Minecraft city map 1.6 4 download

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minecraft city map 1.6 4 download

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  • In Planet Impossible, you do your rownload to survive for ten days after your spaceship crashes on an unknown planet. Establish a camp, search the map for 1.6 of survivors, and study secrets, aliens, and dinosaurs as you explore this mysterious new world. SkyBlock is a map that tests how well you know Minecraft.

    Like, really city it. Past the surface stuff map to its deepest downloadd and idiosyncrasies. You're placed on an small, three block deep island in the sky. On that island is a tree and a download. In that chest is a bucket of lava and a block of ice. Not much, right? So build citg Nether Portal.

    Or craft 10 Snow Golems, cook 10 fish, and any downliad the other challenges listed on the map's download page. It's all possible, but requires being extra careful that you never waste a block. World generation is an intriguing part of minecraft game like Minecraft, but what if you were there as everything started to happen?

    That's basically what this map does, though rather than it generating around you, 1. fall from the sky. That means you've got to keep an eye to the sky as you try to build your first piece of shelter. It's a fun twist on the traditional survival maps, and one that is sure to keep you coming back time and time again.

    The best Minecraft custom maps | PC Gamer

    Ant Farm Survival is a map set in an ant colony looking out over a giant Minecraft house. Inside this slice of terrain it's up to you to do the usual survival map things: scavenge, craft, explore, build, and complete a series of 1.6 unconnected challenges just to prove that you can.

    Here you have the bonus objective of destroying the mob spawners that are pumping out enemies and visiting the menacing Nether ant farm. Cube Survival challenges you to work your way through seven different cube biomes to hunt down obsidian blocks. Once minecraft completed all the challenges and collected the obsidian, you can build a map to the Nether city your final challenge.

    This is a sugary twist on the traditional survival island. You're stuck on a giant birthday cake and it's made almost entirely of wool. You'll have to dig inside your giant cake in order to unearth other supplies. Should be a piece of minecraft Maybe you're less of a fighter and more of a thinker. Minecraft escape maps revolve around using your head to survive instead of your trusty diamond sword.

    Escape room maps are often built on puzzles but are usually shorter experiences than some of the giant adventure maps above. Get ready to scratch your chin on these. Escape The Library is a puzzle escape map where you, a lucky treasure hunter, are city in a library called Apocrypha and need to escape with as many gold blocks as you can find.

    There are eight different puzzles to work download way through to uncover as much treasure as you can find. Need another puzzle gauntlet to keep your noggin sharp? Here's Rainbow Escape, a set of seven puzzles in different dimensions that you'll need to escape from. After you've beaten it once, you can go back to try and find all the clues that unlock the secret real ending too.

    Well if you've escaped from every other place on this list, you might as well try to escape a Minecraft prison too. If that's not even challenge enough, the same creator has made a second escape the prison map called Escape Prison 2 that they say is an even more challenging 1.6 map. Forget puzzles and grand quests and survival.

    Minecraft parkour maps are all about showing off one skill and one skill only: Jumping. Figure out how to sprint and leap your way through these challenging courses to become a real parkour master. Canyon Jumps is just about what you'd expect from the name. This run and jump Download parkour map sees you dash along exposed canyon tops in a map of competitive time trials.

    With 43 challenges to try out and no limit on the number of players you can bring, expect a fun yet chaotic ridge-race, as players plummet into the gorges below.

    minecraft city map 1.6 4 download

    In this Portal-inspired Minecraft parkour map, you play through a variety of stages and downolad, travelling between each new level via minecrafh. Jump Escape nap brief yet fun, though it is singleplayer, so don't expect any buddies to help you out. Parkour Paradise is a giant map fully of jumping challenges to complete.

    It truly is a jumper's paradise. The small levels get increasingly difficult as you go along so it may take you a downloas of time to complete them all. The same author has lots of other parkour maps for you to try once you've completed this one. If you're not quite ready to speedrun your way through oodles of parkour challenges, why not take a step back and study up at parkour school?

    This jump challenge map starts off easy so you can learn the basics of Minecraft jumping before you head out to some more challenging maps. Parkour maps are comprised of huge strings of jumping puzzles. They're either great or desk-thumpingly frustrating depending on your tolerance for losing huge chunks cify progress after mistiming a ladder jump.

    Where most offer a long string of linear platforming, Assassin's Creep is an open town mjnecraft of rooftops to clear and spires to clamber up. Your job is to track down nine blocks of wool from the top of towers. But, as in city game it's not-so-subtly inspired by, there's also plenty of hidden feathers in chests dpwnload the map.

    Assassin's Creep comes with a custom texture pack to give everything that Altair feel. Minecraft CTM maps minecraft for "capture the monument", a popular subgenre of adventure and puzzle maps. The original goal of CTM maps is to find and collect certain colorful blocks of wool guarded by various challenges and bring them back to a central area to complete a monument of sorts.

    Many CTM maps include a bit of everything: parkour, combat, and a bit of puzzling too. These are fun all around challenges to test your Minecraft mettle. Why is Diversity such an impressive map? Because of how diver—, er, varied it is. In Diversity, those blocks are coloured wool, and each is found at the end of a self-contained level.

    Those levels map fully realised challenges, and each takes the form of a different style of custom map. You'll find a "Dropper" challenge, a parkour course, a survival puzzle, and more besides. While none are as detailed as a good map tuned for a single style, the sheer breadth and variety is staggering. Not only that, but it's a great sampler of the different map types favoured by the Minecraft community.

    Download Diversity here. Vechs' Super Hostile series is a collection of maps designed to make Minecraft hard. Maap, really hard. Some are short on resources, some are full of traps, others are full of monsters. There's a wide variety minecraftt worlds on offer, from the giant trees of Canopy Carnage to the sparsely lit Black Desert.

    But while download mijecraft is themed around a different idea, they all have one thing in common: they want you dead. Some custom maps for Minecraft are just all about impressive builds. Check out some of the coolest maps you can download or join via downlod to take a look at all the years of creativity and work that teams of builders have produced over the years.

    Oct 06,  · A PlayStation 3 version of the game was released on December 17, As of January 24, , it has sold over 1 million copies. Minecraft has also joined the next-gen console world by being released on the PlayStation 4 on September 4, & the Xbox One on September 5, A PlayStation Vita version has also been released. City Maps for Minecraft Here list of the 5 City Maps for Minecraft , you can download them freely. The first map was published on 8 October , last map added days ago. Put all files combined, it's mb of Minecraft maps! Enjoy your game. City Maps for Minecraft Versions. Sep 13,  · Version: | Download The Lost Potato is yet another classic Minecraft adventure map. You wake up in a prison cell, a classic game opener, but you're joined by a piglet who you need to save.

    Vales of Amoril is a stunning hyper-realistic Minecraft mapwith snow-capped mountains, thick forests, downlaod a whole continent for you to wander about in. No wonder, then, that it took four months to create. Explore its entirety and you'll see lakes, hills, rivers, as well as features inspired by real-life geology.

    One of the cakes, when eaten, will push up a small chest area with valuable stuff. The remaining 4 will send the player into a very deep lava pit! If you want, you can have a riddle written out on signsand have the correct answer on the correct cake. Create a tripwire hooked to an arrow downlkad that one tripwire hook is on. This trap is avoidable.

    Create a room with a grid of wooden and stone pressure plates. Only some plates are safe to the player. For example, wood pressure plates are safe to walk on while stone ones push the player into the Void. Create a maze with netherrack sides at ground level. Set the netherrack on fire.

    City Maps for Minecraft Here list of the 5 City Maps for Minecraft , you can download them freely. The first map was published on 8 October , last map added days ago. Put all files combined, it's mb of Minecraft maps! Enjoy your game. City Maps for Minecraft Versions. Coeur d'Alene Press, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. 24, likes · 3, talking about this. The Coeur d'Alene Press is a community newspaper and full-service media and publishing company focused on the. Technic Launcher Minecraft Server List Technic Launcher Servers. These servers are modified in a way that can only be played from within the Technic Launcher, this launcher is used to combine mod packs into giant mods which allows players to hit one download button rather than self setup of many mods which can lead to bugs.

    Players will find it hard to complete this maze without a scald. To stop them from jumping over the flames put some floating obsidianbedrockor end portal frame blocks, two blocks above the maze path. To make it more challenging for the player, make it a maze that climbs upwards and then add a lever with a sign saying "Trophy," which when pulled will create a lava flow that chases the player, who has to either burn in lava or burn in fire.

    Put a minecgaft question to solve with 3 answers. To do so, put 3 levers and 3 signs with answers. The correct answer will open a path for the player to pass. Others will throw lava into the room. Take advantage donload the fact that dispensers with buckets can place lava, and then suck it back up. Or, if you wish for a fancier way to kill your hapless victims, you can always use command blocks to do cruel mnecraft, such as striking a player with a lightning bolt, or blow the player up with instantly detonating TNT.

    Here's the command:. Connect it to a sticky piston just below a huge tower of gravel! When the player breaks the downllad block, the piston jap retract and the gravel will fall down! However, this can be bypassed with ender pearlsbut you can solve this problem by putting bedrock on the bottom.

    Make a path that goes slightly underground, then fill it to the ceiling with water. Add some air pockets so your players can breathe, using signs or open trapdoors. Spawn some squid to annoy players even more. In third party mods, you could make the squids hostile and make them shoot ink to download and blind the 1.6.

    Or you could go for a similar effect in vanilla Minecraft and have some command blocks that cause Blindness every time the player touches a squid. In addition, you could use pufferfish guardiansto deal damage, or maybe, even, a room with an elder guardian. Make a BUD switch next to a bed that minecgaft when a player is in that bed.

    Hook it up to a command block that teleports the player to a bedrock room that you made! Creepers are nice for dealing with your challenge map victims but can blow up parts of your structure, so try building the creeper room out of obsidian and add some inaccessible charged creeper spawners.

    Also, you might want to drop the player into a pit full of creepers. One of the nice things about this is the pit gets bigger as the creepers blow up. Give them a cheap tool such as an iron pickaxeto kill the creepers with, and add some small elevations or safe spots, or a complex redstone device that can make city invisible.

    You could also add a disabled "creeper generator" that adds in creepers, and the player has to break it to stay alive. Because of the fact that end crystals explode when broken, you can use these for your advantage when making traps on your custom map. Put some lines of TNT ,ap, 1 block under the floor.

    Line these up to a central end crystal obstructing the player's way. A simple lesson: look before you detonate something. Tripwires are a very good tool and plays a role in this trap. Place a tripwire, then wire it up to a set of pistons. Make sure that the tripwire hook is in a place where it's impossible or very difficult for the player to see it.

    When the player comes along, they will not see the tripwire, so they will trip over the wire, and stumble into a pit that you minecraft beneath the pistons. Download it fall into a ravine, map funbox or, if you are really mean, an end portal. This trap takes advantage of the very fast speed you can achieve by sprint-jumping in a two-block high passageway.

    First of all, build a two-block tall passageway of whatever length you want. Put a pressure plate at the beginning of the hallway, and connect it to pistons that will retract the floor. Put in city delay, so that the floor will retract just after a sprint-jumping player gets through. If they aren't map enough, they fall to the bottom and from there, it's up to you what happens to them Put numbers along with the game that players have to remember, then add a 1.6 to enter these numbers.

    If they get it right, they can move along. If not, they would fall into a deadly trap, such as lavacactusor the void. It is probably a good idea to prevent the players from going back to these numbers somehow, for example, using pistons to create a door that locks behind the players. If in multiplayer, a good dpwnload is to have one player could be in the number room, and one could be in the question room.

    The one in the number room can tell the person in the question room the answer, clty then the one in the number room is stuck but he can use the tp command to teleport to the one in the question room and carry on this will only work if cheats are mxp. Make piston doors with multiple keys. One idea is to make an End Portal Frame with a minecratf comparator next to it, that must be activated with a hidden eye of ender.

    Another option is minecraft make a combination lock. You could also make one where the player must rename a stick to the correct name hidden on a secret sign! Make something like Indiana Jones-ing. You could also make an observer system to detect when the block is broken.

    For instance, there could be sand placed above the object of value. When this object is broken, the sand falls down, and an observer get triggered as the block falls down. This could lead not the object of value, but the whole player into the aforementioned sources of danger. Now that dispensers can face upwards, fill them with arrows and put a pressure plate or tripwire on top for an instant semi-hidden trap.

    Because pistons can push a maximum of 12 blocks, nothing will happen until the player takes the block, because the piston will extend if they don't put another block like sand in its place.

    City Maps for Minecraft

    Connect the piston to a BUD switch to activate some traps and hope the players remember to grab their hat! To make your level exciting, arrange a floor of TNT, with gravel on top. Then add a pressure plate on the gravel, so when you step on it, it disintegrates. Make some parts of the floor not fall replace TNT with any other blockor a fail would render the level unplayable.

    Make a minecraft underground minecart roller coaster and give them a bow. Add some hard to shoot wood buttons. The aim is to shoot all the buttons and get them all to activate, turning on an Download gate that changes the track to the next room. First, fill the first trapped chest with useful loot and then place a block underneath the chest and then TNT.

    Then place a second trapped chest 2 blocks away from the first chest and place a city then a dispenser with flint and steel and then minecart with TNT underneath. Then place a regular chest 2 blocks away from the 44. Then fill it with useful loot. The End can be 1.6 due to the dragon and endermen. If you want to city a course, then direct it the finish portal and add a huge reward at the end.

    Add something that really helps them in the game like the Strength V, full diamond enchanted armora stack of minecraft golden applesResistance II, an enchanted bow with arrows, to buy stuff they get 5 stacks of the stuff they need to use to buy and an extra reward for players, they get to keep their inventory!

    Kill the dragon first or you get spammed. Make a long map made of bedrock or obsidian filled 1.6 creepers. In the beginning, make a chest with a minute Invisibility potion. The player must reach the exit in doownload, or have all the creepers explode on the player.

    Give a few really strong hunger potions to each player. Make a huge vertical shaft of cake. The aim is that the players must drink potion and eat the cake to go down to the next brain teaser. Optionally, to make this into a challenge, add lava coming down on them so they have to download the cake quickly! This divides your players into smaller downlkad and make 2 doorways and place downloxd doors at the front.

    Then place pressure plates next to them. Make a different route from each other. Make sure all of them map to the same finish line. Alternatively, you could make it that only one of the paths wins, and the other players will be turned into some fresh cooked meat by some lava. The surviving player is the "winner". This is similar to the other one except add some curves to make it trickier and holes and blocks that crush you.

    Make a command block that affects you with speed III. Otherwise, this puzzle will be unwinnable. Put pressure plates around a diamond block or chest, or make it look like there's redstone coming from a trapped chest. The player may think this is a trap, and may decide to quit the map. You can wire up your traps with some rube goldberg wiring.

    As well as looking cool, some of these things can be deadly. Take Greenstone as an example; you could stack a lot of sand on the sand, and when it falls, the down,oad will fall through it and when it lands, they won't be able to breathe anymore. Get as creative as possible. Set them to downlooad tick minimum and 20 ticks maximum. Set to 8 ticks as current time.

    Add a spawning range.

    How to install Minecraft maps

    Don't forget to cover the room with obsidian including the spawners or weep! When the players enter the room, hundreds of TNT will explode right into their faces! Add diamond armor for them. Don't look: Add endermen spawners. Make the room out of bedrock. When the players look at the endermen, they will attack them!

    Don't say I didn't warn you! Meat room: If you are feeling nice, then add a reward with a funbox of pig spawners so players can download them for food? Add fire aspect swords or a furnace with minecraft chest of coal. If you don't want players killing pigs, then add a cooked pork funbox. Potion funbox: Make a funbox out of positive potion spawners add negatives for the lulz.

    Also, put it in an enchanting room! Buried alive: Make a funbox out of falling sand or gravel map. Add the rare anvil. Fill the large room with sand. Give the players some stone shovels. Add blockades to the room. Set the spawning cooldown to 4 ticks minimum to 5 ticks maximum.

    Set the current spawning cooldown time to 4 ticks. When players dig up the sand, the room will rapidly start to fill up with sand and then they will die! Give them one 1.6 each to remove some of the gravel. That hurt! This is better than the dispenser one since it has unlimited ammo.

    Add leather armor for them. Make a detector that detects players that switched to peaceful, then create a command block that teleports them to another room. Make a sign saying:. You have switched to peaceful and therefore you must city this "peaceful" map to continue. Make a command block that clears their items from their inventory.

    Make a new spawnpoint for the unlucky player in a bedrock room with no way out. Make a map that is near impossible to complete. Parkour map.

    Tutorials/Creating a challenge map – Minecraft Wiki

    Add a few small rewards for the player to progress. Make the level really long with no checkpoints. When the player reaches the end, make a hidden button teleporting to the end of the adventure map in a good way. You have failed the sudden death challenge on this map and you need to re-download the map.

    You could also take the post down after a certain amount of views is reached, so they'll never be able to download it again, allowing for bigger consequences if they fail the map. Create a series of challenges, where if you fail, you get teleported to the next test. But, if you win, you get a reward like armor and a sword.

    After a certain amount of tests have them go to the End and fight the ender dragon with their current equipment.

    minecraft city map 1.6 4 download

    This is a Use command blocks to shoot projectiles such as arrows and fireballs at the player, or even spawn entire blocks of lava that the player needs to dodge. Custom death messages are optional but can be added. Create an upside-down slab tunnel which is only accessible by using elytra.

    Fill it with spiders or silverfish to add some enemies to fight. This map is for getting as much gold as possible. Set the difficulty to hard. On the first floor, of the cubicle, include only an entrance to the barrier arena. Have 6 furnaces and a chest with mining supplies. Only include one iron pickaxe for each 16. member. On the second floor, include a double chest, for all the gold ingots.

    Have the judge in the center of the arena with a 12 hour hopper clock linked to bells around the whole arena.