How do i download apps on my lg phone

12.09.2021 By Lisa Kirk

how do i download apps on my lg phone

I have an LG Optimus Hub android phone. My problem is that every time I try to download apps from play store I get a message saying 'insufficient internal memory'. I have tried to clear as much internal memory as possible by deleting other apps and moving some to ,g 32Gb Sd card but I still get the same message. I hardly have any apps in my phone!!! I have this problem that i can't download ohone apps on my phone. I've been trying to get some other apps but all i have is about seven apps. What vmware horizon download windows 10 i do.
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  • Installing Apps from the LG Content Store
  • Related: ATSC 3. The first thing to understand about LG's smart TVs is the operating system as this is crucial to maximizing the app experience. However, there should be no issues with download and installing most of the major streaming appsincluding Amazon Sownload Video, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. While the LG Content Store can be accessed via the web, it can also be found on the actual device itself.

    Aug 18,  · Tap your finger on the Apps icon located in the bottom-right of the home screen. Swipe left and right with your finger until you find the Play Store icon. Tap it. On your phone, use the Play Store app. On your computer, go to Find an app you want. To check that the app is reliable, find out what other people say about it. Under the app's. To download a new app, tap Apps. Then tap the Play Store icon. You'll need a Google account to use the Google Play Store. If you don't have a Google account, tap the New button and follow the instructions to create one. If you already have a Google account, tap the Existing button. Enter your Google account and password.

    This will bring up the main menu which will already include a small selection of pre-installed apps - as these are already installed, they can be accessed simply by clicking on them. Once accessed, the LG Content Store is full of items that can be downloaded. This not only includes apps, but also movies and TV shows, as well as both paid and free options.

    On some models this will be located in the top row, while on others it might be positioned down the right-hand side of the screen. Either way, move to the Apps phobe by using the directional keys on the remote and then click on enter to access the apps tab. In the Apps section, users will find a list of apps LG thinks you might be interested in, as well as search parameters, such as new and popular to help filter down co results.

    Once you have that installed you can look in your DownloadsMusicand DCIM pictures folders and see if there are any large files that you can delete. If there is a large group of music, pictures, etc.

    how do i download apps on my lg phone

    Here's a list of YouTube videos that explain how to do this. This video in particular should be helpful for moving both files and apps to your SD card.

    How to Download Apps on LG Phone Easily and Quickly

    Thanks for your answer but I'm afraid that most of my pictures, apps and music were already stored in the SD, since I'm not able to access them when the SD it is removed. I uninstalled youtube's updates to be able to download the file manager that you suggested. It is very good but it isn't solving my problem. There are still some apps that won't move to my SD unless I root my phone.

    After downloading the file manager, memory has reached it's limit and I still cannot download apps nor update the current ones and now I don't have youtube D:. I tried deleting unnecessary files from apps I had previously uninstalled that were sucking up memory. Any further suggestions? Do you know if I can make google play or any other app stores download my apps in my SD by default?

    How To Download & Add Apps On LG Smart TVs | Screen Rant

    I've read that it is possible if I root my phone but I'm not sure if it is a good idea. Oh bummer, I was hoping that would work. I've been looking at a few apps that advertise being able to move apps onto an SD card, but each I've tried requires root. I went digging around in the Google Play settings and I couldn't find an option to set a default place to install apps.

    Downloading Apps to Your LG G3 | Verizon

    I remember there used to be an option in the Application Phonee page to move an app to SD card, but I checked on my phone and it looks like that option was removed a few versions ago. I'm pretty disappointed that they removed the ability to install apps to SD cards. A lot of recent phones have been shipping with very small internal storage, compared to, say, a 32GB SD card, and once they fill up it there isn't much to do about it.

    It does look like rooting your phone could solve your problem, but I would recommend apsp doing so unless you really feel like you know what you're doing. Most of the documentation I found for rooting the Optmius Hub isn't very complete or user-friendly. I have tried evrything all of you had posted and I still can't download anything!!!

    I'm ready to stomp on it and go back to a landline!!!

    Download apps to your Android device - Android Help

    Show 20 more comments. Just one comment for those users who, like me, aren't the most technologically savvy. The first step on my LG was to go to apps, then settings, then general, then apps again. This got me to all hoow my apps and then I was able to go to Google Play Services. Thanks for the fix!

    Show 4 more comments. Tap to enter then Tap Clear Cache return to the home screen and then try to download something. You should downliad able to download an app now.

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    Can you Help? The above steps to clear download manager data and then of google play store doanload fix the issue for me only hiw I did a factory reset of mobile first. Those who still face issue, try the above 2 steps and if still problem, do a factory reset of mobile backup all data first and then try the 2 steps again. Here is a link which explains perhaps why you are getting this request.

    If you are trying to download free apps that is. The phone must be clear cached and factory reset. Take all pics and videos off, and remove the SD card too.

    Installing Apps from the LG Content Store

    Then carefully add back most important to least the apps you want to keep. As a last resort take the phone back if the issue persists. Is there any way to prevent programs from my LG tablet from downloading to my cel phone. I don't need Google books or music on my LG downloac phone.

    Installing Apps from the LG Content Store

    It jams up my memory daily. Not all this other crap. Tanylahsmith06 tansmith. Phil bigsnaff. I had the same problem and there is a simple fix that nobody seems to be aware of. I just got the info from my Cricket rep 2 weeks ago and wanted to make sure it worked before posting here. It does. The problem is with LG's latest software update - it fills up our already meager memory space with useless junk.

    It's been working flawlessly for me for two weeks now and I even have more apps installed than I did before. You will still need to move apps to an SD card to save space, but you'd have to do that anyway with only 8gb of memory. Good luck! Phillip Brown.

    how do i download apps on my lg phone

    I don't know if anyone still needs this issue truly answeredthere Are too many responses for me to read them all. The problem the original paintif has is that the internal memory is small compared to his ad card. Depending on which version of Android being run on that persons optimus is that settings need to be told to store to the sd card instead of internal memory.

    Plus reduce the amount of apps downloaded. All non essential and unused or rarely used apps should be uninstalled.