Siebel partner portal free download

13.09.2021 By Erica Reed

siebel partner portal free download

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  • Logging into Siebel Partner Portal 8. However, we have made it super simple for you to get the page you are looking for. All you need to do poetal click on the official link that we have provided below.

    Siebel Partner Portal. Siebel PRM Portal. The Siebel PRM Portal lets partners communicate, collaborate, and conduct business with the brand owner. It supports joint planning and execution between partners and the brand owner by giving partners access to market development funds management, opportunity and account management, Commerce selling tools, service request management, and many other tools for doing . Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Oracle Siebel. Description. Oracle Siebel Plugin consists of monitoring and management for Oracle Siebel area. Installation Instructions. Download the Installation Guide; Click on the "Download Plug-in" link, and save the archive on your machine; Follow the instructions mentioned in the installation guideMissing: partner portal.

    We always try to keep our login links updated, so you know you will only ever get to the page you need. Oracle's Siebel Partner Portal enables companies to share information between partners, brand owners, and joint customers. Its broad range of data, marketing.

    Siebel Partner Relationship. Differences in the Partner Portal and. Apr 28, - Are you still dosnload Siebel 8. In this blog post, I'll show you the steps to make IE 11 compatible with.

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    SharePoint Portal Server 's usability is apparent from the outset. Siebel partner relationship management siebel dowwnload relationship Siebel 8. Siebel 8. Siebel CRM. Siebel Partner Portal.

    We are trying to decide which would be a better fit for us between 8. Currently we are running 7.

    This screen displays customer accounts that you assigned to the partner. Service Requests. This screen displays customer service requests that you assigned to the partner. The partner can also enter new service requests here, which you can view using the Siebel PRM Manager.

    Siebel Partner Portal |

    This screen displays customer contacts that you assigned to the partner. This screen displays activities that the partner does to complete sales or fulfill service requests. You can assign activities to partners, or partners can schedule and enter activities themselves. Customer Quotes. The partner can use this screen to generate, review, and modify customer quotes, which you can view using the Siebel PRM Manager.

    Customer Orders.

    siebel partner portal free download

    The partner can use this screen to enter, review, and modify customer orders, or you can use it to assign customer orders to the partner for fulfillment. Product Catalog. This screen displays a catalog of your products that you have made available to the partner.

    Siebel PRM Portal Screens

    This screen displays sales literature, other documents, and other master data that you have made available to partner organizations. The partner can download these documents or view this master data. This screen displays market development funds in which this partner company is a participant, with a checkbook that lists the amount spent and balance available in each fund.

    Fund Requests.

    Siebel PRM Portal

    Siebep screen displays requests made against market development funds in which this partner company is a participant. The partner can enter new requests for funding or you can enter requests on the partner's behalf using the Siebel Business Application. Partners can also view the status of requests during the approval process.

    This screen displays assets. Field service businesses use it to track assets that field engineers must service.

    This screen displays inventory. Field service businesses use it to track parts that field engineers use for service. This screen gives the partner news and up-to-date information on your company, your accounts, your competitors, news bulletins, and so on. This screen allows partners to manage their daily, weekly, and monthly activities.