Family movie video song download

24.09.2021 By Elizabeth Summers

family movie video song download

Cake values integrity and transparency. We dowload a strict editorial process to provide you with the best content possible. We also may earn commission from purchases made through affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more in our affiliate disclosure. Many families choose to display photographs of their loved ones at a visitation or a funeral, but some families like to make it a bit more entertaining. Instead of placing faded family photos in old frames on a cardboard table, some families create a funeral slideshow with music or host virtual funerals with custom playlists.
  • Music for Family Slideshow Background Royalty Free Download MP3
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  • Royalty free Family music
  • The track features acoustic guitar, warm piano, and light strings making great background move for sentimental videos, movie intros, or sweet dreams. A home-made blueberry pie with a glass of warm milk or a cup of fragrant tea in the company of your family and friends will give you a wonderful mood in a rainy autumn evening! This one is an uplifting royalty-free country-folk track with a happy mood and friendly song. Nice background for family and friends videos, success stories, people talk videos, travel stories, inspiring moments, summer stories, encouraging movie, and many video.

    An inspiring and atmospheric indie rock track featuring electric guitars, piano, strings, drums. Perfect for a slideshow, video montage, commercials, film score, happy summer videos, background, wedding love story, presentation, promotion, and more. Nice download positive, feelgood music. Performed on accordion, acoustic guitar, marimbas and strings.

    Perfect for traveling or family vacation videos, friendly footage, commercials, also can be used for children's parties to create easy-going, happy atmosphere. Happy upbeat song for videi and children video projects. You can hear piano, teen girl family, live acoustic guitars, bass and drums.

    You can use it also in cocking videos, tutorials, cartoons, dowload vlogs, cheerful commercials, pet videos, movie trailers TV ads and more. Downliad American Rock-n-Roll music from the s will transport you back to a simpler time.

    family movie video song download

    This cool retro vdeo will have you picturing a commercial-type diner where everyone loves their burgers and shakes. Use it to capture Americana's feeling of nostalgia for advertising vintage automobiles, vintage cars, fast food, and any other projects that need a vintage vibe.

    Mellow and hopeful acoustic folk track, with a cosy and heartwarming ambience. Choose this background music for cooking recipes videos, before and after house flips, happy B-Day celebration with family and beloved one, social media content, and more. Enjoy the life with MelodyLoops :. Happy Kids is a children's upbeat track with sunny mogie vibes.

    Solo piano plays laid-back, melancholic piece suggested to underscore introspective sequences, nostalgic slideshows and quiet moments of reflection. Key of B flat, bpm.

    25+ Best Songs for a Family Slideshow or Tribute Video | Cake Blog

    A 'jazzy' version of Jingle Bells, one of the most classic Christmas songs, performed by a jazz trio band, featuring piano, brush song, and upright bass. Ideal for: Christmas films and movies, Xmas trailer opener, Christmas and New Year presentations, holiday commercials and advertising, vlogging and Christmas family videos.

    Light acoustic theme with incredible heart warming female singing. Acoustic guitar, bells, slide electric guitar makes fairy, peaceful atmosphere. Will be great for travel and lifestyle vlogs, family oriented commercials, romantic movie videos, ads with children, corporate presentations and many more.

    Positive, optimistic and inspiring acoustic background music. Family for advertising, presentation, tutorials, corporate video, explainer video, kids, studying, coding, instagram video, instagram stories, facebook video, youtube, etc. Fun and upbeat acoustic tune with acoustic guitars, ukulele, small bells, and piano.

    Great underscore to bring happy vibes to family kids videos, travel stories, commercials, websites, and narratives. This one is lovely and charming acoustic jazz music with a carefree atmosphere and joyful mood. Great background for cocktail parties, family and friends download videos, cruise chips promos, coffee or drinks advertising, walk video talk videos, or many more.

    Happy and easy going royalty free Christmas music track with inspiring and festive mood. Featuring acoustic ukulele, glockenspiel, strings, jingle bells, handclapping, and brass orchestra sound. Great for those seasonal projects, winter holiday commercials, celebration moments with family and friends.

    Music for Family Slideshow Background Royalty Free Download MP3

    Merry Xmas! This is an emotional and sentimental track orchestrated with piano and cello. Great for romantic and love scenes, slow and soft familh, emotional drama films, family slideshows music, social advertising, and more. Beautiful, heartwarming, light, and uplifting music with a positive and optimistic vixeo.

    Perfect background music for corporate achievements, romantic anniversary, honeymoon journey, summer trip with family or friends, success story, drone video, business projects etc. This is a cool reggae track. Perfectly fits any kind of video, about vacation, summer, beach life, party, lazy days, sunlight, happiness, and traveling around Caribbean islands.

    Happiness is like the joy of sitting by a campfire in familh woods on a beautiful evening, surrounded by family. This joyful acoustic country track evokes that feeling. Great for outdoor and family scenes, rural scenes. Download for projects related to friendship, family, having a good time together. This is a gentle and beautiful music featuring finger picking acoustic guitars, downlkad piano, human claps, brushing percussion.

    The theme is bright and brings to downloa a romantic feel, so it would fit well any kind of touching and sensitive visuals as well as family pictures, mother with her baby, a couple that walking around in the fzmily field and so on. A fun-filled electro dance music track that combines pounding drums with electronic, funk guitars.

    Crisp hand claps are accompanied by slap-style bass lines on the hook for a song, high-energy sound. This music will get your toes tapping and head bopping to the beat. Keep moving with this upbeat track. This bright and cheerful movle is guaranteed to lift your project's mood!

    Ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, claps, and mivie deliver the perfect melody, while sweet girl singing creates a cheerful vibe. Ideal for ads with children, family vlogs, travel videos, kids games, Easter and many other positive media projects. Good mood track for children commercials, kids branding, cartoons and family YouTube videos. This folk track gives you carefree feeling and inspired to sunny and high-spirited emotions.

    A hard-hitting pop-rock track that will bring your project to life. This track movie everything you need to create an outstanding atmosphere. Thanks to an upbeat rhythm, family energetic sound of the guitar riffs and powerful drums, this song will ignite your audience's enthusiasm.

    An ideal addition to your sports projects, commercials, video games, teasers or trailers. This one is a cinematic royalty-free track with warm piano, strings, pads, bells, and acoustic guitar. Emotional and touching music would be a perfect background for weddings, sincere moments, love stories, family album slideshow, nature views, scenery footages, films, melodramas, and many more.

    An inspiring and movvie corporate track with a classic muted guitar, and a beautiful piano melody at the climax.

    Top 50 Childrens Songs Free Download

    Perfect for any of your projects where light and background, motivational music is required. Positive background music. Perfect for family-friendly corporate videos, games and apps, to use as advertising background music. Funny and bright happy video music track. Perfect for any happy and fun videos, summer holidays, celebration or party, positive commercial, animated slideshow, childrens TV show, childhood, YouTube kids channel, kids Instagram, playground, happy background music, funny pets and animals, family videos, video games and more.

    This one is a cool smooth-jazz track with a tasty sound and a dreamy atmosphere. Perfect for advertising, luxury lifestyle, travel promos, fashion show presentations, chic life videos, real estate, modern city view, and many more. Cute and soft ukulele music with the human whistle.

    Good song short films with friends or animals, family viewing, tasty food videos or feel-good moments. This track features ukulele, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, and hand clapping. Cheerful background music with happy and cheerful vocals, funny claps, happy ukulele, piano, glockenspiel, and playful bass. Perfect for kids' videos, DIY projects, home renovation ideas, family get-togethers, parties, backyard barbecues, toys or activities channels, fun road download. A gentle and touching royalty-free piano music with a calm atmosphere and sentimental mood.

    Perfect for weddings, prayerful videos, nature contemplation, inspiring speeches, charity projects, philosophical quotes, emotional moments, and many more. This playfuyl and funny background music is great to show the funniest yet sneaky moment to the audience. Perfect for comedy, kids show, family videos, music for education videosas music for advertising, cook show, and documentary.

    Used pizzicato family, marimba, soft drums, bells and piano. You can use this background music for movie cooking videos, before and after house flips, happy B-Day celebration with family and beloved one, social media content, and more. Wordless, atmospheric indie-folk with bittersweet melody and electric guitar.

    Kind of dreamy and hazy. Ideal for a vision of walking with your soul mate.

    family movie video song download

    Perfectly suited for an emotional montage or dramatic scene. Life is good while it lasts, but don't let go of the dream. Also, such music can also be used as the background music at family parties or functions. Vidso kind of music is in great demand due to its soft texture and plain harmonious tunes that can give a new life to your family gatherings and family surprises.

    Aug 18,  · Creating playlists, transferring songs and organizing music is as simple as download tracks and can be done by single click methods. The platform also lets you download the top 50 children’s songs for absolutely free of cost . Animal Cartoons For Kids Finger Family Songs Old Mcdonald And More Nursery Rhymes. Jun 27,  · The first part of the piece has a slow tempo that would be appropriate for memorial videos. “Die Walkure” by Wagner. Although not appropriate for a memorial video, adding this music to photographs that show slight turmoil can add comedic relief to your family slideshow. “The Cradle” by George Winston.

    The soothing and comforting tone of this kind of music is known to make the atmosphere decently sober and comfortable which is greatly liked while having family gatherings. Also, such melodies can be put at good use for other purposes too. The demand of such music increased manifolds as technology took over downlosd all the family surprises adopted the multimedia version.

    The biggest example of this is the family slideshows that are often created for the family members on special occasions. The tunes of music for family have always proved out to be a great companion for such multimedia copies. The instruments used in such music are usually acoustic guitar, piano, cello etc.

    Part 2: Top 50 Childrens Songs Free Download(11-20)

    Here you can easily get all kind of music for family which you can use for multiple purposes. You can browse through a great variety of tunes and melodies and can easily download the ones viddo like the most. The music is complete royalty free and easily accessible. You can first listen to the melodies online and can download afterwards.

    Royalty free Family music

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