Free download meditation instrumental music

17.09.2021 By Donna Garcia

free download meditation instrumental music

  • Royalty Free Folk Music Background Instrumental Download MP3
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  • Royalty free Smooth Jazz music
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  • Royalty free Folk music
  • Royalty Free Smooth Jazz Music Instrumental Download MP3
  • Ideal for videos that require a nice, easy-going feel without carrying too much emotion or drama. Use for any inspirational videos, corporate and business productions, advertisements, Youtube videos, and more. Features acoustic guitars, bass, claps, percussion. This is warm, tender and beautiful acoustic folk music with acoustic guitar, piano, glockenspiel and electric bass leading.

    This sincere and lovely royalty free music can perfectly fit for wedding videos, love stories, romantic and emotional videos, inspiring and encouraging videos, sweet and touching moments, slide-shows, family and friend videos or more. Musiic and festive Christmas folk music, featuring acoustic guitars, synth, sleigh bells, and percussion. It's best used for various Christmas spots, as a dowlnoad jingle for radio stations, as promo music or intro for TV shows and movies that mention Christmas, or as background music during the winter holiday season.

    Happy, lighthearted, uplifting, and upbeat acoustic indie folk track, with a beautiful, catchy melody, full of joy, love, and positive mood, fresh, light and sweet feel, easy-going and hopeful atmosphere, flyaway and bouncy rhythm, featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, solo nylon guitar, hand claps, atmospheric pads, and upbeat drums!

    free download meditation instrumental music

    Perfect royalty-free music for summer videos, tv advertising musichappy YouTube vlogs, kids activity, sale commercials, cartoon animation, and other media projects. Cool surf-pop indie folk music with a laid back chill vibe of the '50s or '60s and a little strike of melancholy. Ideal emotive background music for ocean scenes, California coast, surfing, or a beach fownload.

    Similar to 'Big Little Lies' soundtrack. Atmospheric and dreamy royalty free music soundtrack specially designed for your wedding and romantic videos, sentimental and inspirational trailers, love story, and other media projects where the tender atmosphere of emotions and optimism is required.

    Good luck with your projects! Thanks for listening and purchasing :. Starting with a bright crispy acoustic guitar riff and building up with a full country folk band arrangement featuring piano and accordion This track has a positive uplifting feel expressing joy and happiness of spending the day with family out in the country air. Grab this track to set the mood for your romantic video project.

    Sweet, rustic acoustic folk music is an excellent background for slideshows, low-key love stories, sentimental commercials and more. This sweet, heartfelt track is perfect for Indie films, inspirational shorts, or projects centered around artistic self-expression. This is beautiful and positive acoustic folk music with warm, sunny and uplifting atmosphere.

    Main instruments are acoustic guitar, piano, bass, drums, strings, and bells. This light and optimistic track can perfectly fit for any kind of media meditation. This is a soft and dreamy acoustic track. It fre a ukulele, bells, claps, acoustic drums, pads and deep bass. This track has a very soft start and a beautiful ending. The perfect choice music you're looking for background instrumental for kids' videos, advertising, or any media projects.

    Uplifting and upbeat indie folk featuring acoustic guitars, human calps, male background instrumengal. The music instrumental suitable in food visuals, emotional promo, corporate advertising and commercial. This one is an uplifting royalty-free country-folk track with a happy mood and friendly sound.

    Nice background meditation family and friends videos, success stories, people talk videos, travel stories, inspiring moments, summer stories, encouraging speeches, and many more. Happy and upbeat acoustic download folk music cue with a cheerful easy-going feel for a promotional marketing video, vlog, documentary, advertisement, and commercial business use.

    Positive, optimistic and inspiring acoustic background music. Perfect for advertising, presentation, tutorials, corporate video, explainer video, kids, studying, coding, instagram video, instagram stories, facebook free, youtube, etc. Inspirational and uplifting music track featuring warm acoustic guitars and piano in the style of Music, acoustic folk, and new country.

    The beautiful melodies will evoke feelings of happiness and joy. Mellow and hopeful acoustic folk track, with a cosy and heartwarming ambience. You can use this background music for your cooking videos, before and after house flips, happy B-Day celebration with family and beloved one, social media content, and more. This is beautiful and emotional acoustic folk music with warm, heartfelt and sensitive mood.

    This atmospheric royalty free track can be perfect as background for wedding stories, sweet and lovely moments, family and friends videos, inspiring and sentimental projects, diwnload and love story videos or more. This catchy and uplifting acoustic track is an excellent addition to videos about everything that lights you up!

    It includes insttumental guitar, woodblocks, bells, claps, and a light ukulele. With its catchy melody and feel-good atmosphere, it instantly drives childlike feelings of fun and happiness. This track can be used as an download or as the main music track on commercials, movie teasers, and more personal projects such as photo slideshows, children's projects, and more.

    True Colors is a folk acoustic guitar track with a warm sound perfect for any type of projects. Suitable for travel videos, advertising background, commercial videos, film opener, Youtube, movie intro music free, tv show, business videos, viral marketing, interview background, tourism videos, world vision or any other media projects.

    Perfect choice for websites, tutorials, explainers, slideshows, kids videos, animal videos, tutorials, explainers, down,oad, corporate presentations and much more. This is very beautiful acoustic folk music with live warm electric and acoustic guitar, piano, strings, bells, mksic drum kit. Joyful and romantic atmosphere together with sunny and spring mood.

    Peaceful and inspiring music will be perfect background audio for your videos. A cute tune will be an excellent soundtrack for videos and comic situations with children, animals, friends, and characters. Live guitar, xylophone, synthesizer, and accordion create a carefree and happy mood, like in musical comedies. Choose this instruemntal music for cooking recipes videos, before and after house flips, happy B-Day celebration with family and beloved one, social media content, and more.

    Royalty Free Folk Music Background Instrumental Download MP3

    Enjoy the life meditatio MelodyLoops :. This mellow acoustic indie folk music will take you on a journey filled with romantic emotion and feelings that are unforgettable. A perfect choice for any media project needing a sincere vibe and feeling of freedom and happiness.

    Perfect for advertisements, travel vlogs, Instagram feeds, or videos showing the beauty of life and its precious moments. Peaceful acoustic folk music track made with the help of mandolin, piano, synth pad etc. Suitable for uplifting and inspiring projects, including presentations in rustic style, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, lifestyle downliad travel, health retreat, real estate music, startup videos, app promos and more.

    Free Calm Stock Music, Download Free Music | Mixkit

    Looking for an inspiring track that can put your viewers in a great mood? Check out this uplifting acoustic track with a sunny mood featuring ukulele, piano, fun percussion, whistle sound, and joyful glockenspiel! It's also perfect meditatioj advertising, children's videos, family travel vlogs, or any project in need of a positive and motivational background.

    Calm and gentle acoustic folk background music played with guitar and piano. Perfect for romantic love stories and wedding videos, call hold musictravel photo slideshow, children ijstrumental, positive advertising montage, and creative video projects, needing a rustic vibe. A catchy acoustic indie folk music with a feel-good sound.

    Featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, xylophone, glockenspiel, and claps. This uplifting composition instills a feeling of being lucky, winning, dreams coming true, and general positivity. Upbeat and colourful Indie folk music featuring piano, a catchy acoustic guitar, and rhythmic claps background. Perfect for any rustic commercial production.

    Ideal for eco-friendly brand advertising, morning motivation video content, family YouTube vlogs, and other inspired projects.

    Royalty free Smooth Jazz music

    This happy, cheerful, and joyful acoustic ukulele track is for those who need a confident and inspirational musical background. Friends meeting for the first time, family reunion after a long mdditation apart, co-workers doing a new work project, neighbors seeing each other again after long vacations.

    The tune is extremely positive and fun to listen to.

    Use it well! Good mood track for children commercials, kids branding, cartoons and family YouTube videos. This folk track gives you carefree feeling and inspired to sunny and high-spirited emotions. Upbeat and relaxing folk track featuring airy electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and drums, best for ads, travel vlogs, TV shows, Instagram instrumenyal teen videos.

    Happy, positive and upbeat folk music with acoustic guitar, ukulele, bells, claps, finger snaps, tambourine, bass.

    Free Ambient Stock Music, Download Free Music | Mixkit

    Perfect for funny and happy videos, tv advertising, marketing, advertisements, business and travel videos, presentations and many your videos and projects! A beautiful and positive acoustic track featuring electric guitar, bass, drums, piano, strings, and free. This song will make you feel uplifted and happy from the beginning. Use it as backdrop music to your corporate project or as a soundtrack for your vlog or slideshow to make it sound more emotional.

    Inspiring acoustic folk-pop with an exciting and lovely feeling of freedom. Upbeat and mellow, download country folk elements featuring heartfelt acoustic guitar, ukulele and bells melody to create a satisfied and laidback mood. This is a soft acoustic indie folk music.

    Great for ambient and atmospheric background, calm and relaxing mood, island sunny beach, restaurant and coffee shops, family photo slideshows and more. Perfect choice for websites, tutorials, explainers, music for slideshowskids videos, animal videos, tutorials, explainers, vlogs, corporate presentations and much more. Celebrating good times with family and friends, of hitting the open road on music beautiful day or maybe the joy at the end of a long journey, instrumental a simple romantic walk on the beach?

    This folksy-sounding track features some nice guitar picking and upbeat. The great backing track for videos, commercials, or films. Inspiring acoustic track with a bright and positive feel, based on a sweet glockenspiel tune, softly accompanied by ukulele, claps, piano, pizzicato strings, and drums.

    The track is looped seamlessly and will perfectly fit into your video projects, creating an uplifting and joyful atmosphere. This composition is very folksy and mellow, but with a driving feel, like just jamming in a major key around a campfire. Favorite Moments - the inspirational acoustic track is featuring with folk guitar, piano, and warm pad.

    Have inspiring, happy, and positive moods. Suitable for tutorials, meditation, nature, family, and beautiful video projects. This is a very soft, gentle, and soothing acoustic track featuring guitars, piano, and subtle pad. Perfect for any kind of video project showing family life, home video, and stories about nature, children, and animals.

    This background music brings you into a free of lightness and warmth. Suitable for travel videos, advertising background music, commercial videos, film opener, Youtube, movie intro, tv show, business videos, viral marketing, interview background, tourism videos, world vision or any other media projects.

    Cool and smooth jazz music track recorded with jazz trio. This music will fit well in ambient situations, backgrounds and relaxed moments. Medium tempo easy listening and light playing. This one is a laid-back, smooth jazz track with a downtempo beat and lounge atmosphere. It's a nice background for call centers, shopping malls, travel videos, spa and luxury hotel promos, real estate presentations, splendid lifestyle videos, fashion and download videos, or more.

    This one is a cool smooth-jazz track with a tasty sound and a dreamy atmosphere. Perfect for advertising, luxury lifestyle, travel promos, fashion show presentations, chic life videos, real estate, modern city view, and many more. Medium slow smooth jazz background piece.

    Drums, upright bass, electric piano, synthesizer pad. This one and light and easy smooth jazz track with a cool atmosphere and relaxing mood. Nice background for luxury lifestyle videos, travel vlogs, lounge zone videos, spa and resort advertising, real estate promos, drone videos, nature views, and more.

    Easy-listening smooth jazz music with a light funky beat and wonderful melody. Beautiful piano, strings, and soft drums create warm and peaceful, cafe lounge atmosphere. A smooth and minimal house track with a catchy saxophone melody, synth arpeggios and electric guitar solos. Meditation track is ideal for real estate commercials, travel videos, spa and hotel commercials, tourism videos, and many more projects.

    Lounge smooth jazz royalty free hold musicideal for situations that require a relaxed ambiance. Suitable for urban real estate, luxury goods ads. Also good for art galleries, evening champagne dinner, Valentine's day present, or just to create a cozy atmosphere. A soulful smooth jazz music with a laid-back beat and relaxing mood.

    Nice background for travel videos, adventures, resort and spa presentations, fashion dress promos, boutique and perfume advertising, lifestyle videos, and videos from instrumental or more. Sexy smooth jazz music loop with nice sax and synth lines followed by a piano interlude.

    This elaborating composition would work well in cases where some sexy background music is needed. This one is a happy old-school jazz theme with an uplifting mood and Big-Band sound.

    Royalty free Folk music

    Great background for s download videos, friends instrumetal family slideshows, cooking shows, TV commercials, cruise ship advertising, educational content, travel videos, and many more. Dreamy and inspirational Smooth Jazz track featuring rhodes piano, guitar solos, beautiful strings, solo flute with an intimate vibe, bass guitar and drums.

    Great for commercials, tv shows, films, documentaries and videos with a romantic, motivating, inspiring and emotional feel. Lounge and smooth jazz music with a warm sound and dreamy atmosphere. This background instrumental can be istrumental as elevator music, call center music, music for shopping malls, on-hold music, music for vacation videos, SPA and hotel advertising, travel agency tours presentation or instrumehtal.

    A stylish and trendy jazz melody provides a sense of excellence. Featuring piano, brushed drums and upright bass provides a confident and classy theme. This music theme can meditation used in stylish video backdrop, YouTube videos, corporate website presentations, documentary music, advertising projects, and so on.

    Cool and fresh smooth jazz tune with chill mood and warm sound. Good background medotation city lifestyle videos, city overviews, fashion videos, beauty vlogs, make up videos, luxury real estate promo, hotel and spa promos, product advertising dress showroom and more. Easy listening and light smooth jazz music with Bossa Nova groove and airy piano melody.

    Nice background for elevators, shopping malls, trade centers, airports, train stations, call centers, summer videos, vacation instrumental, travel adventure stories and more. This one is a beautiful acoustic jazz track with a lovely mood and warm sound. Nice background for romantic videos, dinner time, coffee time, weddings, elevator music, shopping mall music, on-hold music, music for call center, travel videos, real estate, people talk videos and many more.

    A touch of sophistication and franticness of Lodo, the lower downtown of Denver. This smooth jazz track, with carefree atmosphere of the weekend evening, is great for relaxing romantic mood, sweet candlelight dinner. Also good for free and broadcast. A smooth jazz instrumental track with laid back and relaxed sound.

    Featuring spacey sax, congas, warm instrumentla, and guitar to create that slick, and stylish mood. Smooth jazz music, great for ambient and background situations. Cool piano melodies, medium tempo, easy listening. This is a colorful and cheerful meritation piece featuring vibraphone, glockenspiel, acoustic piano, upright bass, various percussion musjc, and woodwinds.

    It's great as funny and comical background for commercials with chefs and restaurant kitchen themes, food cooking shows, cocktail parties, holiday and vacations scenes, cartoon animations, pantomime and fownload films, etc. Medium slow smooth jazz piece, the same as Smooth and Mellow 1 but featuring a music solo.

    Meant as additional to Smooth and Mellow 1, good for Insrrumental. Drums, Upright bass, electric piano, acoustic piano, synth pad. Just a smooth jazz cool piece written and performed on alto sax during quarantine, just to remind us all of the little free we take for granted in our lives.

    Feeling Thankful and Blessed Funky smooth jazz music with stylish sound and shopping Mall meditation. Perfect background for showrooms, dress shops, elevator music, fashion shows, makeup and beauty videos, trade centers, on-hold music, glamour, and stylish multimedia projects. Smooth Jazz track with positive and relax mood.

    Consist of acoustic guitars, piano synth, drums with bass in bottom. Ffree luxury smooth jazz music with instrujental and chill-out download.

    Main instruments are piano, electric guitar, catchy drums, bass and synth pads. This dreamy and relaxing soundscape will be perfect as a download for hotel presentations, real estate videos, music for call centre or shopping mall, vacations slideshows, lounge bar or romantic candlelight dinner.

    It's a relaxing, mellow jazz track with a laid-back feel and a sophisticated vibe that's perfect for cocktail lounges, fine dining, fashion shows, romantic evenings, or elegant events. The alluring tones of this composition will put your music at peace, no matter how chaotic things are outside.

    Short and beautiful smooth jazz opener to create a festive mood and meditation the New Year spirit to your audience. Perfect background music for the Christmas video, winter holidays free, as minigames, greeting cards, etc. Sparkling and laid-back smooth jazz composition with tenor sax lead and festive feels.

    It has a bit of a sound of the 80s and will create a slick, stylish mood for your project. Ideal for a special dinner, relaxing romance, Las Vegas casino, new promotion, limo cruising, highlights video, etc. Smooth jazz music bed with some hip-hop elements. Intimate brass, deep instrumental piano, double bass and modern drum loops.

    The melody creates a relaxing and soothing mood. Works well for hotel lobbies, shopping malls, art exhibitions, as elevators music, cocktail receptions background, lux commercials, romantic candlelight dinner, and more. Inspiring chill lo-fi hip-hop loop with a cool beat, groovy bass, nice piano chords, awesome guitar, and sax!

    You can loop it and listen forever.

    Children's music download. Royalty free children's music and instrumental MP3 download. Use the audio track in your next project. Download from our library of free Ambient stock music. All Ambient music tracks are royalty free and ready for use in your project. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow more.

    It will be the perfect background for restaurant promo, holiday videos, vlogs, and much more! This is beautiful easy listing tune in a smooth jazz style and Bossa Nova rhythms. Main instruments are electric pianos, rhodes, acoustic bass, strings, acoustic and electric guitars and light drums. This pleasant and relaxing royalty-free music can be a perfect background for resort videos, ocean views, lounge, restaurant and bar videos, cocktail parties, hold music for phone systems or shopping mall, music for real-estate presentations and more.

    Relaxing chillhop beat with lo-fi vocal chops and live electric guitar melodies. Best for urban timelapses, street style vlogs, photo collage and photo slideshow, car videos, sport video, promotion, commercial, advertising video. An upbeat and chill cool jazz loop with a funky groove. Features a playful organ melody on top of a laid back groove by upright bass and drums.

    Royalty Free Smooth Jazz Music Instrumental Download MP3

    Great for casual games, podcasts, advertisements, and more. Rhythmic and cool smooth jazz meets nu-jazz tune with funky tenor sax and toe-tapping groover. Great for creating a contemporary, laidback vibe for modern retro underscore. Suitable misic the late-night TV show opening, limo cruising, the city at night, celebrity news, trendy instrumsntal nightclub in Miami or New York, or relaxing ambience.

    Grab your sunglasses, pour yourself a glass of wine, and dream away jnstrumental this smooth sax melody that's sure to relax you. A perfect accompaniment for a slow and relaxing day at home or in the office. Smooth and breezy track, featuring soprano sax, hot guitar, mellow electric piano, bold bass, and a solid groove to create a cool and peaceful state of mind.

    Main instruments are piano, electric guitar, synth pads, electric bass and electric piano. This relaxed and easy listening royalty-free tune can be perfect as a background for resorts videos, romantic and sensual moments, vacation videos, spa and resort promo videos, travel vlogs. This music can also be used in lounge areas, bars, restaurants and frew malls or as on hold music for call centres.