approach are case study, ethnography study, grounded theory study, phenomenological study, and content analysis study.

    These are the different methods of conducting a qualitative research depends upon the researcher that how it wants. Case study method is used when the researcher research to find out the solution of a little known situation, a specific activity or event.

    This method uses the observation, interviews and discussion with on-site people related to that particular case study. Ethnography study method is used to download and spend time with an entire group of people who are sharing common cultural values. The focus on everyday behaviours to identify norms, beliefs, social structure and other factors.

    This method used the observation and interviewing the group and ask them questions that what they think about things and by spending time with them researcher able to find the factors that influencing them. Grounded theory method is used when a researcher attempts to derive pdf general, abstract theory of a process, action or interaction grounded in the views of participants in a study.

    This method uses the observation, interviewing and reviewing data available to build up a grounded theory. This method uses commonly the interview method which may be long. Content analysis study method is used to identify the specific characteristic from the content in human communications. The researcher is exploring the visual, verbal, behavioural patterns, themes and biases.

    This study requires to identify the content and then use the statistical design to analyse the data.