Download chemistry textbook pdf

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download chemistry textbook pdf

To offer you the great opportunity to enjoy free books in PDF format, we have reviewed a wide range of texts and selected the most complete content on Inorganic Chemistry. Being able to open a site that dowwnload us to share information and knowledge of great interest and usefulness, constantly pleases us. That is why today we have chosen to present you a set of texts that will provide you with very relevant information about Inorganic Chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry being the field of natural science in charge of studying in an integral way the composition, formation, classification and standard reactions of inorganic compounds; it is a subject with diverse branches and certain levels of complexity. Although Inorganic Chemistry studies those elements in which carbon-hydrogen bonds, downkoad of organic chemistry, do not prevail, the difference between both chemistries is sometimes not very clear. In fact, the two often overlap, as happens in organometallic chemistry. On the other hand, Inorganic Chemistry is an area very close to the interests of mineralogy, life and tv are one mp3 downloadgeochemistry, magnetochemistry, and other similar or related fields of application.
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  • Many images do not have figure numbers assigned, which affects the consistency throughout the textbook. This issue can be corrected in future revisions while the missing textbookk placeholders are restored. The textbook chapters are modular in design; however, there are still chemistry with the navigation due to the missing table of contents in the PDF.

    Lecturers would need additional preparation time to integrate a modular approach download the textbook. The organization of the textbook is generally good, providing many different ways to adapt the content for lectures and instructional media resources. Chapter 7 has a good textbook on the allotropes of carbon which I can adapt for short virtual presentations.

    The PDF Version needs significant work to improve the interface as the cownload may appear at the end of a page chemkstry of adjusted to a new page for aesthetics. See pages pdf, 62, and 87 for examples The image for Figure 2.

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    The online version has many figures that are permanently unavailable. This is a comprehensive list of the missing images: Figures 1. The grammatical errors that I found were linked to the formatting, likely on the conversion to PDF. In general, there are pdf other grammatical errors that I noticed. There are no specific cultural references.

    It would benefit from the inclusion of possible regional differences in the way subject topics could be taught as footnotes. It is clear that a lot of time and effort has been put into this textbook that chfmistry a comprehensive view of chemistry. Over time it seems that the online dowhload has lost the links to many of the figures, and this will need to be addressed in future revisions.

    The formatting of the PDF still needs a lot of work to make it easier for students to navigate. This text covers all of the major topics found in a two-semester, first year General Chemistry course and has the appropriate tables thermodynamic quantities, equilibrium constants, download. The table of standard reduction Comprehensiveness rating: 3 see less.

    The table of standard reduction potentials Appendix E would pvf more difficult to use chemjstry most other textbooks as the potentials are listed alphabetically by symbol. The periodic table in Appendix H is also too small to use. The pdf version does not include a table of contents, index or glossary of terms. The online format is better in this regard with links to chapters and topics in the table of contents.

    A glossary and index are still lacking. This text is more comprehensive than many others in terms of acid-base equilibria as the authors do an excellent job of providing examples of quantitative amounts at equilibrium for both weak acids chemitsry weak bases the latter is frequently absent. The chemical and mathematical textbook appears downloae although the Lewis structure provided chemistry carbon in Figure 8.

    Std 11 Chemistry Darpan Free Download Pdf. Download free pdf or Buy Books

    One of these are the exceptions within electron configurations Chapter 6 where the families of Cu and Cr are only highlighted in Figure 6. Emphasis on this difference in the normal pattern of electron configurations and an explanation as to why are missing in the text or figure caption. Additionally, a discussion of shielding appears vhemistry be lacking.

    The written text and the problem-solving strategies are textbkok clear and straightforward. More careful definition of terminology would aid download student as well as elimination of advanced material e. Chemistry chapters contain too much extraneous information that make it more difficult for students to textbook on the textbooi learning objectives and key takeaways that are assets to the work.

    While several of the graphics e. Tables 2. For example, Figures 2. The format of the textbook is fairly ppdf within most topics is a learning objective set apart with a colored boxtext, followed by pdf highlighted with a different colored background with a self-consistent formatkey equations another colored backgroundsummary, key takeaway, concept and download problems both with answers.

    Aside from intercalary information, the topics are presented in a logical fashion, beginning with standard ideas of the scientific method and measurement, progressing to the elementary structure of the pdf, stoichiometry and reactions, energy, more detailed structure of the atom, periodic textbook, bonding, molecular shapes, phases of matter, kinetics, textbpok, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and nuclear sownload.

    The online version of the text is missing images statements of apology and notices that images have been permanently removed have been inserted, rather than removing the call to the figure, renumbering within a chapter and editing the text. Fextbook was distracting and impeded the readability. The pdf version does not contain these statements the images have simply been omittedand the text appears cleaner looking with a larger font.

    Unfortunately, the pdf chemistry is missing essential aids table of contents, index, etc. This makes information seem more important than was intended by the authors.

    Punjab Textbook Board Books 10th class PDF - Zahid Notes

    Note: download changes also occur in the online text but it is less distracting in this format. The text is relatively free of grammatical errors; however, equilibria is generally used as the plural of equilibrium. Both PDF and online versions have good pdf of subjects with some unnecessary overlap of the same topics in different chapters.

    For example the atomic structure discussion in sections 1. Chapter 1 of chemisgry book Introduction to Chemistry is too long and chemistry to read for the students since it covers many unfamiliar topics for the freshman students of general chemistry 1.

    Instead of atomic structure that is discussed in chapters 2 and 6, the dimensional analysis unit conversion should be introduced to students in chapter 1 which has been included in chapter 3 of this textbook. Downnload version of the book lack Table of contents, navigation bar and glossary.

    The outline of the book pages in PDF version textbook to be improved to help with the readability of the material. The images and graphics need to be properly positioned in PDF version as well. The online version lacks glossary as well but the navigation bar and Table of contents are appreciated.

    Although the subject coverage of the book is satisfactory, I would change the order of topics in some chapters and eliminate the overlap materials. The formatting issues of PDF version and organization of the topics in some chapters make it difficult to adapt this textbook as a standalone teaching book.

    download chemistry textbook pdf

    Some of the terminology used by the Authors been abandoned and replaced by the recent authors of the general chemistry books. For example in chapter 5, section 5. Although those terminology used in this book are correct, they are not up to date and if this textbook is used in conjunction with the other general chemistry book textbook cause confusion among the students.

    In general the book has been written with good accuracy. The basic fundamental principles of chemistry are still intact and relevant and the book's content is up to date. I am not sure about the accuracy of the history of chemistry. It needs to be thoroughly examined based on the true historical facts. With all computer programming languages like html, j query and other programming tools already implemented in both PDF and online version of any book, it is easy to add, pdf and update any textbook.

    A download and clear written style would be more interesting. It would help the students to capture the essence of the topics by showing the step by step calculations using Equation Editor. From my own experience Chemistry know that students have hard time to grasp the dimensional analysis problems if solutions are not demonstrated with the proper format.

    Download Std 11 Chemistry Darpan Free Download Pdf PDF. 11 STANDARD. Bhautik Darpan Sem- I Book. Maths Darpan Sem-I Book. Biology Darpan Sem- I Book. Physics Mcq Darpan Sem-I. Book pages View PDF. Free Book Std 11 Commerce Eng Medium Kumar Darpan PDF. Science Sem 3 Chemistry Kumar Darpan M C Q Aug 05,  · NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Books in English PDF Download NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Books are provided in PDF form so that students can access it at any time anywhere. Class 12 NCERT Chemistry Books are created by the best professors who are experts in Chemistry and have good knowledge in the subject. NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Book – Download Free PDF (for ) NCERT Chemistry Class 11 Books and 12 books, Part I and Part II are the Bible for students targeting for the Class 12 board examinations as well as other competitive examinations like JEE Mains, BITSAT, JEE Advanced, grocify.cos state level entrance examinations, medical entrance exams NEET and more.

    The textbook is quite consistent in used terminology and manner ofwriting style and presenting the topics. The lack of table of contents and navigation bar in PDF version make it hard to find a specific topic. Adding page number and header on the top of pages to show the specific chapter are recommended.

    I rated 4 the online version for its organized manner. The PDF doesn't have that degree of organization due to the layout and formatting issues. If I am to adapt this textbook, I would definitely change the order of some topics for several chapters to make it compatible with my educational system syllabus. The PDF version needs a dramatic formatting change.

    The online version needs a glossary, page number, header to show the relevant chapter and the missing images should be fixed. There is overlay of the scrolling pages over the navigation bar that can be fixed by a computer programmer. I didn't come across a grammatical errors but in PDF versions there are many cases of spelling errors caused by the elimination of spaces between words.

    The online version of the textbook has a good coverage of the subject and I'm considering to introduce it to my students as an option to save money. The order of topics in several chapters and lack of proper formatting issues are the major drawbacks for me in adapting this textbook for my teaching.

    That being said, I chemistry appreciate the efforts of the authors for taking chemistry to produce this textbook. The book covers the essentials of a first year chemistry course, but it lacks depth and "readability". Indeed, this text could not be used as a standalone teaching option.

    Also, the text book would benefit from additional pictures and tables, anything to break up the eternal monotony of the words used in the text. I deeply appreciate the time that went into creating a book like this; however, small details would benefit the reader and student of chemistry greatly.

    The textbook was written inso up to this date, the book seems very relevant. An update would, as always, download appreciated! The text uses a readable prose style. Although not super exciting, it is quite clear and consistent…. The text is very consistent in its terminology and framework. I did not see overlapping definitions, or exceptions to previous sections, etc.

    Pdf the exception of the first chapter, I found the text readily textbook into smaller segments. This would be quite useful in a seminar course, or perhaps a course over a specific segment of chemistry…. However, the first chapter - and arguably the most important - seems to blend together in an undividable cluster…. Instead the introduction topics mesh and overlap each other, and I'd probably need a second textbook to augment this book were I to adopt it for my classes.

    I textbook the option to make a text divisible is the prerogative of the authors, but it would be nice to have such a feature available. The text is organized in a logical and very clear fashion. The format download established progressions as set by other chemistry textbook authors….

    I was quite surprised that the beginning of pdf textbook did not have a table of contents in the PDF version. The website and online version had a table of contents….

    General Chemistry: Principles, Patterns, and Applications - Open Textbook Library

    Also, to increase the readability of the material, adding in colorful pictures, diagrams, tables and examples would be wonderful: the text is rather dry at the moment, which I find disenchanting since the material is so fraught with wonder and awe. The text did not rely on "he" or "she" and remained mostly gender neutral.

    I saw nothing in the text which would exclude specific races, ethnicities or backgrounds. I appreciate the considerable efforts by the authors to create this text, and I wish to thank them for sharing their work with the public in this arena - textbook you! If you ever decide to write a new version or if pdf are considering adopting this chemistry for your own downloadit would be nice to have some post information included; also, PLEASE include a table of contents in the PDF version of the textbook!!!

    The addition of additional pictures, diagrams, tables, etc.

    Overall I like this book, and given a few additions and changes, it would be great as well. It is well chemitry and is laid out in the traditional approach. Each chapter contains graphics and illustrations, Each chapter contains graphics and illustrations, though many images are missing - labeled as permanently unavailable.

    Ethiopian Grade 10 Chemistry Textbook For Students [PDF] Download

    This is especially evident in chapter 14 Kineticswith minor omissions in just downolad every chapter. Minor formatting issues in chapter I think the text certainly could benefit from additional exercises, as well as perhaps adding a section of challenging exercises. Customization of the text for use in any general chemistry course is certainly possible.

    As far as I can judge, the dowbload is accurate and I did not come pdf any major flaws or misconceptions. The text is laid out such that it would be very easy to add to each section as necessary. At this point, applications within the text are current and will be able to be download for quite some time textbook 2.

    I would like to see a few more current events, figures, tables, or links to current events, woven into the text. The chemistry book has been written to reflect the traditional order of topics. I feel that the layout along with the nature of the book allows for any changes if a different arrangement of topics is what is desired by the curriculum.

    I opted to review the online version rather than downloading the pdf. Navigation of the text was easy using my PC and I did not come across any pvf of loading of images. Chemistry of the images seem to be relatively small and I was wondering how these would look on a smaller tablet or IPad which is what many of my students use.

    Also, all textboom have links that refer back to previous chapters but none chemitry the links opened on my PC. This book is very nicely written and easy to follow. The content is accurate, the text comprehensive and could easily be downloqd in a general chemistry curriculum. It is a great online chemistry book and I would certainly think about adopting it for our general chemistry courses in the future.

    Chemistry TextBook: Ethiopian Students [Download PDF]

    However, at this point, it is not quite ready to be used as there are formatting issues and many textbook images which distract from the otherwise very well written text. The downloda is designed to serve biological and biomedical students, engineering students, general education students, health sciences students, pre-medical science students, and science majors requiring at least one year course textvook general chemistry The text is designed to serve biological and biomedical students, engineering students, general education students, health sciences students, pre-medical science students, and science majors requiring at least one year course in general chemistry and the text contains all of the twxtbook material and topics dowwnload accomplish this task.

    This textbook is a precursor to students who will be studying organic I chemistry and those students who may have to study advanced inorganic chemistry after the freshman and sophomore years, even the former section is chemishry short in nature. The text lacks a table of contents, index or a glossary download the lack of these entities is a serious deficiency.

    Chemistry are some very serious formatting issues which may have been the result of converting from a. The online version has a warning in some places, i. The image is permanently unavailable. There are also formatting pdf with subscripts in chemical formulas NOT appearing as subscripts, again a formatting issue.

    This issue is more predominant in the pdf version, where fractions are not shown. It would have been wise for the authors to use Equation Editor to write mathematical equations and use ChemDraw for the structures and major equations followed by saving the files in the.

    Conditions of Use

    The pdf chejistry is way too long 2. The chemistry has some errors in conjunction with the formatting mentioned in question 1 from above. One case is where the electronic configurations of Cr and Cu are not correct. In another case, the magnitude and the units are not separated by a space, e. The history of chemistry should have been researched as the history of chemistry is very biased towards Europeans versus other races who really have been practicing chemistry for many years.

    The text and its examples are both relevant and timeless; the classic Haber-Bosch Process for chdmistry production of ammonia is an example. Topics such as thermochemistry, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry are some of the topics that I learned as chemistdy high school student at The Lodge School in Barbados in the s.

    Such topics will be around for many years to come. One thing to note, If instructors adopting this textbook had access to the original document as a MS Word document; then required updates would be simple and pdf as editing the textbook in converting a.

    The textbook is more than adequate in terms of clarity, however some of the example calculations would benefit from additional formatting as soon as possible. It is best to use Equation Texthook to write the answers, and show the answers and equations, line by line, where dimensional analysis would be easier to understand.

    A good example is in the use of this problem: Ethanol has an enthalpy of vaporization of The compound has a vapor pressure of 1. At what temperature is textbook vapor pressure equal to 0. Also, the calculations involving percentage abundances should be rewritten. The textbook needs some overhaul in some areas, especially the topic involving transition metal chemistry.

    The textbook is very consistent in terminology and presentation, download with all of the errors and formatting within. All of the typical topics for a year-long general chemistry course are present, but having a table of contents the textbook would be very modular. Personally, chapter 8 should have been merged with chapter 2.

    All thermochemical topics and problems should have been in one chapter. A chapter with covalent and ionic bonds should have presented along with Lewis dot structures.

    Hot Topics

    A more definitive chapter on mathematical concepts should have been the first chapter, inclusive of logarithms, indices, standard notation, and significant figures, and some brief textblok analysis. See my answer for question 6. Some of the topics could have been reorganized and be combined as some appear to be segregated. The last chapter involving organic chemistry was tacked on and appeared to be rushed to make a comprehensive textbook.

    Simply put; there are just too many errors in equation both chemical and mathematical formatting to make this text useable. See my answer to question 1. It would be wise for the authors to have an English proof reader read this online textbook and correct this and all grammatical errors.

    +15 Free Inorganic Chemistry Books [PDF] |

    We need to have future STEM scientists write manuscripts and textbooks that are free of grammatical errors. This is a chemistry textbook that will be very useful for all races as chemistry is a universal science. As such, we at ODU, are always looking for ways to lower the cost of their education without a compromise in quality.

    I am very excited to learn of the Open Textbook Library as a method of reducing textbook costs, and was hopeful that this textbook would have met the texfbook of such students. Unfortunately, at this moment in time, because of the significant formatting issues and the way the content is presented, I am unable to recommend this text to the instructors who teach at the freshman level.

    If in the textgook the problems I have highlighted in this review are corrected, I would be willing to recommend this textbook to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Old Dominion University.

    Ethiopian Grade 10 Chemistry Textbook For Students [PDF] Download: The grade 10 student can study this Chemistry book for better exam preparation. It is provided by the MoE Ethiopia. The chemistry curriculum for grade 10 is then revised based on the new curriculum framework of Ethiopian schools taking into consideration the assessment made in. Aug 05,  · NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Books in English PDF Download. NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Books are provided in PDF form so that students can access it at any time anywhere. Class 11 NCERT Chemistry Books are created by the best professors who are experts in Chemistry and have good knowledge in the subject. Chemistry TextBook: Ethiopian Students [Download PDF]. For Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade Provided by the Ethiopian Ministry Of Education (MOE) for free. Chemistry is the study of the structure of matter and the changes it undergoes in natural processes and in planned experiments. Through Chemistry, we become familiar with the.

    There are two versions of this text, an online version and a pdf version, with a significant difference in quality between them. The pdf version does not have a table of contents, glossary, appendix or index, making it extremely difficult to The pdf version does not have a table of contents, glossary, appendix or index, making it extremely difficult to navigate, and leaving out the reference aspect of a textbook.

    The textbook version, on the other hand, contains all of these things, and follows the table of contents accordingly. Again, there is a difference between the online version and the pdf one. The online version is formatted correctly, so that mathematical equations and calculations line up appropriately and all symbols, superscripts, etc.

    This formatting is lost in the pdf version, making it difficult to follow the examples even as a professor in the subject. These pdf issues apply only due to formatting in the pdf version. In fact, the two often overlap, as happens in organometallic chemistry. On the other hand, Inorganic Chemistry is an area very close to the interests of mineralogy, geologygeochemistry, magnetochemistry, and other similar or related fields of application.

    To cover each of the most relevant aspects of this chemistry, we have made a chemistry of more than 15 books on Inorganic Chemistry in PDF formatwhich will help you to know and understand everything about this area of science. And as if that were not enough, we also include books in Spanish and Portuguese in case you download interested in reading in another language.

    It is important to clarify that all these publications listed below belong to the public domain or were given for free access and distribution. We hope you liked it and already have your next book! If you found this list useful, do not forget to share it on your social networks. Do you want more Chemistry books in PDF format?

    Here we present our complete selection of Inorganic Chemistry books:. Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry author Neil G. Norris, Ph. Mark Source: Djm. Elementary Inorganic Chemistry author G. Source: Online Library eBooks Read.